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7 Tips to Make Your Tasty Cooking Videos

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

If like many, you enjoy cooking and like to share your tips and tricks with others, then making your own cooking video can help you.

You can use your cooking video to teach others, share your own special recipes and even to make money whether you want to sell your recipes or capitalise on advertisements on YouTube. But in order to do so you will need to know how to make a tasty cooking video that people want to watch, just like this:

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Tips on how to make your own cooking videos

1. Pre planning

In order to make a great cooking video that people want to watch and follow you will need to plan ahead. There are so many different cooking videos out there you want to find a recipe that hasn’t already been aired numerous times. If you have your own recipe even better! If you want to make a recipe for the first time, don’t do it on camera instead practice first so that when you do make your cooking video it will be easy to follow and you won’t have to edit out huge mistakes.

2. One camera or two

Using one camera can be tricky if this is your first cooking video, however using two can give you better quality. It can however prove costly to have more than one camera and of course difficult to operate. You could consider using a professional later down the line for better results but to begin with it’s better to have a friend to help you with focus and corrections to the white balance. If a close up is needed you should stop what you are doing and continue when the right shot has been obtained. Using different shots such as close ups can make it easier for viewers to see exactly what you are doing so they can follow the instructions and full frame so that they get to know you. Most of all it’s advisable to add a tripod to your equipment so that you don’t get wobbly shots.

3. Brightness

Before you film your cooking video you should make any corrections necessary to the white balance. This will make sure you get the true colours of the film and reduces the chance of you getting background hues. It’s simple to do by using a white piece of paper and looking through the camera to adjust the white balance so that it gives a true white.

4. Wear the right clothing

So that you don’t distract viewers from the recipe or make it less appealing you should never wear white or wear anything with loud prints when filming your cooking video. You want the focus to be on the food not your clothing. It is better to wear a bright but solid coloured outfit instead.

5. Displaying the finished recipe

Show your cooking video viewers how the finished product looks by adding it to a plate or bowl and garnishing to finish. You want the viewers to have their mouths watering and be looking out for more of your recipes in future.

Make your viewers mouths water with a shot that makes them hungry for the recipe such as a close up of freshly made bread being poured apart, juicy meat coming away easily from the bone or even the sauce being drizzled over the finished product.

After you finished the shooting and editing, it’s time to put it live on YouTube or other video platform. Here are some tips you should pay attention when uploading.

6. Choose a simple title

Although fancy names of dishes sound great on menu’s or top chef’s shows you should ensure that yours is not confusing. If it’s difficult to say, confusing to spell then it will make it harder for people to find your cooking video when looking on a search engine. Use enough detail to let people find exactly what they are looking for but always keep it simple.

7. Video tagging

When you use video tagging to optimize your cooking video you will have an easier time of doing it with a simple name. Choose tags that are of course relative to the recipe you are making but choose solid tags including ‘beginner’ ‘cake’ ‘icing’ ‘how to’ ‘recipe’ as these are likely to get you a stronger audience and more views.

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Filmora Video editor is a good choice for people who want to make food videos with ease and share the video on YouTube or other platform. Download the free trial version and leave a comment below about how do you like it.

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