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Brand Collaboration for YouTube [2024 Tips]

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 02, 22, updated Jul 18, 24

One perk of being an influencer is working with your favorite brand on your social media. But before you can get what you want from the brand you are targeting, you need to work hard, build an audience, and, of course, invest in and impress the brands.

Brands look to creators to promote their products because the company can leverage the creator's audience not just on YouTube but also on other social media platforms, and the video content won’t look like an advertisement. If you are a beginner, you won’t get brand sponsorship or collaboration deals frequently. So, you need to reach out to brands on your own.

Social media influencers have turned brand partnership into an art form. Since influencers have a significant pull on their audience, smart companies are looking for opportunities to collaborate with content creators on YouTube.

In other words, branded content is a big deal. It adds professionalism to the Youtuber’s channel, draws interest to the company and generates revenue for both parties.

If you’re new to brand content or are still hunting for your first partnership, this might seem too good to be true. By the end of this article, you’ll know what steps you can take to create your own path to a successful partnership.

In this article
  1. What is Brand Collaboration?
    1. Build Audiences or Subscribers
    2. Brand Research
    3. Contact Brand
    4. Create a Nice Video Presentation
    5. Never Reach Out Brand That You Don’t Believe In

What is Brand Collaboration?

Collaboration is an integral part of the YouTuber community, and it is via this joint exposure that both parties have the opportunity to grow their audience at an impressive rate, “collabs,” as they are more commonly known.

Big brands often leverage the power of a celebrity figure or ambassador to deliver their marketing message. YouTube creators, on the other hand, have a ready-built audience who are engaged with the platform and the creator's huge influence over their followers.

Tips on How to Have a Brand Collaboration

  • Build Audiences or Subscribers
  • Brand research
  • Contact Brand
  • Create a nice video presentation
  • Never Reach out brand that you don’t believe in

Build Audiences or Subscribers

Of course, before you can make a deal with the brand for collaboration, you need to build your YouTube channel and have a lot of subscribers, because of course so as not to be embarrassed to approach the brand for collab. As you know, collaboration is also a business. It’s a win-win process. Brands looking for content creators with huge numbers of subscribers to collaborate for them to be able to advertise their brand at a low cost. Content creators need brands to collaborate for them to make their channel known to others because brands often post the creator's videos on their pages, and brands sometimes offer payment for the content creator to make a video about their products.

Brand Research

It is important to do your own research about the brand. You should also focus on smaller and niche brands to start a collaboration. Always check out the brand's website, learn interesting stuff about the brand, and check if that brand is what your audience will love to watch. Remember, you also need to think about the welfare of your audience. Is this brand you have chosen something that your audience will watch, or may it be the brand that your audience wants?

brand research

Contact Brand

If you take the initiative to contact a brand, you will have a higher chance of collaborating with them. The most straightforward way to do this is to contact the brand directly.

You can always send an email to the brands you are seeing that you think you can work with. Remember, each and every email should be super personalized, and each and every email should have a crisp and neat introduction about yourself. Who you are, where you’re from, how you started and where you are now? The email should also explain how the brand can benefit by sponsoring your channel. Also, show them that you have a plan to make collaboration beneficial not just to you but also to the brand.

The brand already knows that the creator can benefit from collaborations. So, All your communication should focus on how the brand will benefit from sponsorship.

If you already have an audience or subscribers, you don’t need to email the brand for collaboration; the Brand will reach out to you.

contact brand

Create a Nice Video Presentation

Making a nice video presentation is a great way to impress brands with your channel. But you need to invest. If you want to get the attention of the brand you want to collaborate with, you need to purchase their product first and make a good review and video presentation about the product so that you can show them when you email them.

You need great video editing software to make your video presentation nice and creative. Wondershare Filmora is a great choice because of its wonderful features, which are used by most video editing professionals and content creators. This is easy-to-use software and a one-stop shop for video enhancement. It offers a drag-and-drop video enhancement service with amazing video effects that will help your video stand out. It can also enhance the quality of the video and export/import files easily.

Check out this video on creating a brand video in just one minute using AI in Filmora. It highlights Filmora's seamless experience and powerful capabilities, making it an essential tool for any brand looking to enhance its video creation quality.

For more inspiration and examples of what you can achieve, visit the Filmora Creator Hub, where you can find a variety of creative videos and tutorials to take the brand you collaborate with to the next level.

Never Reach Out Brand That You Don’t Believe In

Collaborating with the brand you don’t like is a wrong decision. Don’t always think about the money and the free product, but think about how you can do your job well without faking your reaction.

Every video you post needs to bring value to your viewers. You might really want to create branded content and build a partnership, but if the content you produce doesn’t line up with your brand, your audience won’t care about it and even your channel and the brand will suffer at the end.

choose a brand


Brand Collaboration may benefit your channel and also the brand itself. The end goal may still be to sell, but businesses must address consumers differently. First, they must be transformed into an audience, and then they must ask permission to distill your marketing message into meaningful content. Brands should also listen carefully to their audience and respond to their comments, questions, and suggestions.

When doing a brand collaboration, you must remember to don’t lose hope. Your first few attempts might not return anything. Keep trying and keep making awesome content. The bigger the following, the easier it is to get sponsorship. Just focus on your goal, and don’t be disappointed. You might get what you dream of at the perfect time.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 18, 24
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