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A Full Review of Splice Video Editing App

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 02, 22, updated May 20, 24
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Video creation is on the increase, especially with smartphones and easy-to-reach tablets. Simply take a video to share with your loved ones. However, it would make a great difference if you edited your video and added other lovely precepts for detailed expression. Unfortunately, most people find it challenging to create quality videos on their phones.

In most cases, they’ll need to move them to their desktops for polishing and advanced editing. That’s not the case anymore, especially, with the rise of mobile editing applications like the Splice app. It lets you easily create high-quality video content with just a few clicks.

splice video editing app

What Exactly Is Splice?

The Splice video editor is a mobile editing tool initially developed by the GoPro Company but recently landed at the doors of Bending Spoons Company. After its update in September 2020, this app gained thousands of customer ratings, close to five-star ratings. It is a mobile video editor compatible with Android and iPhone mobile devices. The numerous effects and tools make it possible for you to create eye-catching videos for use and export.

More so, Splice contains several features that are ready to turn your video into an imaginary piece of work. The user interface is quite intuitive, and you can easily navigate even if you are a beginner. Its library is quite extensive, with tons of royalty-free music. You are also not limited to adding any of your favorite sound effects. And when it comes to uploading your video, do it directly to media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, among other sites. The only drawback is occasional crashing, especially if handling bulky videos.

Splice App Advantages

  • It is simple to use and has an intuitive user interface.
  • Splice has an extensive audio library to extract your music for background listening on videos.
  • Directly upload your completed video to social media sites like YouTube and Instagram.

Splice App Disadvantages

  • It may crash.
  • It is also under copyright.
  • Spice lacks a desktop version.

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What Can You Do with Splice?

The Splice app is at your service to explore its features and make compelling videos. Check out some of the creative things you can do with Splice.

1) Add Music

Besides adding effects, borders, sound effects, and transitions to your video, you can spice it up with some background music. You can either pick a track from a streaming service or create some voiceovers. The Splice app also provides a wide array of music from its library.

Step 1. To access music, tap on the "Audio" tab in the editor.

Step 2. Then select one of the "+" symbols to add a category. Alternatively, import music from your "iTunes" library if you operate an iOS device.

Step 3. Choose which part of the video to add your music for background listening.

review splice video editing app

2) Edit videos

You can apply simple edits like merging, adjusting speed, and trimming, among other basic editing functions.

Step 1. First, tap a video on the project screen.
Step 2. The "Plus" and "Pencil" buttons will appear shortly. Then tap on the pencil to unleash several options.
Step 3. To trim your video, adjust the starting and ending points located at the slider that is beneath the video.

edit video with splice video editor

3) Add text

You can also include text in your video to explain a particular scenario.

Step 1. First, tap on the title icon at the bottom of the timeline.
Step 2. Delete the blank background to make the text a subtitle. If you don’t then Splice will treat all texts as titles.
Step 3. Lastly, double-tap the media screen and type the title of your video.

add text with splice video editor

4) Add video or image overlays.

You can increase your creativity level by adding image overlays.

Step 1. Ensure the video or image you wish to add to the overlay is in the timeline.
Step 2. Then press and hold on to the video or image you wish to add as an overlay.
Step 3. Drag the video or image to the "Drop here to turn it into an overlay" tab.
Step 4: Finally, trim your clip and make other necessary adjustments.

5) Apply advanced effects.

It doesn’t have to be plain. Your video needs some elevating additions to it to make it stand out. With Splice, you can trim, cut, and even merge your videos. Likewise, you can add titles, adjust the speed, and even point out specific moments such as slowing down your clips. It also lets you add effects for more appealing looks.

Step 1. Click on the "Edit video" icon.
Step 2. Pick a tool depending on the effect you want to achieve, like a blur, mixing multiple audio tracks, etc.
Step 3. Click on the "Apply" tab to apply the effects to your clip.

6) Share your video on social media platforms.

This feature is quite useful when it comes to showing your friends and potential customers what you are capable of composing. Here is how to share your videos on social media sites once you complete the editing process. Remember to save your project first.

Step 1: From your phone, locate the video you want to share.
Step 2. Then click on the "Share" button found at the top-right corner of the screen.
Step 3. Choose the site to upload your video. You’ll then be able to upload it directly to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among many other platforms.

share video on social platform with splice video editor

Does Splice have a desktop version?

Among the cons of the Splice editing app is that it lacks a desktop version. However, other editing apps can serve as a substitute for using them on your PC. The Filmora video editor is one of its kind with adequate effects and plugins. With an intuitive user interface, Filmora lets you quickly edit any video to a professional level. Use its massive resource packs to turn your video into an explicit outcome.

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For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

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Features of the Filmora video editor

Filmora unleashed some new features for advanced editing capabilities.

  • Instant mode: Filmora 11 has encompassed an instant mode feature that’s also time-saving. With this, you can quickly edit your videos with just a few clicks.
  • Speed ramping: This feature lets you quickly edit speed ramping effects on your video. Instantly increase, reduce, or go slow-motion, among other options.
  • Masking: This has been improved to let you animate the mask and customize it as per your desire.
  • Automontage maker: With this feature, you can now automatically create video montages with just a few clicks.
  • Creative Center: You now don’t need to go round to get your tools. The Creative Center is the tool page where you can instantly get your favorite too.
  • Stock Media: The improved Filmora 11 comes with an inbuilt stock media feature where you can download and use up to 100% free copyright stock footage. These include Pixabay and Giphy, among others.


● The Splice video editor works earnestly on your mobile phone to edit and create compelling videos. The fact that it doesn’t support a desktop version is a major drawback.

● However, the Filmora video editor comes in handy for editing videos on both Windows and Mac OS computers. Nonetheless, the latest Filmora 11 version has added advanced features that improve its instant video editing ability.

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