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Top 10 Metaverse Games You Can Play with Friends in 2024

Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison
Originally published Jan 07, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
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In this modern world, where everyone runs and competes for money, Inventors launched games that help earn. We play many types of games, but one of the most interesting ones is metaverse games.

Let us know about some epic metaverse games.

Metaverse, as you know, is a practical world that lies beyond the real world. It can also refer to the extension of the real world. It consists of various technologies. For example, Blockchain, (AR)Augmented reality, (VR)Virtual Reality, 3D Reconstruction, and Artificial Intelligence.

The metaverse epic games act as a hypnotized loop of this era. It is spreading like the web on the Internet. The irony is that it is a fake world for ordinary people, but it is real-world gamers.

Part 1: What Makes Metaverse Games Different?

Metaverse games have their world where we can walk, talk, go to school, and so on. It is a single loop of 3d world where everything seems so genuine. We can play metaverse VR games while sitting in a single place connected via headsets and glasses. We cannot do all these things in other games. Regular games are not as accurate as online metaverse games. We can enjoy them but cannot live them.

Other games do not have high technology, whereas new metaverse games do not work without high technology.

Part 2: 10 Most Popular Metaverse Games in 2024

Now, let us see the top 10 metaverse game list of 2024

1. Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland, launched in January 2020, is the best metaverse game based on the format of the Ethereum blockchain.

In this game, you can live a real virtual life. You can create avatars and purchase items or buy property in the game. Decentraland has three central natives: MANA, LAND, Estate.

MANA – ERC-20 token, which serves as a currency of Decentraland. It is another crypto reaching high timelines recently.

LAND – ERC-721 token refers to the parcels.

Estate – ERC-721 token refers to the merged parcels.

These natives themselves hold Decentraland's economy, governed by the users, and controlled by DAO(Decentralized autonomous organization).

These natives can be used by the ones who have registered at DAO.

In short, it is the new paved path for the Metaverse virtual world.

metaverse game decentraland

2. UFO Gaming (UFO)

UFO is a 3D gaming platform where a single universe can perform- an epic metaverse game controlled by DAO. It is played at the basis of play-to-earn(P2E). They give opportunities to the gamers to earn assets like NFTs, Currencies if they play well in UFO gaming. It is a dark metaverse game where users can buy a piece of land. Gamers can also earn through the game if they do it well.

Built through Ethereum network and combined with a super scalable Polygon-L2 Solution.

It has the administration of DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization).

metaverse game ufo gaming

3. Polk City (POLC)

Similar to most online metaverse games in this list, Polkacity is also a 3D and AR coordinates stage. Moreover, it is the primary 3D and AR NFT platform and diversion that bolsters different blockchains. Polk city maintains both the Ethereum and Binance blockchains and includes a bridge to exchange POLC from the Ethereum chain to the Binance chain. Polkacity is an energizing game to be careful of.

The diversion is not out, however, but agreeing to their roadmap, we ought to be able to see the direct adaptation within the final quarter of 2021. The designers portray the amusement as the GTA of crypto, and maybe an exceptionally curiously metaverse extend for 2022.

metaverse game polkacity

4. AAG Ventures

A new metaverse game created to democratize the developing play-to-earn field is AAG Wanders. It begins by building a society of over 2,000 players on Axie Boundlessness. Presently, it's extended into seven nations (Phillippines, Indonesia, Brazil, India, Russia, Nigeria, and Argentina) in an offer to assist those who have endured later financial hardship win an outside from the crypto sphere. It points to realize this objective by shaping more societies, advertising execution observing and coaching, and empowering players to change over in-game tokens to $AAG and, from that point, cash out to fiat.

Because AAG Wanders accepts NFTs shouldn't be off-limits, it too offers fragmentary possession – meaning offers an exceedingly profitable NFTs can be obtained for as moo as $1. As the second-largest raise of any society at $12.5 million, AAG Venture's up-and-coming open bargain on December 12 is one to watch.

aag ventures

5. Cross the Ages

An NFT exchanging card-based metaverse venture set within the anecdotal domain of Artellium, Cros the Ages, is free to play. However, with numerous profit-generating openings prepared. Including hundreds of cards of changing scarcity, the diversion points to an exceptional involvement that mixes the sentimentality of buying physical exchanging card packs (who recalls panini?) with the inside and out the more immersive encounter of advanced computerized gaming. In conclusion, NFT cards can be 'activated' within the natural world, with physical adaptations accessible to those who collect a specific number of cards. A coordinates commercial center, in the meantime, is where players mint NFTs or offer diamonds from their collection. Cross the Ages is the sleeper choice of 2022 – be prepared to be amazed.

cross the ages

6. Raini: Lord of lights

Another online metaverse game is a competitive exchanging card amusement that's pulled into consideration is Masters of light, wherein players Wage war with collections of crypto legends and legendary mammoths. Disclosed by the Raini cultivating stages in Eminent, this supercharged technique diversion is exceptionally much approximately beating other players to upgrade one's accumulated. That said, high-level cards can moreover be stalked in abdicate cultivating pools, giving triumphant parties more opening to produce a benefit. You can win fights, complete journeys, and lease out high-level cards to earn local money.

raini lords of lights

7. Himo World

Another title advertising a surfeit of modes is Himo World, a metaverse diversion populated by an entirety part of hostile troll-like characters outfitted with swords and shields. Fueled by Binance Shrewd Chain, the discharge highlights competitions, exchanging (Offer heroes and aptitude cards to other players), and wagering (bet on the result of fights) component. The reason for Himo World is to investigate while beating the snot out of other characters via technique and, from time to time, great old designed button bashing.


8. Sandbox

Sandbox is additionally a possible top online metaverse game that permits users to develop independently. They can sell their gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain only using the SAND utility token. Sandbox is a relatively new metaverse game launched in 2003. The target of this game is to flee from a hostile island with the assistance of others you may come upon your journey.


9. Mobox (MBOX)

Mobox could be a free-to-play diversion where you'll earn rewards for basically playing the amusement. It's metaverse epic games that combine Defi and diversion to create a biological system where everybody can come together and appreciate one world.

The "MOMOverse" is extending each day and incorporates things such as a commercial center, NFT cultivating, and distinctive diversions, with more to come. The MOMOverse too highlights interesting MOMO Avatars, MOMO NFTs, and indeed a physical Dazzel Box merely can exchange to the advanced world by filtering the include QR code.

mobox mbox

10. Magic Craft

Magic craft, a part of the metaverse epic games list, is a cross-platform of war and conquers MMORPG developed on BSC powered by the Unity games engine. It offers a free-to-play mode.

Magic Craft could give titles like world of warcraft and league of legends may be a cross-platform 'war and conquer' MMORPG created on BSC and fueled by the Unity game engine. A novel feature of Magic craft is that it offers free-to-play mode together with the P2E mode.

In terms of scale and gameplay, the Magic Craft seems to provide well-known titles like world of warcraft and alliance of legends a run for their cash. What sets this game apart is blockchain technology. It equips the Magic Craft metaverse with unique features not available in centralized MMORPG platforms.

The user's prime goal here is to connect with other players to make clans and fight with rival clans. The Elders build seven capable castles. Each clan battles it out every week for the ownership of the castles, and the victorious kings earn taxes from the empire as a reward.

metaverse game magic craft


The change is bringing with it some of the epic games of metaverse to the tip of your finger.

So, get ready for the overhaul and dive into the best metaverse game list above to make yourself future-ready today.

These Facebook virtual reality games are the doors to the following significant change, and undoubtedly, it is magnificent.

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