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Tips for Creating a Graduation Slideshow

Mar 19,2020• Proven solutions

High school graduation marks a significant milestone in your life, college graduations are another. While you have been spending years studying, focusing and participating in a number of activities how will you be able to remember all these efforts in a unique way?

There are a number of events that have taken place through your high school and college years that you have probably documented through photographs or short video clips, and these can all be creatively put together to result in a personalized graduation slideshow.

Obtaining your diploma can be something that provides you with encouragement and motivation in the coming years. A graduation slideshow can also be a great memorabilia to have and share with your family later down the road. Here's an example:

3 Graduation Slideshow Tips

1. Prepping the Photos and Music for your Graduation Slideshow

The photos and music you use in your slideshow will be the most important features of your graduation slideshow so you want to ensure you choose the best images and the proper music that can summarize your high school or college years.

When choosing the images find ones that are interesting, funny and highlight specific events. Any memorable images from your various activities, dances, sports events and of course the graduation should be included. Ask your friends or classmates to contribute to your slideshow so you can have a wide range of images to choose from.

The music you choose to feature on your slideshow can be specific to your graduating class. Consider your prom song or one of the songs played during your graduation that reflects on how you and many of your classmates are probably feeling towards graduating. Some previous graduation songs you can draw inspiration from include:

  • Photograph - by Nickelback
  • I hope You Dance - by Lee Ann Womack
  • What A Wonderful Life - by Louis Armstrong
  • Time of Your Life - by Green Day.

2. Editing Your Slideshow to Make It Truly Your Own

When you have all the images and the perfect song chosen you want to start editing your graduation slideshow together. The most popular way to organize the slideshow is in chronological order but you can get creative with the order. While there are basic program or apps that will allow you to put together a simple, and generic slideshow, chances are you want your graduation slideshow to stand out from any others before it. Using Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor) can allow you to do more than just the simple basics with your slideshow.

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You can add in text and titles, like inspiring quotes, messages from teachers or friends as well as being able to display what each event pertains to in the slideshow. Wondershare Filmora also provides you with over 300 different effects to creatively transition from one image to the next as well as other editing elements to make the slideshow truly unique and one of a kind. Choose from a variety of royalty free music to add into your slideshow with ease. Filmora lets you easily edit images, music and video clips to create a memorable graduation slideshow.

3. How Can You Share Your Graduation Slideshow?

Once you have completed your graduation slideshow you are going to want to share with friends and family, the Wondershare Filmora allows you to easily upload your slideshow to the most popular social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. You can also quickly burn a number of copies onto a DVD to hand out to friends, family members and even teachers as a final parting gift.



Creating a graduation slideshow is a fantastic way to document your high school or college years but why just create a simple PowerPoint slideshow? With Wondershare Filmora video editor you can add in a number of effects, transition and elements to create a graduation slideshow you will want to look back on for many years to come. Wondershare Filmora also makes it easy and convenient to share your graduation slideshow through social media or to burn as a DVD. Your graduation is a huge accomplishment and your slideshow should reflect all the work and great times that added up to this moment.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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