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How to Reset Final Cut Pro X to Troubleshoot Issues?

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Jul 18, 2024• Proven solutions

Final Cut Pro X is one of the reliable and versatile video editors for users, but many individuals complain regarding the new software tools’ quirks and issues. Users mostly whine about the plugin malfunction in the Final Cut Pro due to which they are unable to edit the video.

In addition to the crashed plugin, they often find a black screen appearing while playing the videos. Also, several frustrated videographers find that the program doesn’t work properly and keeps crashing. No matter how many advantages the Final Cut Pro X is associated with, it also comes with several problems.

All those users who have been whining about this useful yet complicated tool - Final Cut Pro X - need not worry anymore as, in this blog post, we have covered the ways to reset the software using the most common methods. Read through the piece to explore the troubleshooting tips.

When Do You Need to Reset Final Cut Pro X?

Final Cut Pro X seems really exciting until users drown in the problems. There is no doubt that this software tool is really accommodating for videographers and photographers, but when it doesn't behave well or acts up, it gets onto users' nerves. If you can relate to this, you will definitely be interested in reading this blog series.


Before we take the plunge to understand how we can prevent getting into trouble with the Final Cut Pro X in the first place, let's explore when this tool needs to be reset. Here are a few reasons to reset Final Cut Pro X:

  • Plugin malfunction: When the plugin i.e. the feature or effect for the video, is not in working condition, any user cannot edit the video as per their wish.
  • Black screen while playing video: During the video editing process, users can experience a black screen on the preview, but the timeline may display the video. This can waste their hours of video editing efforts.
  • Crashing FCPX: Oftentimes, the latest version of Final Cut Pro X can keep crashing because of the corrupted preferences. When users do not reset the preferences, it can corrupt the file and crash the video editor.
  • Crashing Timeline: This can happen when the timeline does not render or/and share due to which it can crash during playback of the rendered area.
  • Troubling Library: The library may not open due to which even the event icon can be missing, and it may affect to share the project and render timelines that call for resetting.
  • Odd Editing Operations: One can face strange editing operations and may not be able to share the project timeline and even render.
  • A problem in Importing: When users cannot render or export project timeline, they may not be able to import the footage which would require resetting.

If this won't fix your problems, you may want more details in this article: How to Reset Final Cut Pro X to Troubleshoot Issues?

As a powerful editing tool but by apple, FCPX is complicated for beginners. You can always try a powerful yet more user-friendly editor with full guidance and customer service support for beginners.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

How to Reset Final Cut Pro X?

Final Cut Pro X can be really exciting to use if you also get to know the solutions to reset the video editing tool. There can be several reasons as listed above due to which you may require resetting the tool. Here are a few common methods that can fix the problems and reset the software tool as a whole. We have explained the methods with the help of screenshots for your better understanding.

Method 1: Locating the Preferences

You will require locating the preferences when the Final Cut Pro X keeps crashing. Usually, this program has five different locations where it stores preferences and settings, and that’s from where you can delete the right ones. Located in the library folder, you will find a sub-category of the root level library preferences folder containing the Final Cut Pro System Support folder.

The custom settings folder will contain the presets which you will have to delete. As soon as you find the right folder, you can begin trashing. You can drag the folders to the Trash and empty them then re-open the Final Cut Pro X to see if the problem is settled. If it isn’t, try deleting some more and keep checking the software tool.

Method 2: Deleting Render Files

Do remember to save your important files before you do this. Click here to see  How to Save Final Cut Pro Project the Right Way?

This can come in handy when your timeline does not share or render, or simply crash during playback of the rendered area. These render files in Final Cut Pro X seem to be particularly vulnerable to corruption. If you face any troubles during export or rendering, you should instead delete them in the first place. It should be your first action. In order to successfully do so, you can select the project in the browser and choose the file. After that, you can delete the generated project files.

You can begin deleting the files with just a few unused items, but if you feel that you face more trouble you can delete all the files instead. However, you will not have to delete optimized media or proxy. If the problem remains, you can delete the generated files from the Library or the event.

Method 3: Transferring Events to a Fresh Library Folder

This method can be useful if the library corrupts. You should consider transferring your events to a freshly created Library. The majority of the time, this would resolve the problem. If you cannot open the Library, you can eliminate some specific generated items under the Library bundle’s root level. Ideally removing “Setting.plist” and “CurrentVersion.flexolibrary” are the safe options for removal, which can likely open the Library.

Final Word

Final Cut Pro X can be a very helpful video editing tool until it acts up. Regardless of the reasons for a crashing program, you should consider implementing any of the aforementioned methods to reset the editor, troubleshoot the problems, and seamlessly edit your videos in the long run.

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