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Discord GIFs: How to Put GIFs on Discord - An Ultimate Guide

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

GIFs are getting more popular nowadays in 2021 for communicating purposes. GIFs are a simple idea or a single clip to express your feeling while having a conversation. We all are seeing that more and more people are using a communication platform discord and that many gamers, fan clubs, and other groups are using GIFs to deliver the feelings quickly to each other. So for that, we must find the right discord gif to share it instantly.

So here the article is discussing the best gifs for discord and an easy way to find discord gif.

Part 1: 6 Popular Discord GIFs You Must Have Seen

Here let’s find some of the best Discord Gifs you may ever find.

1.Apple running sticker

discord gif apple running

This is an apple having eyes and a little mount added into that which looks very funny and creative too. Also, hands and legs are showcased through which we can assume that it is an alive apple version which is a running gif and looks very fun.

2.Funny face

discord gif funny face

This GIF is one of the most trending ones and we have seen this in many chats all the time. The expression and feel it is delivering is really funny and among friends, it is must use for all of us.


discord gif henneko

This is a simple and cute-looking girl showcased who is having some snacks. It is an elegant and cute animated Gif example one could ever find.

4.Why Tho

discord gif buzzfeed

This is also a fun gif that showcases a text why tho and along with the context was that this is the reaction we get whenever we have to wake up at early 6 AM on Saturday.

5.Angry Face

discord gif angry face

When at first we see this discord gif avatar we can get the main context behind it which simply shows anger and screaming heavily on others. So whenever while having a conversation another person makes you out of control this GIF would be a better medium to showcase your feeling.

6.Silent laugh

discord gif silent laugh

This GIF is simply representing a silent laugh and a small excitement level we get when we get something we were planning out. So this is an expression that can be used in many of the conversations to make it fun.

Part 2: How Do You Put GIFs on Discord?

So if you are wondering how to upload a GIF on discord then there are two best ways to find them below.

  1. So the first way is Drag & drop which means you need to simply drag your GIF file and drop it on the discord window. Also, it is doable on both the desktop app and browser too. So basically you need to open the discord and upload the gif file.

put gif discord insta mode

  1. Another method is to upload from a file which means you need to click on an arrow button next to the text box and find the right folder or a file of GIF you want to upload. Then double click on that and upload. Also, you can add some comments along with that too.

put gif discord comment

Part 3: 3 Best Discord GIF Makers

If you are planning to create GIFs on your own and have no clue how to do that then there is much online discord gif avatar maker to make your work easy. Let’s talk about each of them one by one:


This is one of the best GIF maker tools you would ever consider while making anything on your own. It has a wide range of editing options and also features a great range of animations such as sports, reactions, etc. This tool you can access in both android as well as on iPhone and share as many Gifs you want to share. Individuals and businesses both can use this maker and advertise too.


If you want a tool having a huge list of GIF libraries to make use of and create the best one, then this tool is for you. Once you create this you can download these clips and share them on various social media channels or blogs, etc. Here you would get 3 days trial too to check whether the tool suits you or not and once you get the premium account you would get access to premium stickers, high-quality GIFs, personalized watermark, and many more.


This is also an amazing tool helping you with creating GIFs using the computer. It is a screen recording application that creates amazing GIFs. Also once done it easily saves it on the cloud and we can easily share it instantly with anyone anytime. Also, it gives a 7 days trial to you to check the workings and decide the call. So for creating discord gif pfp and discord banner gif it is an effective tool.

Part 4: How to Turn a Video into a GIF?

Creating a GIF on our own is a very fun and interesting task to do but without any proper guide, it may seem a bit hard initially. Also sometimes it is not easy to manage and share heavy video formats so rather than converting in a GIF seems easy as it is easy to share and a fun thing too!

Wondershare Filmora video editing tool is highly recommended to turn a video into a GIF. It offers you rich video editing tools and features to create an amazing outcome. You can easily download it from the website and once it gets installed follow the below steps.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Here is an easy step by step guide to turning the video into a GIF.

Step 1: At first you need to import your video onto Filmora timeline and then after clicking on the New Project option to enter the main interface and then click Import to load media.

Step 2: Then drag and drop a video so that you can use various editing tools and create great content. Also, you can take a snapshot and extract frames from the video. Here you would get an extracted images which you will show in your media library.

take snapchat 9

Step 3: Once the video is on the timeline you can edit the video with cut, crop, split, rotate, combine, speed up as well as slow down to make your videos more effective and interesting.

filmora9 editing panel

Step 4: You can add various text effects and elements to the video wherever needed. It can help to add your desired information or messages to your small video clips.

filmora9 audio titles transition effects elements

Step 5: Once you are done with your .gif file you can easily export it to a social media channel and for that just click on export and save on your device.

export video filmora


That’s all we have to discuss to help you with how to create GIFs Discord with the best tools available online and gifs for discord adding is now very easy to make process with the above-mentioned steps. Here you can create discord gif pfp and discord gif avatar in very little time. So pick the right discord gif for you and make your conversation fun!

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