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How to Change Text Style in Discord | 3 Methods

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

Discord is a brand name that many people have heard about, and this instant messaging and content distribution service is rapidly gaining popularity among many groups of users. A unique feature of this platform is that it facilitates community-based communication, where users who share certain interests can form their own private chats that are known as servers.

While its user interface is quite simple, Discord allows users to deploy a variety of advanced communication tools, from textual content to audio and video streams. It’s natural that users want to express their thoughts creatively, so there is a lot of genuine interest in learning how to change the visual look of the messages through the use of basic text formatting. In this article, we will discuss how to change text style in Discord and provide detailed instructions for activating various options, such as using bold or italic letters or underlining a part of the text.

Let’s start with the software module that makes it all possible.

Part 1: How Does Discord Text Engine Work?

Beneath the surface, Discord runs on a powerful engine called Markdown, which regulates how text is displayed on the pages visible to users. It’s an application of markup language that completely depends on textual symbols as commands, making it quite simple for users who are not skilled at advanced programming to alter the look of the text.

Basically, Markdown allows you to enter a few symbols and it will interpret them as commands for changing the text style, for example bolding or underlying certain word or sentence. For highlighting blocks of text, there is a specific library named Highlight.js that allows simple text marking for stylistic emphasis.

This approach is very practical and easy to learn, so long-time users of Discord are able to change text style as they type without thinking too much about it. Really, it’s all about following a couple of simple rules and knowing the most important combinations of characters (tags).

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Part 2: How to Change Text Style in Discord with Markdown?

As we mentioned previously, Markdown is completely text-based and has a very simple syntax. All you need to do to apply special formatting to your text is to enter a few special characters at the right places, and the appropriate effect (bold, italic…) will appear in the chat. Keep in mind that you can easily combine the formatting styles by using multiple commands at the same time.

Here is an overview of the most important options for changing text style in Discord, and you can preview the text style in real time before sending to friends:

Change Text Style in Discord  - Basic

How to Bold Text in Discord?

A simple way to use bold text style is to add two asterisks (**) at the beginning and the end of the text that you want to have this effect.

How to Italicize in Discord?

Italicized style of text will be displayed in the chat if you put one asterisk character (*) before and one more after the selected text.

How to Write Strikethrough and Make Discord Cross Out Text?

In order to get a strikethrough effect on your text, you will have to type two tilde characters (~~) on either side of the section of text that you want to change, and then you will create an appearance of a crossed-out portion of text.

How to Make Discord Underline Text?

Underline effect is also available on Discord and equally simple to activate. Just type two underscore dashes (__)at the start and the ending of the text selection to apply it.

How to Combine Text Formatting Options in Discord?

Once you mastered the basic effects and know the commands without thinking, it’s time to consider more complex text transformations that combine more than one effect. In principle, Markdown lets you do this just as easily, for as long as you know all the right combinations of characters that produce the desired effect. Here are the detailed instructions for some of the most frequently utilized combos:

Underlined and Italicized text

For this elegant combination, use two underscore dashes (__) followed by one asterisk (*) before and after the selected text.

Discord Underlined and Italicized text

Underlined and Bolded text

Put two underscore dashes (__) and add two asterisk characters (**) to both sides of the selection to get those two effects together.

Discord Underlined and Bolded text

Underlined, Italicized, and Bolded text

This combination is achieved by placing two underscore marks (__) and three straight asterisks (***) at the beginning as well as the end of the text.

Discord Underlined &  Italicized Bolded  text

Bolded, Italicized, underlined, and crossed out text

You can combine all four style changes as well – just use two tildes (~~), two underscores (__)  and three asterisks (***) on either side of your text.

Discord Underlined &  Italicized Bolded crossed out text

Part 3: How to Use Code Block for Discord Text Formatting?

In addition to simple font transformations, Discord allows users to engage in advanced text formatting with incredible ease. One way to do it is to deploy code blocks, which can be activated with the backtick character ( ` ) placed on the beginning and the end of a text section. This command will highlight the chosen part of the text while preserving blank space around it for extra emphasis of your message. However, if you use three consecutive ( ` ) signs before a block of text and separate the text into several lines by pressing enter, the result will be a series of highlighted lines that form a single code block. This option is simple enough that even beginners with no programming abilities can easily learn how to use it, and it has some practical applications that savvy Discord users are very fond of.

Part 4: How to Change the Text Color in Discord Message?

It’s not possible to alter the default text color from the native user interface in Discord. However, there is a simple solution to this problem that involves the scrip mentioned earlier in the article. This Javascript-based library can transform the normal text into a code block consisting of three lines, where the middle line would be your selection of text in an alternative color. This is a neat workaround that’s very simple to activate using the same kind of text-based commands described above.

To change the text color, you should create a simple, three-line block. In the top line, you need to put three backtick characters (”’) along with a code phrase corresponding to the text color you would like to use. In the second line, you should type your entire text normally, while the bottom line should include three more backticks. You can create new lines by pressing the Shift and Enter keys at the same time.

Here is a detailed video tutorial for creating customized text in a range of different colors with all the relevant code phrases.

FAQs About Discord Text Formatting

1. What is the default Discord font?

Discord uses the same basic font all over the entire platform, including all chats between users and in your profile info. This is Uni sans font, which is quite simple and belongs to the sans serif family of fonts that are known for good readability on almost any background.

2. How do you get different fonts on Discord?

It’s not possible to change the font directly from the Discord app, but this limitation can be circumvented if you find a good Discord font generator on the internet. Those are very easy to use, so you can simply type your text in a chosen font and copy it back into Discord already formatted.

3. How to make a hidden text in Discord?

The creation of a hidden text message that requires direct user action to reveal is possible in Discord and requires a so-called spoiler tag. If you precede your message with the text /spoiler or type two slash bars ( //) at either side, it will be hidden from other users except for those who decide to view it and indicate their desire by clicking or tapping on it. Messages of this kind appear highlighted with gray background in the message stream on a Discord chat.

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