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All You Need to Know About Valheim Seeds & The Best Valheim Seeds

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Oct 15, 21, updated Feb 29, 24

Before we delve into Valheim seeds and essential things to note, it is vital to understand the Valheim game first. Understand that, Valheim is a highly prominent Norse-themed game that is filled with monsters. However, the Valheim seeds are vital for everybody, including the hermits and the speedrunners. More so, Valheim is regarded as a Viking survival simulator. As a player of Valheim, you will be dropped in a mythological Norse world with nothing but your clothes and a request from the mighty Odin. The request states that you should conquer all the forsaken monstrous beasts roaming the lands. Though it seems easy, it gets tricky as you begin to explore the tenth Norse world. As you explore, you will notice that your food resources are getting scarce. While you may be thinking of how to get food, you can grow some crops. In Valheim, you can turn almost all areas into farmlands. Before you delve into planting Valheim seeds, you will need to choose the world you want to begin your adventure. Note that you will be exploring various biomes to get materials and food to survive. The aim is to be the best Viking in this purgatory-looking world. 

This is done easily as the Valheim game will ask players to input their Valheim world seeds or leave the game to select anyone for them. The seeds are a series of numbers and letters. And, they build a generated world that comes with biomes, resources, and, not to forget, enemies. 

The Best Valheim Seeds

Since each seed will create a different world from the other worlds, you must check our list to find the best Valheim seeds for mining or speedrunners. 

“Note: The seed you select should be in direct line with your preferences in the game. ”

The Valheim players can use their world seeds to enter a world that has well-known challenges and layouts. Every world in this game gets a unique seed code for players to move around quickly. With the seed codes, players can keep notes of every saved world that they create.

Some of the best Valheim seeds include:

1.Seed: htsE7kJL5K


Since you may want your private Island far away from everything you know, this seed is the ideal one to plant. Aside from trying to get far away, the biomes in Valheim are filled with horrible creatures that can appear at your base whenever they like and destroy everything.

Nevertheless, this is the seed you know for those who want a piece of land free from any monstrous atrocities. You will spawn it on a small island in the middle of the sea. And, the nearest boss here is Eikthyr. With such a seed, your inner Viking can be aligned with you to build a ship and sail further with plans on discovering newer lands. 

2.Seed: HHcLC5acQt


It is regarded as the ideal seed for the speedrunners in Valheim. Players in this world seed can spawn within a starter island with roughly four runes, close by traders and nearby bosses. The biomes here are in a distinct starter continent, plus the fifth boss can be likened to be as close as a raft that skips away. This seed is the perfect realm for the players that want to speedrun their game. While this world comes with four bosses, Haldor is on the Island as well. More so, players will find the fifth boss on a neighboring island. 

3.Seed: 0V5BZHkqY4


Even if you think that you are the best in Valheim, you will need to learn how to build a ship to sail and discover materials and biomes. If you never knew, sailing does have a learning curve. First of all, you will need to get the necessary ingredients to make a vessel; then, the next thing is to learn the difference between the three boat types available and how to use the wind on your side. 

“Note: the boat types are Karve, longship, and raft. ”

While in the water, it is advisable to look out for horrifying serpents that dwell in the ocean. Though some players do not want to bother themselves with sailing, the ideal seed for you will be oV5BZHkqY4. 

4.Seed: maypoleplz


In such a game that concentrates on surviving and crafting, all the help you need will be gotten. To help the amateur players, developers of Valheim added a unique yet rare structure to the game. 

This structure is known as Maypole. It is furniture that is made available only to some Valheim world seeds. The players themselves cannot craft these Valheim seeds. 

With the seed mapoleplz, you will be capable of spawning in a world that has Maypole lying towards the west. It simply means that if you construct a base around the structure, your character will be getting extra comfort when resting here. 

5.Seed: t9n3WG6dFk


Since Iron is among the best resources one can find in the Valheim game, it must be understood that it is hard to come by. There are so many things the players will need to do to access Iron. 

“Note: Iron is made available only in the Swamp biome. ”

Nevertheless, immediately you unlock the scrap Iron, you can quickly drop it in the smelter to process Iron. Then, you can begin creating weapons and your armor. More so, for those interested in Iron farming, seed t9n3WG6dFk is among the Valheim seeds that have a vast Swamp biome wholly filled with sunken crypts. You can easily explore these crypts and the muddy scrap piles that are prepared to be mined. Bear in mind that before you get to work, ensure that your wishbone is equipped. The wishbone will help in quickly finding the muddy scrap piles. 

6.Seed: 42069lolxd


For those unaware, Haldor is a merchant of Valheim. When searching for the best Valheim seeds, this is the ideal seed you will need if you want to trade with Haldor.  With this seed, you will be in a world where Haldor is very close to the point of spawning. You just need to head towards the east from the spawn point and follow the south coast. Then, you are to cross the water until you arrive at the black forest biome. When you find Haldor, you can use your coins to buy items like a yule hat, fishing rod, and anything else. 

You can sell things to Haldor as well. These things could be rubies, silver necklaces, or even Amber. You can engage in selling things in exchange for coins. 


It is worthy to note that we have provided you with a full description of some of the best Valheim seeds. In this article, you will also find their uses and the type of world the players should expect from the seeds. 

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