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Apps to Animate Still Pictures Which Could Make Your Pictures Become Internet Sensation

Turn old or recently shot still images into animated pictures with the help of AI. Use these apps to easily animated still images.

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Dec 13, 21, updated Jun 12, 24
Apps to Animate Still Pictures Which Could Make Your Pictures Become Internet Sensation

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Now, it is a question of what to do with all those still photos lying in your phone. You can be pretty certain that you won't be retiring from clicking images anytime soon. A tip to help make posting images more interesting would be using apps to animate your photos.

You can also find an app that animates your face specifically, which is great for instagram content and has a greater chance of getting reactions or comments. So without further to do let's get animating.

Part 1 Review of General Methods: Can You Animate Still Pictures?

It's pretty obvious that you can! These days you can do whatever you want online so animating still pictures should be a piece of cake if you know-how.

A video is basically an entire collage of moving pictures. So if you can cut out pictures from a video why not turn still pictures into animations.

There are a number of ways you can use to animate still images

Videos are multiple pictures that move at a frame rate. Make short copies of a video by cutting out the essential moments and playing them in a loop.

Add and play video animation elements over a picture. With the right software, this task is as easy as copy-pasting over another image.

Apply an animated 3D image with a transparent background over another image. Remember, the bigger the element the closer it is. So size is directly translated as distance.

You can use multiple filters and effects on an image with an animated portrait app. Find out what app you can use further on in this article.

Turn an image into a GIF. No matter its small size and cartoonish style, GIF animation has a very wide appeal as online content.

Part 2 10 Best apps to animate still photos on Android & iOS


Giphy is the largest internet catalog for GIF files, clips & stickers. No matter if it is a scene from a movie or an animation you have watched somewhere, using this application you can easily find, save & share or simply create something new.

Price: Free


Quickly turns still photos into an animation.

Easily share your work through all social media channels.


Search tags are varied; you may need to search using unlikely words to get desired results.

Applicable System: Android


One of the best ways to turn your photos & videos into GIFs is using ImgPlay. It has a clearer interface making it easy to use. Imgplay comes with paid- premium and non-paid version making it suitable for personal & professional application.

Price: Pro $4.99.


It is not packed with unnecessary features.


ImgPlay slaps a watermark on all its non-premium versions.

Applicable System: Android & iOS.


The best Part is that Loopsie provides spectacular cinematographic effects to your animated stills. Stabilization algorithm efficiently removes shaking effects & blurs.

Price: Free.


User friendly UI

Easy to share on social media platforms.


Paid version is a bit pricey.

Applicable System: Only on iOS.


Looking for ways to create animated visuals form still images? This is where your quest ends. An advanced editing platform that offers overlays, movement & color filters. Banner Ads & watermarks can be removed by paying a small subscription fee.

Price: Free version available. Premium costs INR 789 a year.


Double exposure effect combines video overlay & static imagery.


Contains Ad & watermark.

Applicable System: Android.

05Animate Me

Animate Me offers you a package of postcards & greeting snapshots that you can animate according to your need.  The paid subscription will get you updated sounds & effects every now & then.

Price: Free.


Easy to use & beginners friendly.



Editing features & tools are limited.

Applicable System: Windows.


Create animated stills, GIFs, live-wallpapers all with Movepic. It allows you to animate simply anything by drawing a path. You can also adjust the speed of animation manually.  

Price: Free.


Animate in a light motion.

Easy to use.


Free version leaves a watermark on images.

Applicable System: Android & iOS.


Pixaloop is a fun app packed with significant animation & editing features. 100% free to use software delivers live animated images in a few clicks. User friendly interface edits images using powerful & precise animation tools.

Price- Free.


Offers all the necessary features & core tools.

Provides accuracy & flexibility to the users.


The animation process is a bit time consuming.

Applicable System: Android & iOS.


Zoetropic has a combination of 3D tools and Camera FX to animate your images. User friendly interface allows you to mask the still areas if you wish to keep it still.

Price: $199 (Pro)


Easily customize motion areas.

Apply overlays & audios.


App price is higher than similar available apps.

Applicable System: Android & iOS.


It is one of the most top reviewed apps on Playstore related to animating still photos. It has several features like programming directional cues, freeze portions of your photo or even apply filters.

Price: Free version. Pro version; $3.50/month, $18/year and $55 lifetime.


Its free version does not apply watermark.

Intuitive Interface.


Best features are locked in Pro version.

Applicable System: Android & iOS.

 Part 3 Additional Extension: 5 Apps to Animate Old Photos

It can be unanimously agreed upon that people have been storing photos for decades as a means of preserving memories. We don't get much opportunity to meet familiar faces too often so why not just try and animate still images of relatives. Now we already know how we can start animating images on apps but restoring original images maybe a tad more complicated than that. This time a bit of the animation is dependent on the physical state of the picture so be sure it's in mint condition.

These photos can be restored or manipulated digitally with the help of smart AI. We have listed down some of the apps to animate old photos and reconstruct faces;

01Photos Revive

You can add colour to old worn out photos and make them look more realistic in terms of tonal colorization using artificial intelligence. The app also asks you recollect any details of the photo that you might remember in terms of the image.

Applicable OS: iOS only.

Photos Revive


After going through several improvements and upgrades, you can use the app Remini to confidently restore low resolution images that are either pixelated, blurred or damaged into High Definition images. This app has already been used by users to process a hundred million photos.

Applicable OS: Android 1.7.2 or higher, & iOS 9.3 or higher.



Another app that uses AI to add colorization to your old images. It is a popular animate your family photo app which has amazing other tools and filters to try out.

Applicable OS: Android and iOS.


04Deep Nostalgia

Using this app which has been innovated by the geology platform MyHeritage uses ai to add gestures to still images to evoke nostalgia in the users.

Applicable OS: Online.

Deep Nostalgia

04Google Photoscan

Google scanner is a futuristic app for restoring photos of the past. The app uses a smart scanning technology that provides several scans of the same photo automatically.

Applicable OS: Android or iOS.

Google Photoscan

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Animating photos are a new way of reimagining still images into moving live content. There are many methods and approaches you can choose to animate your images.

Some of them being video animations, transparent background elements, Filters and effects and of course GIFs.

There are dozens of apps with built in smart artificial intelligence to help restore old photos or make short animations out of them. Some of them are applicable for desktops while others available both on Android and iOS.

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