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How to Get Instagram Sponsorship for Making Money

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

When you reach 1000 plus followers on Instagram and looking for sponsorship on Instagram, do you know how to proceed? If the uncertainty factor in Instagram sponsorship is weighing on your heart, then don’t panic.

It is possible to get Instagram sponsorship for small accounts and garner more exposure in your niche market by making excellent videos. In this article, we are going to introduce the ways that would help you get sponsorship on Instagram and earn more revenues.

Make Your Instagram Marketing Videos Shine!

Recently, video marketing has become an unstoppable trend. Celebrities and businesses earn a great fortune through high-quality marketing videos. To join the profitable video marketing era, you can create your own Instagram marketing videos now!

create marketing videos

Part 1: Is it possible to find Instagram sponsorship for small accounts

Gone are the days when brands only looked for extremely popular influencers with a trailing list of followers. Under their Instagram sponsorship program now brands look for micro-influencers within the exact niche.

Because they shed fewer bucks to reach the right audience in a target demographics. Micro-influencers are low-budget but high rewards aspects for any business.

Usually, Instagram popular accounts are less interactive, when compared to average Instagram accounts from the ROI point of view. There is less engagement for accounts having millions of followers.

When you have a limited number of followers, your response will be instant and the engagement will be better. Instagram sponsored posts nowadays come with brand + influencer collaborations. This is an integral part of your business to flourish on Instagram.

Here are some quick tips to get Instagram sponsorship. Keep reading!

Part 2: How to get Instagram sponsorship

1. Know your audience very well

Understanding what content on your Instagram posts pleases your audience is not enough. You need to delve deeper and get to know how to make your posts connect with them better with your product or services. How to evoke their emotions based on their age range, location, gender distribution, and how did your post performed.

Instagram sponsorship would become easy when you will clearly explain brands about your followers’ needs and likes. Knowing that you have a better understanding of the niche and kind of audience will score more brownie points with the brands willing to collaborate with you.

know audience

2. Use Instagram sponsorship apps

There are numerous apps that help you collaborate with marketers and influencers to promote your brand. Influencer platforms popularize your name in the influencer shopping marketplace, as a result the brand sponsorships across major social media platforms start noticing you.

GOsnap is one of the most effective services with leading influencers on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. If you get a chance, don’t hesitate to team up with your favorite brands for paid Instagram sponsorship. GOsnap offers you easy signup with your social media account, no contracts to sign, paid sponsorship deals right on your mobile, join campaigns that you love, etc. moreover, share tour personal posts on social media with followers and earn more bucks through a bank account or PayPal.


3. Contact the brand you like

Get in touch with your favorite brands without any hesitation to pitch your idea. You can also tag their brand name, account or handle with your post. With an influencer’s content idea, you get relevant and genuine sponsorship for your Instagram posts.

4. Improve engagement rate

Increased engagement on your Instagram posts means a better chance to get featured on the Instagram Explore page. This page on Instagram allows influencers to reach people who are not their followers.

A quick viral status over there could be the icing on the cake for you. With the right content and adhering to the basic Instagram rules would skyrocket your chances of better exposure. Browse your follower’s page and comment on their posts. Join Instagram comments pods for better messaging with your followers to enhance engagement.

engagement rate

Bonus tips: Video content will help increase your engagement rate

Adding high-quality video content to your Instagram will help increase your engagement rate. Now that Instagram has come up with Instagram Stories, IGTV, Reels that focus on videos. Making and posting your videos have become more and more important when it comes to getting sponsored. For some of you, creating a video may look difficult, yet with Filmora, it is never easier.

Useful features of Filmora

  • Key Framing - Add keyframes to change position, rotation, or scale, the opacity of a chip to customize the animation.
  • Audio Ducking - Make your dialogue stands out from the background music.
  • Color Match - Match the color of two clips with one click.
  • Motion Tracking - This allows you to attach an element or sticker to a moving object.

Download FilmoraX Win Version Download FilmoraX Mac Version

5. Be real and authentic

Instagram sponsorship programs require you to be authentic and realistic. Always make sure to stay true to your followers and post content that is representing your brand identity. While collaborating with brands and influencers on Instagram earns more revenues.

Never, ignore the fact that your followers are the reason behind your growth. Instead of littering your account with posts that are in stark contrast to your brand identity would cost you losing your followers, choose the ones that retain your visual identity. While you give a shout-out to other brands, don’t lose your brand’s voice at all.

ins real genuine

6. Don't forget to affiliate

Instagram sponsorship for small accounts is obviously going to help you move ahead. Along with that make sure to affiliate with others for enhancing the sales of your brand’s products or services.

An affiliate is basically focused at improving the sales of brands partnering with them for a commission. Whereas influencers are basically involved with creating brand awareness. There is a trackable link or certain promo code that followers can click for actually buying your service/product.

As links in Instagram are allowed only in the bio, you have to consider one product at once for applying affiliate links. Creating promo codes is a better substitute to entwine them with your posts. Though, Instagram is allowing links in Instagram Stories now.

Here are some popular affiliate platforms with online merchants that you can explore – ClickBank, RewardStyle, and Amazon’s Affiliate Program are a few of them. Use other marketing channels and your website to strengthen the affiliate program.

Final Comments

We have now reached the end of the post and we’re positive that you have full insights on how to get Instagram sponsorship for making money. With the aforementioned tips for Instagram sponsorship programs, we are sure that your business or brand on Instagram will go a long way.

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