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Guide to Maximize Engagement on Your Reels Using Filmora

Nikolaj Green

While reading this guide, you'll get familiar with how to export a video in high quality after editing it in Filmora. In addition, we’ll give you some methods to promote a reel on Instagram./p>

Key Steps of This Video Tutorial To Follow

00:29 Access the Export Functionality

Once you have edited your reel in Filmora, navigate towards the top right corner and click on the “Export” button.

click the export button
00:32 Set Preferences for Export

Once the “Export” window features on your screen, start personalizing the video properties from there. Give your video a name and set a location for saving your project. You can save it in Filmora's storage or on your device. Then, set the quality, format, and resolution of your video and hit the "Export" button.

set preferences and commence export action
01:29 See Results and Preserve the Video Quality

After hitting “Export," a progress window will appear on the screen from where you can observe the output progress of your video. Afterward, click on the "Open Folder" button to see the finalized video. If you are a Mac and iPhone user, use AirDrop to preserve 100% quality of your video. However, if you use Windows and Android, use a USB or data cable to transform data for maximum quality.

click on the open folder button
02:01 Set the Dimension of Video

Instagram reels have a standard ratio and are usually posted in the “Portrait” mode. However, if you have shot and edited a video in “Landscape,” use your device's built-in rotate functionality to rotate your video. Afterward, click “Done” to save the rotate settings.

rotate video to fit
02:32 Maintaining Reel Quality within Instagram

Open your Instagram profile and navigate towards the top right corner to access the “Three Bars” icon to access profile options.

access instagram settings panel

Then, from the appearing menu, click on the "Settings and Privacy" option and scroll down to the respective screen. Head on to select the "Data usage and media quality" option under the "Your app and media" section.

access data usage page

A “Data Usage” screen will feature on your phone’s screen. Next, you will need to enable the “Upload at highest quality” option under “Data Usage.”

enable uploading in high quality
03:08 Using a Trending Song for Reel

Once you have chosen a video to upload as a reel, another tip is to add a trending song for it. For this purpose, navigate towards the icons at the top and choose the “Music” icon.

click on the music icon

From the appearing screen, search for a song that you like and add it to your reel. If you have not already added an audio in your video during editing, you can use this song. However, if you have previously used some sound effects and audio in your reel, the next step is for you.

search for a trending song

For this purpose, click the "Music" icon once again, and from the appearing screen, go to the "Controls" option.

access music control settings

From the “Control” options, decrease the added song's volume to 0 or 1 and increase the "Camera audio" to the maximum. Then click on the "Done" button to finalize the settings. This will preserve all the audio and sound effects in your video.

adjust the volume of music
03:38 Choosing a Cover for Reel

Once you finish the music settings, click on the "Next" button to move forward. In the “New Reel” screen, hit the "Edit Cover" option.

enable the edit cover option

You can choose one of the video frames as a cover, or you can click on the "Add from camera roll" option to choose a cover from your collections. Upon choosing a cover, you can adjust its position as well, and once it fits, click "Done."

add a cover photo
04:00 Writing a Caption and Adding Hashtags for the Reel

From the "New Reel" screen, hit the "Write a caption" section, and you'll be navigated towards the caption options. For a reel to reach the relevant audience, adding hashtags is important. However, there is no need to overstuff hashtags as 5 to 7 relevant hashtags are enough for the reach. If these hashtags align with your content boost, Instagram's algorithm will detect them and show them to the relevant audience.

access adding caption option
04:27 Choosing a Topic for Reel

Instagram has recently introduced a new feature for adding topics to your reel. This feature also helps the algorithm to make your reel reach the right people. Click on the “Add topics” option featured on the screen.

access the topic option

On the new page, you'll find many options, pick some relatable topics for your reel and click on the “Done” button to upload your reel.

pick a topic according to reel

This guide gave a brief overview of Filmora's export functionality and how to export video for making an Instagram-worthy reel. Moreover, we talked about engaging the audience with trending songs, captions, hashtags, and reel topics. At the end of the day, the most important factor that keeps the audience engaged is the consistency in uploading reels.

Filmora Creative Assets, the in-built stock in Filmora, offers a vast collection of resources such as video effects, overlays, music, and sound effects. Download Filmora to try the effect and find more creativity possibilities.

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