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Twitch Banner: Best Free Twitch Banner Makers and Templates

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Mar 24, 2021• Proven solutions

If you are planning to create a streaming channel on Twitch platform, first, it is important to understand the importance of Twitch Banner. Note that, Twitch Banner works like a header or cover image for your channel or page and there is no doubt to say that an interesting and potential header can attract more viewers towards your channel. While creating your channel banner, it is important to follow essential expert guidelines. The recommended size for Twitch Banner is in the ratio of 16:9.

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Many people also confuse between Twitch channel banner and Twitch video banner, but they are quite different things. Note that Twitch channel banner appears on the top of your channel and on the other side, the video player banner image keeps on displaying on the channel video layer whenever the user goes offline. The channel banner has a direct connection with the branding of your channel, so it must be designed carefully.

Best Twitch Banner Makers and Templates:

It is possible to use PhotoShop for designing Twitch banner, but beginners find it difficult to use with advanced features and complicated interface. But it doesn’t mean that you must hire a professional to do the same and pay the huge amount out of your hard-earned money. The best idea is to use simple and user-friendly online twitch banner maker tools. The great news is that most of them are already loaded with a wide range of templates, so you can get started with ease to create a wonderful banner.

1. Canva:

Price: Free


  • Unlimited fonts and templates.
  • Ability to adjust colors and background.
  • Custom Canva layouts are suitable for beginners.


  • Easy sharing on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Simple drag and drop system.
  • No professional skills required.


This software tool can be used to create an interesting banner, cover images for various social media platforms including Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It is available online and allows easy sharing on different platforms, but the free version includes the watermark.

2. Snappa:

Price: Free


  • Loaded with stunning templates and high-resolution royalty free images.
  • Supports multiple file formats.
  • Customizable graphics, text, and


  • Professionally designed templates make the banner designing task easier for beginners.
  • A time-saving solution with a user-friendly Possible to create the best banner within a few seconds.


Snappa allows users to create eye-catching professional quality banners with easy customization options like subtract, add, modify text, shapes, and graphics, etc. You can download the banner after creation and upload it separately on Twitch account.

3. Spark:

Price: Free


  • Attractive color schemes with eye-catching
  • Loaded with unlimited Twitch background themes.
  • Thousands of royalty free images.
  • Easier to customize your typography.


  • Allow banner creators to have full control of the image.
  • Create custom banners instantly.


There are millions of preloaded templates, images, and themes that users can access with ease. It is popular for beautiful typography, iconic imagery, and professional quality design aspects. One can use Spark to create banners for Twitch, covers for Facebook, Twitter headers and many more.

4. TwitchOverlays:

Price: Free


  • Allow custom design services as per user requirements.
  • Library loaded with a wide range of general graphics, panels, screens, and overlays that can be used for Twitch.
  • Works perfectly on Mac and Window systems.


  • Offers easy access to tools and features to assist beginners.
  • Ultimate customer support service.


This platform is dedicated for Twitch users to enjoy the wonderful designing experience. One can access a huge library of templates and well-designed graphics to develop eye-catching banners instantly.

Tips for making a better Twitch Banner:

If you are a beginner on this platform, it is important to learn a few essential tips to create the best Twitch Banner that can capture the attention of your audience online. Go through the expert guidelines below to create something unique to represent your brand:

1. Include relevant colors, photos, and icons:

In case if you are a part of an organization or team, the most suitable idea for your Twitch Banner is the logo of your brand/team. Create a memorable banner by utilizing the colors of your team so that it can leave a wonderful impression on everyone who lands on your page.

2. Minimize use of text:

There is no point in putting too much text on your Twitch Channel page because viewers often find it annoying to read. The main focus on your channel page must be the visuals of the banner, and the text must be used just to point to the essential things. It is good to add content that puts a real value to your channel by filtering out all the unnecessary details.

3. Stay consistent:

No matter whether you are working on a display picture or creating an offline banner; it is always important to make sure that your use of colors and graphics is consistent throughout. Prefer to use the same colors, fonts and suitable design styles to make it appealing. The idea is to showcase the prise massage about your channel instead of making people scared about your color and font choices.

4. Sponsors, logos and social button placement:

While designing your Twitch banner, it is also important to add your sponsor details very carefully. The personal logo must be visible clearly, and it must be recognizable. Never forget to add the links to your other social channels where you want to direct traffic to gain more popularity.


Although, you can find easy assistance online with advanced software tools to create creative banners for your Twitch channel; but in case of confusion, it is better to follow expert advice. Note that, your Twitch banner matters the most for the reputation of your channel and it must be designed with full dedication and the right approach. The software tools discussed above can help you to add best graphics instantly to design a top-notch Twitch Banner.

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