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10 TED Talk on Parenting that Worth Watching

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Feb 14, 22, updated Jul 12, 24
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TED Talks focusing on parenting are influential videos from speakers on creativity, tech, education, and much more. The videos have subtitles in more than 100 languages. Over 3 billion people watch or listen to these talks every year because they inform and educate them in an accessible way. The talks teach you to think critically about challenging or new information, and every parent needs this skill. Listening to TED Talk on parenting will provide you with advice to help you become a better parent.

Why Do Parents Need to Learn About Parenting?

Learning about parenting increases your knowledge of child knowledge and effective communication styles. It helps improve communication between children and parents and allows family members to understand each other better. Parents also learn how to match their parenting style to their kids' personalities. You can reduce your kid's tendency toward anxiety or depression using parenting methods geared towards their personality.

Additionally, it encourages nurturing behavior and promotes using positive parenting practices. These include using positive language, family routines, and planned discipline. Moreover, learning about parenting gives you confidence, and you'll telegraph this confidence to your children.

Kids of parents who learn about parenting often show an increase in their prosocial behaviors, such as helping others, sharing, and empathy. They also demonstrate a decline in negative externalizing behaviors, including hyperactivity, delinquency, and aggression.

10 Ted Talk on Parenting That's Worth Watching

Everyone wants to be the best parent to their children to ensure they grow up into responsible adults. Watching TED talks can help parents to do this with ease. With that in mind, here are the top ten TED Talk on parenting worth checking out.

1. The Birth Of A Word - Deb Roy

The Birth Of A Word has 353,672 views on YouTube and 3 million views on TED. The MIT researcher Roy wanted to understand how his child learned the language; he decided to wire up his house with CCTV cameras to catch every moment, except for his kid's life. He analyzed 90k hours of audio and video from his child's first three years and discovered an intriguing correlation between context and language learning. The talk is filled with data-rich research that shows us how we learn, which can help you become a better parent.

2. Grit: The Power of Passion & Perseverance - Angela Lee Duckworth

This TED Talk has 25 million views on TED and 9.2 million views on YouTube. After leaving a demanding job in consulting, Duckworth started working as a seventh-grade math teacher in a New York-based public school. She then realized that the intelligence quotient (IQ) was not the only thing that was separating successful pupils from those who were struggling. In this TED Talk on parenting, Duckworth describes her grit theory as a predictor of success.

3. The world needs people with all kinds of minds - presented by Temple Grandin

This TED Talk on parenting has 6.2 million views on TED and 341,698 views on YouTube. Temple, diagnosed with autism as a kid, tells the audience how her mind works. She shares about her capability of thinking in pictures, which allows her to solve problems neurotypical brains might miss.

Temple states that the world needs individuals on the autism spectrum: verbal thinkers, pattern thinkers, visual thinkers, and all types of smart geeky kids.

4. 5 Dangerous Things Parents Should Let Their Kids Do - Gever Tulley

With more than 5.3 million views on, this TED Talk is a must-watch for every parent. As we all know, kids can hurt themselves when playing with things such as fire, arrows, knives, and more. There is a way around this, and it does not involve removing sharp objects and poker bits from their world. Tinkering School founder, Pulley, points out in this Ted Talk that it is quite the opposite and tells the audience that a little danger is beneficial to children and adults. He spells out five dangerous things you might want your children to do.

5. For Parents, Happiness Is a High Bar - Jennifer Senior

This TED Talk currently has 274,770 views on TED's YouTube channel and 2.5 million views on their site. In this TED Talk for parenting, Jennifer discusses how the goal of modern-day parenting is providing their kids with happiness and how this results in stress.

6. For the Bullied and Beautiful - Shane Koyczan

Shane's words in this talk are magical, and that's why the video has more than 3.7 million views on YouTube and 7.3 million views on Shane's spoken-word poem To This Day is about bullying that he and others went through during their lives and the long-term impact.

7. Nature Is Everywhere — We Just Have to Learn to See It by Emma Marris

Emma's TED Talk has 1.4 million views on this platform and 118k views on YouTube. She urges her audience to consider another definition of nature that includes pristine wilderness and the untended patches of plants that grow in urban spaces. Emma encourages parents to bring their kids out so that they can touch as well as tinker with it. In turn, they may love and protect it in the future.

8. The Untapped Genius That Might Change Science for the Better - Jedidah Isler

Isler's talk has 2.1 million views on TED and 59k views on YouTube. She dreamt of being an astrophysicist since she was still a kid; however, the odds were against her. During this time, only eighteen African-American women held a Ph.D. in a discipline related to physics. She shares how she managed to become the first African-American woman to hold a Ph.D. in astrophysics from the New Haven, Connecticut-based Yale University. Isler also talks about her deep belief in the importance of diversity to science as well as other STEM fields.

9. 3 Rules to Spark Learning - Ramsey Musallam

A life-threatening condition jolted Ramsey, a chemistry teacher, to understand the real role of an educator: to cultivate curiosity. The talk has 3.2 million views on and more than 327k views on their YouTube channel. In a fun, personal talk, Ramsey gives three rules that can spark learning and imagination, and get students thrilled about how the world works.

10. All It Takes Is Ten Mindful Minutes - Andi Puddicombe

Andi's talk has 13 million views on and over 4.3 million views on YouTube. In this TED video, the creator of Headspace, Andy, discusses the ten mindful minutes that students need to wield their minds, and not let their minds wield them. He states that like most people, he used to assume that it was aspirin for the mind: when you get stressed, you need to take some medication. He never knew it could be kind of preventative. But, it is different from this, as it is more about stepping back to see the thought with a relaxed and focussed mind and without judgment.

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● Parenting is the most challenging job in the world if you do not know what to do. You can make it a joyful experience by watching TED talks. These talks are designed to guide you.

● TED Talks on parenting have good subjects that can help people become better parents to their kids. If you would like to make videos that will guide others in parenting, Filmora has got you covered. The software is user-friendly and will help you create HD videos.