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How to Communicate with YouTube Subscribers

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 11, 22, updated Jul 18, 24

For vloggers or YouTubers, the role of subscriber is very important for their channel. But how can we communicate properly with our subscribers? What are our ways to make them feel that they are important and what is their advantage for our channel? The following article will reveal methods for getting more subscriber to your channel and how to communicate with them.

A YouTube subscriber is someone who has chosen to follow your channel and your content so they can stay updated with your latest videos. In essence, a subscriber can become a raving fan who watches, comments and shares your videos with others. Building up a strong subscriber base is essential for creating a powerful community online.

youtube channel subscriber count
In this article
  1. How important is the subscriber to vloggers or content creator
  2. How to communicate with your Subscriber
  3. How to increase YouTube Subscribers
  4. Best Engaging to Subscribers Tips

How important is the subscriber to vloggers or content creator

Building a strong and loyal subscriber base is very important when it comes to creating a strong online community. When a YouTube channel has many subscribers, it’s likely to get more targeted traffic, exposure and views.

  • Subscriber are one of the most important parts of your success as a YouTuber because your channel subscribers will be the most engaged viewers of your channel.
  • They subscribe to your channel on YouTube because you’ve provided them with a valuable content in the past, and there is the promise of new content, that they will be interested in, being shared by you in the future.
  • It’s all about building communities online and your YouTube audience can become one of the most influential online social communities that you can engage with.
  • Subscriber is a fan that watches, shares and comments about the video that are uploaded on a channel.
  • Having more subscribers on a YouTube channel influences and it reflects the channel’s popularity. This can convince more people to subscribe to the channel.
increase youtube channel subscribers

How to communicate with your Subscriber

Replying to comments section

One of the ways to communicate with your subscriber is to reply immediately in your comment section. Often after watching your video your subscriber comment their questions or whatever in the comment section of your video so don’t think twice to reply to their queries or comment.

Engagement is a huge buzz word in the social media space, often comments on a YouTube channel are left unanswered. By building trust with your viewers by answering questions, responding to comments and addressing issues, it will strengthen future and current relationships with your audience or subscriber. The faster you respond with useful information, the more happy and surprised your YouTube subscriber will be.

reply youtube comments section

Engaging with other People

Did you explore other online communities, especially the ones where you know your audience spends their time?

Engaging with other people, joining groups, forums and others forms of communication is also a way to have build a relationships to your subscribers.

In entering in some communities or groups, remember that these are communities and as a YouTuber, you should be transparent about who you are and what you do. Users are protective when it comes to maintaining the integrity of discussion in these communities, so be sure you’re adding value first and foremost.

engage with other people youtube

Promoting your channel

Is one way to engage with your subscriber. Keep them updated, get in touch with them from time to time trough comment or pm.

Usually subscriber don’t just ask questions in the comment section of your video on YouTube. When they see your other social media link, they go there and do private message you for their concerns because that is the best way for you to notice them. So you need also to check your other social media accounts, if you have subscribers there who comment and reply to them immediately if necessary.

prompt your youtube channel

Steps How to communicate:

Step1 Add a Subscriber action intro and start.

Step2 Ask question according to your content.

Step3 Add like, share and subscribe quotes sometime during the video.

Step4 Always end the video with a coming back for the next one with a subscribe signal in it.

How to increase YouTube Subscribers

Interact Constantly

YouTube is an online community. It’s not just a place where people host videos. When you see this platform this way, you will use it to interact with people who visit it every day. Just like with other social media, the more you give on YouTube.

Be sure to encourage comments in your videos, as well as taking the time to answer the comments on your videos to start driving greater visibility to your content.

The more comments and interaction one of your videos has, the more value YouTube and google search algorithm places on it for certain searches. It’s one the many factors this algorithm takes into account when determining what videos to rank for what key phrases being searched.

Asking for subscribers

You can increase your YouTube subscribers by asking people to subscribe to your channel if they like your video. To do this, include a call to action in your video. Your call to action should be compelling to convince people to subscriber. Don’t be shy to ask your family, friends, friends of your friends to subscribe and share your video to their social accounts to more people will see and watch your video. From there you will gain more subscriber and more viewers. Also don’t forget to thank them for their effort promoting your channel.

Promote your YouTube Channel on other platform

Promote your channel and videos on other social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Ask people to watch your videos and subscribe to stay updated on the new videos that you will be published.

prompt youtube channel on facebook

While doing this, be consistent and provide value to your subscriber. People want to know that they can count on your channel to provide quality and relevant videos. Be remarkable by taking the right approach. You can increase you YouTube views by establishing relationships with the audiences. Do this by engaging and interacting with the existing audience or subscriber. Be realistic, sustainable, and organic in your videos.

Best Engaging to Subscribers Tips

Always remember that for your YouTube channel to be successful you must follow the following ways

Be consistent

If you want the views and the traffic, you need to be posting and updating your content consistently for best results. Upload new videos and share with your list and sphere of influence as frequently as possible.

Provide value

If your video fails to provide any real value to the end user, don’t be surprised when it doesn’t get any real views. Each video needs to deliver your best content, your best kept secret and your most effective strategies.

Be remarkable

Its not enough to be posting weekly videos with you tips and content. Using your creative brain in marketing approach you need to convey your content in an engaging and entertaining format that separates you from the rest. In short, your videos need to be remarkable. The biggest sin in marketing is to be boring.

Give your Subscriber importance

One of the important things to do as a YouTuber is to give importance to subscribers because they are the reason why a YouTube channel becomes popular, they also the reason why your channel recognized by many. Viewers and subscribers must treat as your family, always reply to their comment and follow what they have suggested. Don’t forget also to give them a treat by giving them some gifts or allow them to join to your giveaways.

youtube video engaging tips


If you want to have a successful career on YouTube you have to always remember people behind your success and always think of whats best for your channel.

Take the time to verify that your content is working with your YouTube audience. Is it really what they want? Is it helping them? Is it interesting and/or entertaining enough for them to keep watching more?

Take a good look at what other successful video creators are doing regarding how they promote their content. Also, review performance metrics form your own YouTube library. Compare your own video’s performance to see what’s getting the best results. To attract more viewers that soon will be your subscriber and friend.

Creating videos on YouTube is key to your video marketing and content marketing efforts. And building a thriving YouTube audience goes far beyond just posting videos. We hope these tips are helpful as you continue to build your personal brand and grow your video online presence.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 18, 24
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