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5 Best Adobe Animate Courses & Classes | Beginners Complete Tutorial

Meta Description: 5 of the best Adobe animate courses, learn all about animation through these courses!

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Nov 25, 21, updated May 20, 24
5 Best Adobe Animate Courses & Classes | Beginners Complete Tutorial

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by official channel

Professional animation is hence one of the fields that has a bright future. Willing to learn more about animation?

Adobe Animate Courses

Don't worry! We've got you covered, follow this article and find out more about the best 5 Adobe animate courses.

 Part 1 What is Adobe Animate CC?

1. Who should take Adobe Animate course?

Learning is never bound. Anyone willing to learn can put in effort and time. As long as you wish to learn, and have an interest in it you can take it up. Those of you who wish to make a career in animation are highly recommended to take up this course. The Adobe animate course can help you kickstart your career as a professional animator.

2. Are there prerequisites to Adobe Animate course?

Animation is one such field that does not require a lot of prerequisites. In fact, even a beginner who has absolutely no idea about animation can take up the adobe animate course.

 Part 2 Top 5 FULL ADOBE ANIMATE COURSES | Beginners Complete Tutorial

1. Adobe animate CC 2018- HTML5 Banner Ads

Adobe animate CC 2018- HTML5 Banner Ads is one of the most comprehensive courses on adobe animate. It teaches you several relevant skills associated with animation and marketing (one of the primary applications of animation).

adobe animate cc 2018 html5 banner ads
Skills you will learn:

Basics of HTML5 banner ads using adobe animate

Understanding the importance of Adobe animate CC in web advertisements

Through this course, you'd become an expert at publishing ad networks

The course will help you explore tools and techniques related to banner advertising

Udemy: Udemy Duration: About 5 hours

The course is beginner-friendly; it helps you advance your career in animation from scratch.

The course covers even complex concepts.

You receive a course completion certificate


The course is paid and you need to pay a nominal fee in order to access the lecture videos.

The course is monotonous i.e. there is no live teaching.

2. 2D animation for beginners with adobe animate, Walt Wonderwolk

If you're looking for a well-designed course that covers almost all the necessary concepts, then this course is just the right one for you. Through this course, you can learn all about Adobe animate. All the primary concepts are explained in detail in this course.

2d animation for beginners
Skills you will learn:

All the primary concepts of computer-generated animations using Adobe animate.

You will learn important concepts such as eases, symbols, vector drawings, tweens, and key frames.

You will also learn how to add sound to your animation

You will gain hands-on knowledge about drawing, composition, and animation of characters.

Udemy: skillshare

The course is great for beginners to start learning about Adobe animate

The course covers fundamental concepts of animation


You need a skillshare membership in order to access the lecture videos.

You need to pay in order to get a skillshare membership

You do not get a course completion certificate

3. Rigging and animating in Adobe animate

Looking for a quick crash course about Adobe animate? Well, this course is perfect for you. As the name suggests, in this course you shall learn all about rigging and animating 2d characters.

rigging and animating adobe animate
Skills you will learn:

rigging and animating adobe animate

Through this course, you will know how to efficiently animate any character

Discover the utilization of vectors and images for rigging

You will get a clear understanding of important concepts such as layer parenting, motion tweening, and symbols.

Udemy: Udemy Duration: around 4 hours

You will learn the major concepts of animation.

You will learn about rigging in detail, one of the core concepts of animation.

The course is available on Udemy, one of the most accessible platforms.


The course is not free, you need to pay a nominal amount to access the course.

It is not a renowned course.

The course is not Beginner friendly, it needs you to have some understanding of animation.

4. Learning Adobe Animate CC: Animation, LinkedIn learning

LinkedIn's new platform, LinkedIn learning has several professional courses. Learning Adobe animate CC is one of the courses available on LinkedIn learning. It teaches you all about digital transformations. By the end of this course, you will be able to create a handy bit of animation.

LinkedIn animation learning
Skills you will learn:

Fundamentals of digital animation on Adobe animate CC

Understanding and implementation of concepts such as keyframes, symbols, tweening, and drawing tools.

Understand about the creation of natural effects and shape tweens.

Adding music and sound effects to your animation.

Udemy: LinkedIn learning Duration: Around 3 hours

The course duration is considerably shorter.

All the primary concepts of animation are given importance in this course.

You get additional quizzes and study material along with the lecture videos


You need to have an active LinkedIn learning membership.

You need to pay for the LinkedIn learning membership.

The course is fast-paced, you need to grasp the concepts quickly.

5. Animate a walk cycle frame by frame in Adobe animate

This hands-on course is perfect for those who prefer experimenting as they watch the lecture videos. The course teaches you how to animate 2D and 3D characters smoothly. As you near the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of how animation works and how to animate a hand-drawn character from scratch.

animate a walk cycle frame by frame
Skills you will learn:

You will learn how to animate a hand-drawn character from scratch.

You shall learn how to set up a working canvas and design a character.

You will learn about the essential features of designing such as color fills, overlapping actions, shadows, and cleanup strokes.

Udemy: skillshare

The course focuses on the design aspect of animated characters.

The course gives you a hands-on experience with animation tools.

The course helps you learn how to create creative hand drawn characters.


You need an active skillshare membership to access the lecture videos

Skillshare membership is a paid one.

There are courses from more popular counterparts such as Udemy.

 Part 3 How to Quickly Learn the Skills of Adobe Animate Course

Now that you've decided to get your hands dirty by dwelling into animation, you must give Wondershare Filmora Pro a try. What's Wondershare Filmora?

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The platform offers you several tools that are easy to use.

Even a neophyte could easily create beautiful animations by using Wondershare Filmora Pro. Using Wondershare Filmora Pro, you can not only animate characters but also define their motion, add sound effects, and edit videos. Filmora Pro offers you animation tools that are easier to operate and resultantly help you make amazing animated videos.

Wondershare Filmora

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filmorax boxpng

Key Takeaways from This Episode

As we see, today we've taken a look at a few of the best Adobe animate courses.

Each of the courses can help you learn the basics of animation.

Animation is indeed one of the budding fields, and with these fruitful courses, you can learn all about animation and possibly begin your journey as a freelancer or a professional in animation.

Through these courses, you can create animated advertisement videos with ease. Wondershare Filmora Pro however can make your job easier by offering you amazing tools for generating animated videos!<

Well, on this note we shall take leave! Wishing you good luck on your journey as an animator!

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