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8 Best Twitch Panel Makers to Customize Your Twitch Channel

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Twitch is a whole different animal as it was initially built live streaming. It is a platform where billions of people come to broadcast live game streaming. Over the years, it opened doors to broadcast other types of content such as singing, painting, crafting, hiking, etc.

Twitch Name Generator

So, how come you know about a Twitch streamer? It is the Twitch panel with sets of info about the Twitch streamer. They are placed right below the live streaming video portion in unlimited numbers as you desire. So, you will need the Twitch panel maker that will make your Twitch channel more informative, attractive, and engaging to the audience. This post is going to discuss eight such best Twitch panel makers as follows.

Why Need to Customize Twitch Channels?

Use Twitch panel templates if you want to look professional on Twitch. It is essential to inform your audience, especially when these are the first visitors. The very thing it promotes is the reliability and authority of a specific Twitch channel. Thus, a Twitch panel maker is essential to customize your Twitch channel to incorporate consistent design further and make yourself stand better. Professionalism is always worth paying!

However, there’s a lot more to customize your Twitch channel. For now, we’d like to keep our focus on using Twitch panel maker and templates for the same.

Provides reliable info

Informing your audience is the primary reason to customize a Twitch channel. It offers a bit of useful information even when you are offline, which further helps build your channel's authority.

No Limitations

There are no such limitations of putting Twitch panels. You can add as many as you want with the diversification of information. Each panel provides a different insight into your Twitch channel as well as other social media platforms.

Tell them your scheduling structure.

So yes, you can be informative by telling your schedule structure, the number one step to gain Twitch followers. A follower will come back on the provided schedule if the broadcasting and your 'About Me' info interests them.

Differentiate from others!

Here, we are only talking of Twitch panel makers. But there are a bunch of other things you can do to customize your Twitch channel. You can customize everything on Twitch right from the graphics, and that's like a professional. All of this is to differentiate and stand out better among others.


Using Twitch panel templates are also crucial for branding purposes. Branding is to attract more audience as well as sponsorships. Thus, a Twitch panel could be your first step in promoting your Twitch channel as an impressionable brand. You must also determine long-term goals, understand brand identity, and be consistent in all this.

Top 8 Twitch Panel Makers to Help You Customize Attractive Twitch Channels

Before you jump into the best Twitch panel makers, let’s understand some basic info! A Twitch panel maker can be among Header, Graphic, and Extension format. The Twitch panel size guidelines must not exceed 300px in height and 320px in width. And, the size of the graphic used should be under 2.9 MB.

Now, we can move on to the eight best Twitch panel makers with other important specs!

1.Nerd or Die

Nerd Or Die

Pricing: Different charges per panel

Nerd or Die is a free panel maker that comes with lots of Twitch panel templates and designs. This free Twitch panel maker can customize icons, colors, font, text, and sizes of various elements. It also consists of a padding feature to add a blank space between text and image with a fixed panel format.


  • Easy user interface
  • Free
  • Developed by a trusted brand


  • Needs pre-installation
  • Used by many streamers


Twitch Panel Maker Snappa

Pricing: Free for 1 user, Pro: $10/mo, Team: $20/mo

Snappa is another ideal Twitch panel creator with the availability of a bunch of templates. It can also design YouTube thumbnails, Twitch banners, and video arts, etc. It has some awesome templates, high-resolution images to create your Twitch panel page.


  • Simple
  • 4,000,000+ Twitch panel templates
  • Polished looks


  • Only online mode.


Twitch Panel Maker Placeit

Pricing: $19.95/mo or $99.95/year unlimited subscription

Placeit is very similar to Canva and offers lots of panel editing features. Currently, there are 133 Twitch panels available on the official website of Placeit. You can search with different tags, namely the Gaming, Football, Anime, LGBT, Social Media, etc.


  • Stylish Graphics
  • Easy to search by tags
  • High-resolution templates


  • Limited mockup options

Twitch Panel Maker Own3d

Pricing: Charged per panel

Use the panel editor at after the necessary installation procedure. It comes with some pretty cool and animated panels with an excellent selection of other panel designs. Furthermore, this free Twitch panel maker also supports the Markdown language of Twitch to help you write text descriptions within the editor itself.


  • Convenient
  • Free
  • It also supports Twitch language


  • A bit hard to configure
  • No separate graphics on panels

5.Visuals by Impulse

Visuals By Impulse

Pricing: Charged per panel or overlay

Visual by Impulse originally designed graphics for live streamers and gamers etc. You can create an entire Twitch brand with this platform. It consists of several free and premium Twitch animated alerts, overlays, stream packages, resources, and so on.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Lots of tools for personal branding
  • Both free & premium packages


  • Not solely for Twitch

6.Adobe Spark

Twitch Panel Maker Adobe

Pricing: Team: $21.63/mo, Starter: Free

Make great Twitch banners freely with Adobe Spark. There are ready-made Twitch panel templates which you have to pick up as per the right dimensions. Then, it will be super easy to edit every Twitch panel template. All in all, it is great to create Twitch overlays.


  • Impressive editable templates
  • Easy user interface
  • Customizable typography


  • A limited number of templates


Twitch Panel Maker Behance

Pricing: Free is a free Twitch panel creator with many Twitch panel packs on disposal already designed as per the independent panel for YouTube, Instagram, Donations, etc. Adobe also powers Behance with main window options as Discover, Livestream, Jobs, etc. Click the Download Here tab and get your Twitch panel packs right on the computer system.


  • Ready-made packs
  • It also consists of other tools


  • Little confusing interface


Twitch Panel Maker Zerging

Pricing: Free

Zerging is known to get Twitch panels, Offline Graphics, Overlays, and Streaming Equipment. Luckily, every graphic on the Zerging platform is free to use. However, Zerging also used to recommend for premium products. You can search either panels or overlays for individual graphics and download them by right-clicking.


  • Different options on the main window
  • Free


  • Limited panels and overlays


Thus, these were the eight best Twitch panel makers, a necessary part of having a personal Twitch channel branding. You must select the best panel format and platform as per your needs and preference and stick to that consistently. After all, it would be best if you did not change the stable availability of themes regularly to create a presence.

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