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10 Tips for Becoming Instagram Famous : Utilmate Guide

Jan 04,2019• Proven solutions

Instagram is one of the most popular and loved social networking platform that has over 200 million active users per month. The users share around 1.6 billion likes and 60 million images each day. With such huge popularity who wouldn’t want to become famous on Instagram?

Being friends with the influencers and adored by fans obviously sounds great. Isn’t it? Yes, it does but being famous on Instagram is not an easy task. Every Influencer starts from zero and you can also become Instagram famous with millions of followers.

But, have you ever thought how to become Instagram famous? Here are 10 tips to become famous on Insta platform.

10 tips for becoming famous on Instagram

1. Dig into your passion

While debuting on Instagram, it is important to flaunt what you are good at. Like if you are passionate about photography, the show off your breathtakingly beautiful images, if you are good at singing, Instagram can be a great platform. Primarily, you need to understand your passion.

If you are good at what you do and if you are genuine with your work, you will definitely gain followers on Instagram. On the contrary, if you are not good at anything, you may make fun of your lack of talent or share your journey to achieve something or your success story, etc.

ins passion

2. High-quality content is the king

Whatever you post in the Instagram platform must be of high quality. How to become Instagram famous? Your unique work and great quality content can definitely make you popular on Instagram.

If you wish to post images, any low-resolution image can definitely turn off people. When you wish to post your photographs, it must be of high quality and eye-catching. You must upload around 20 images that can attract your viewers and increase your followers.

If you do not have high-quality images, then start improving your skills, learn the use of light and speed to create dramatic and stunning photographs before posting an image on the Instagram platform.

ins content

3. Use popular Hashtag

Hashtags are a great way to become Instagram famous. Finding out the big pages that started with the trending hashtags and continue using the same to feature on those big pages can gain you thousands of followers overnight.

Tagging popular pages like Parker, Warby, WestElm, and other provided you use their product can also make you famous in no time at all.

ins hashtag

4. Posting regularly

Posting content on a regular basis is essential to gain followers and increase popularity on Instagram. Whenever you think how to become Instagram famous, always remember to post at least one quality content regularly.

When you reach your target number of followers, you may post less but when you are trying to become famous and increase your followers, ensure to put up epic and new content consistently. When you post more, you create more engagement and might end up on the list of top content with the hashtags used by you. This can help in increasing your follower base.

5. Interact with influencer

When you identify the influencers in your space, try visiting their profiles and “turn on the post notifications.” Whenever the identified influencers post some content, you will be notified about it. You may get into a conversation with the influencers and become one of their most preferred brands or individual.

ins interact

6. Publish your account on viral websites

Do you have unique content that has the potential of going viral beyond Instagram? The sites like Reddit, Buzzfeed, and Cracked publish several Instagram content that goes viral within a few seconds of hitting the post.

So, creating funny and attention-grabbing content within your niche, searching for the author covering your niche in the blogs that go viral, using hashtags around that piece of news, and consistently try to engage with them to get featured on the viral websites. Content on a royal wedding is one such example.

7. Remember to add the call to action

Instagram is not a broadcasting platform, but it is a conversation medium. What do you want your followers to do after checking the post? If you are not sure, you may figure it out with Staples.

It helps to generate engagement and let you know what exactly you want your people to do. A call to action is a clever decision that can get people to take action on your post and share and make your content viral.

8. Your own style

You will definitely not like your content style and theme to be similar to other Bloggers, world traveler or food lover. Isn’t it? In order to stand out from the crowd, it is important to stick to a specific color palette or font, or image style. Never try to copy others. Instead, think of some unique style to make your feed appear completely different from the rest.

9. Find the best posting times

Posting time is vital when you think about how to become Instagram famous. Select a time-frame when your followers and users are most active on Instagram. It is important that you have enough time to spend interacting with your audience. So, you must find out when you can be online to spend quality time on the platform. Also, try to understand your audience while deciding to post a content.

ins posting time

10. Find local information

Finding out what is going on in your area, region, or neighborhood from the search page and selecting the places tab and typing in the place name can show you all the geotagged posts for those locations.


Do you have any other trick on how to become Instagram famous? Share if you have or follow the above 10 steps, gain followers, and become famous in no time at all.

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Liza Brown
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