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Guide To Audio Mastery For Reels Using Filmora

Nikolaj Green

After learning about the visual enhancements in a reel, this guide will provide step-by-step instructions to enhance your video's audio factor in distinct ways through Wondershare Filmora.

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow

01:02 Introducing Music in Reel

After importing your media in the timeline, navigate towards the “Audio” tab in the custom toolbar and navigate towards the left side panel. In the “Music” category, expand the category that aligns with your video’s visuals. Further, select a song in this category to drag and drop it on the timeline track below the original videos. Adjust the duration of the music according to your video.

add a suitable music to video
01:55 Cut the Clips

A method to cut and sync the music with the clips is to go to the main display and, from the given tabs, select "Auto Beat Sync."

enable auto beat sync
02:03 Adjust the Auto Beat Settings

In the Auto Beat Sync window, click "Import Media" and select the imported clips. In the left side panel, adjust the song settings like duration, beat cut, and more. Afterward, you can add some Video Effects from the given option. Once you have adjusted all the settings, click the "Analyze" button, and the video analysis will start. After the analysis, Filmora will add the footage to the timeline.

adjust auto beat sync settings
03:08 Add Sound Effects

To make your video more realistic, navigate to the "Audio" tab and search for "Sound Effects" in the available categories. Further, use the Search Bar to find, download, and apply a sound effect to your video. There are three types of sound effects that Filmora offers: Atmospheric, Object, and Designed sound effects. Adjust these sound effects on the timeline and preview your video to finalize.

add and adjust sound effects

After going through this guide, users have gained an understanding of adding and aligning sound effects in their reels. These sound effects enhance the reality factor in videos and make them interactive. Filmora is an innovative software with an accessible interface to engage audiences with high-quality content. You can utilize its services to bring out the best in your reels.

Filmora Creative Assets, the in-built stock in Filmora, offers a vast collection of resources such as video effects, overlays, music, and sound effects. Download Filmora to try the effect and find more creativity possibilities.

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