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How to Remove Noise from Audio Online

Richard Bennett
Richard Bennett
Originally published Aug 08, 23, updated Jun 12, 24

In most cases, the most typical request you'll get from video makers is to eliminate the unpleasant noises like rumble or hum from the completed piece of video. When filming, it's tough to get good audio since the dialogue is often muffled by ambient noise, such as the dreaded whir of an air conditioning unit or fans. When combining and filming sound effects or other design aspects for the video, background noise is often removed.

Fortunately, there are a few approaches that you can take to remove noise from audio Online. You can denoise your video or audio by adding some background music or using audio or video editing software to reduce noise. If you're looking for a technique to get rid of background noise, this article will serve you well in your quest. Let's get started!

Part 1: What Is Audio Noise And Why Is It Harmful?

No definition exists for audio noise; however, it is often defined as background noises such as fans, people chatting, automobiles or trucks going by, buzzing from broken audio wiring, or other ambient sounds that should not be included in your film. Your viewers will be distracted from the crucial information provided by the individual speaking in your video if the audio is too noisy.

Compared to that, noisy audios tend to damage the experience you're looking for. Consider this: if you're listening to a voice recording of your manager at work and it's noisy to a point, you're unable to make sense of it, you would most probably end up missing out on crucial details.

When it comes to creating a decent video, clear audio goes a long way. But that's not all there is to it. A clear audio track could be heard in almost all of the videos that received four or five stars for "how correctly did the film accomplish its purpose" and "how did you personally assess the video," according to the submissions.

Part 2: How to Remove Background Noise Online

There are various ways to eliminate all the background noise from the audio. Below is a list of the best online background noise removers to help you do that.2.


VEED is one of the most super-simple online video editors that cleans up background interference with a single click of the mouse, making it an excellent choice for beginners. There is no need to re-record your audio. There is no need for pricey sound-blocking microphones.

You can quickly eliminate all undesirable background noise from your audio files by using VEED's background noise remover. VEED can help you remove background noise from any audio file, including MP3, WMA, and more.

No matter what type of audio file you have - MP3, WMA, or more - and no matter what type of background noise you have - wind conditions, vehicular, static, white fan sound - VEED can assist you in wiping clean your audio in a couple of moments.

How to remove background noise from video audio with Veed online?

Step 1: Click on the Choose Audio option to upload your audio file.

remove background noise from audio veed

Step 2: Click on the audio track to bring up the Settings menu, and then choose 'Clean Audio.' Background noise will be eliminated in a matter of seconds by itself.

clean background noise from video audio veed

Step 3: That's all there is to it; you are finished. When you click on 'Export,' your new file will be rendered in seconds.


  • Simple to use
  • Offers multiple features (add background music, cut, trim, etc.)
  • Three-step process


  • Not too user-friendly

3. Audio Denoise


The number second on our list is the Audiodenoise online noise removal tool. Similar to the first one, it's time to use, supports multiple files, and most importantly, helps you get rid of the unwanted noise from your audio.

Other than that, the tool offers plenty of customization options, such as time soothing of noise reduction filter, model noise based on noise modulation tracking, analysis block size, etc. So, how can you get rid of the background noise? Follow the steps here!

How to remove background noise online with Audio Denoise?

Step 1: Click on the Choose File option to begin with. You can also select the video from the Demo files option.

upload audio to audiodenoise online

Step 2: After uploading the file, press on the Process option to get rid of the unwanted noise from the audio.

remove noise from audio with audiodenoise

Step 3: After the audio is done processing, click on the Download option to export your video to your PC.


  • The straightforward noise reduction process
  • Any file of your choice
  • Plenty of options to customize audio


  • Takes time to process the video
  • Limited to 40MB

4. Audiotoolset


The third one on our list is the Audio Toolset. With its help, this tool may make audio recordings with less background noise. You need to click a few times, and the audio file will be processed for you instantly.

Voice recordings may benefit from using this program, which is designed to remove undesirable noises while maintaining a high level of audio quality.

This program employs a generic noise-reduction method that should operate without any further adjustment for most recordings.

How to reduce background noise from video audio with Audio Tool Set?

Step 1: Click on the Browse Computer or Drag and Drop files to the website to begin the process.

reduce audio noise with audiotoolset

Step 2: After your file has been uploaded, click on the Process option to reduce the noise.

Step 3: Listen to the audio carefully and click on the Download option to export the file to your PC.


  • Excellent user-interface
  • Straightforward process
  • Great many audio editing features


  • Takes time to process the video
  • Limited to 50MB and MP3, WAV, FLAC and oGG format

5. Weet


Weet is a video chat solution built for remote teams. It is available for free. Background noise or echoes may interfere with your live meetings, but with Weet asynchronous video, clean audio recording is achievable without sacrificing quality.

If you want to eliminate background noise from your recording, weet is now a tool that can help you accomplish precisely that.

How to remove background noise from video online with Weet?

Step 1: Click "Create Weet" after you've logged in to get started.

Step 2: To access your recording preferences, click the Gear symbol in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Step 3: It's as simple as clicking the "Activate Noise Cancellation" switch! Once you begin recording your weet, their AI technology will automatically remove any background noise.

remove background noise from video online weet


  • Excellent features for professionals
  • Straightforward process
  • Al tool to eliminate noise from the audio


  • Beginners may find it challenging to use

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Part 3: Tips For Removing Background Noise From Audio BEFORE You Record

We all want to get rid of the noisy background from our audio. Follow these tips below to get clean and supreme audio quality:

Tip 1: Avoid Noisy Places

The easiest method to avoid having noisy audio in the first place is to avoid having noisy elements and surroundings in the first place. Recording in a peaceful area is essential for this to be accomplished.

A professional recording studio is not required to get excellent results, but you should choose the quietest room or place that you can locate.

After that, you should get acquainted with the normal ambient noises heard in that location. Is there any outside noise, such as heavy trucks or other traffic? What about the heating and air conditioning systems, for that matter? Is there a sound of the fan turning on and off?

Does it seem like you can hear your co-workers or people conversing in the adjacent rooms? Is there a buzzing sound coming from the fluorescent lighting? Those are just a few examples of the kind of sounds that might appear on your voice-over recording when you record it yourself.

Tip 2: Record A Test

After that, make a practice tape of your room. You do not need to talk. However, it would help if you used the same microphone you will be using for your voice-over recording.

Take 10-20 seconds of the ambient noise in the room and save it to your computer. This is referred to as recording the room tone.

Tip 3: Analyze the Test Recording

After that, put on your headphones and listen to your room tone recording. What sounds do you hear that you can quickly remove from your environment? Suppose you can hear the fan from your heating/cooling system running. You may turn it off while you are recording.

Alternatively, if you hear individuals conversing in the background, you might respectfully request that they transfer their discussion to a more appropriate location. If at all feasible, you should switch off any buzzing lights.

Your room tone recording will also assist you in reducing audio noise once you have completed your recording session. Your room tone recording may serve as a baseline for your audio program, which can then be used to eliminate noise.

Part 4: FAQs About Removing Audio Noise From Video Online

1.Can Background Noise Be Removed From Audio

Yes, the background can be removed from audio easily nowadays, whether it's after you've done recording or before recording audio; there are plenty of online software and applications, both available for your PC and smartphones.

These can help you get rid of the unwanted noise from your audio—some of the best online websites that can help you achieve that have been reviewed above. Choose the one that meets your needs!

2. Is There Anything I Can Do To Prevent Noisy Audio Before I Record?

Prior to recording, it is essential to reduce any acoustic noise sources if at all feasible. During recording, airflow may cause havoc on microphone preamplifiers, resulting in artifacts that may be difficult to remove.

Be careful to utilize adequate windscreens on your microphones, mainly when recording outside. Sound sources such as wind noise, for example, may frequently be discovered and appropriately eliminated by giving them a cursory listen via headphones.

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