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KineMaster App for Android - Complete Review

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Oct 15, 22, updated Jul 22, 24

The best application for you if you want to use some more professional features in your video editing on android. It enables you done the editing your videos much more advanced than you can do in any other mobile video editor. However, there are some restrictions in its free version, which can be overwhelming by purchasing its paid version.

Advantages Disadvantages
Highly advanced editing tools It will take some time to understand its layout for beginners.
Easy to understand layout for professionals The Premium version is too much expensive
Accurate controls Maybe it becomes difficult for you sometimes to select a video clip for performing operations on it.
Have a free version available Put their watermark in the free version
In this article
  1. Part 1. What is KineMaster App?
  2. Part 2. Key features of the KineMaster App on Android
  3. Part 3. How to use KineMaster App to edit photos?
  4. Part 4. Advantages and Disadvantages of KineMaster App for Android
  5. Part 5. How to download KineMaster for PC?
  6. Part 6. The best KineMaster App Alternative on Desktop

Part 1. What is KineMaster App?

KineMaster is probably the best video editing software for mobile devices having unique features like Chroma key, video transitions, audio/video effects, and many more, which would help you to turn your imaginations into reality.

Download: you can download the app from Android and iOS.

Price: One of the best advantages of KineMaster is that it is available in free and paid versions for its users, but the question arises here. What is the difference between them? Let us tell you if you are using its free version. There are a few restrictions like you cannot access highly advanced editing tools, popular filters, effects, stickers, etc. The biggest con among them is they will put their watermark on your videos, which may affect their looks. But if you are using their paid version, you have unlimited access to everything, and there will also be no watermark on your exported videos. Also, in its free version, you may face some ads, which will not be if you use its paid version. However, you can download its cracked version from RevDl to get unlimited access to everything without ads.

Part 2. Key features of the KineMaster App on Android

Now let us discuss some of its key features below:

Resourceful Video Templates:

Using KineMaster, you guys will get access to a library of unlimited video templates, which you can use in your videos to make them look fascinating, unique, and unforgettable. This feature of KineMaster will surely help you make incredible videos quickly and effectively. One con of this feature is that not all the templates are not available for free. For some, you have to get their premium version.

premium version

Chroma Key:

Using this feature of KineMaster, you can easily change or remove the background of your videos. Content creators widely use this feature to add FX effects to their videos.

chroma key

Special filters:

The unique filters of this application would be beneficial for those who want to change the color of their videos to give them an entirely different look, as it provides you with a great collection of these.

special filters

Part 3. How to use KineMaster App to edit photos?

Now that you have completely understood the KineMaster app, and its key features let us discuss how we can use it.


First, we will learn how to import the content to KineMaster. For this purpose, we have to create a new project and then click on the media button. It will take us to a library where all our media is available, from which we can select the media we want to use. Luckily, KineMaster has no restriction on importing your content in its free version, unlike other video editing applications.


Basic editing tools:

You can follow these instructions to do the basic video editing of your videos in KineMaster. For cropping and trimming, first, you must select the clip you want to crop or trim by clicking on it. A menu will appear on your right side from which you can choose the pan and zoom or trim and split option which one you want to do. And for adding text or stickers to your videos, you should click on the layer option and then on the text or sticker option. However, to download some more popular stickers, you can use their assets store, but not all of them would be free there. Some are premium also. Rest all these basic editing features are available in its free version.

basic editing tools

Filters and effects:

To add filters to your videos, you must first select a clip on which you want to apply the filters, then select the filters option. And to use the effects feature, you have to click on the layer button, and then the effects button from the menu appears. However, if you want to download some other filters and effects, you can download them from their assets store, but remember that all the filters and effects are not free.

filters and effects

Chroma Key:

If you want to use this unique feature of the KineMaster app, then, first of all, you need to add the background as a media file with which you wish to change your video's background. Then you have to add your video using the layer option as a layer. When you do this, a menu will automatically appear on your right sidebar, including the Chroma key feature. You must click on this feature and enable it for this video. Then, you must adjust this feature with your video for better results. The most significant advantage of this feature is that it is available in both versions of KineMaster, free or paid.

chroma key


We'll talk about exporting your edited films from it now. For this, you must click on the save and share option on the upper right of your mobile's screen. Then it will take you to a menu where you must select your video exporting resolution and bitrate. After adjusting all these according to your choice, you should click on the export button at the bottom. Unlike other applications, KineMaster does not have any restrictions on its exporting feature.


Part 4. Advantages and Disadvantages of KineMaster App for Android

We can sum up the advantages and disadvantages of this product based on the practical process we described earlier.


Professional editing tools:

KineMaster has more advanced and professional editing tools than any other mobile video editing application, such as Chroma key, special effects, filters, unique video transitions, etc. That is why prominent content creators have also used this application to edit their videos on mobile.

Best Export Quality:

Using KineMaster, you can export your videos in almost all the resolutions you want. Like QHD, FHD, HD, or SD, even if you are using its free version, which most mobile video editing applications do not allow in their free versions.


Premium features:

However, KineMaster has the best video editing features, but they are not entirely free. To unlock some special effects and filters, stickers, clip graphics, transitions, etc., you must buy their premium version.


If you are a free user of it, you have to bear their watermark on your exported videos, which may affect the quality and the looks of your videos. However, using the RevDl website, you can download its apk mod, using which you can export your videos without a watermark.

Part 5. How to download KineMaster for PC?

As all of us know that KineMaster is a mobile video editing application and is not available for desktops, but still, if you guys want to use it on desktop, then you should follow the following instructions:

  1. First, you have to go to and download the apk file of KineMaster from it.
  2. You must download any android emulator like BlueStacks on your PC.
  3. When its download is complete, you have to open the apk file you downloaded earlier, and KineMaster will get installed in your android emulator.
  4. After its installation, its icon will appear on your desktop screen. Then you have to click on that icon to launch it.
download kinemaster for pc

Part 6. The best KineMaster App Alternative on Desktop

Although you can also use the KineMaster app on a desktop by following the instructions above, it can still not compete with any desktop video editor as they have much more powerful and advanced editing tools. So, it's better to use any of its alternatives on the desktop instead of using it.

So, the question now is: Which of its desktop alternatives is the best? It's called Wondershare Filmora. Considering that it offers a number of cutting-edge features that KineMaster is missing as well. Including motion tracking, keyframing, speed ramping, auto beat sync, Boris FX, NewBlue FX, and many more. Also, its export quality is highly better than KineMaster's as well.

Free Download
Free Download


So, in the end, today's article concludes that KineMaster is undoubtedly one of the best video editing apps available for mobile devices. But if we come to the desktop, it does not look good enough to compete with any desktop editing software as it is made especially for mobile devices. So if you are a desktop user, you should use any of its alternative on a desktop like Wondershare Filmora, which have all the advanced and professional features you want to have in your desktop video editor.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 22, 24
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