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How to Make ASMR Videos: a Complete Guide

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

While everyone is running on busy schedules at present where notifications, deadlines, alerts make one anxious and shiver the spine, many people are now finding a way to relax. They reveal that ASMR videos, arising new trend in YouTube, really works. The whole point behind the phenomenon is to comfort people, however, you will never believe that it is an emerging new business on the Internet as well!

What is ASMR

You can head to YouTube and type the word, “ASMR,” and you will get an ambush of videos typically made by women doing crazy things like running brushes over a microphone and pretending to give you a rubdown. If you are puzzled about how ASMR video works, maybe today’s article can aid you in this.

So, let us know ASMR meaning and all about it. The term ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) might sound technical, but the fact is there is no science or research behind the concept. They are sensation videos that create a tingling feeling making one feel relaxed and feeling asleep. In short, you can call ASMR videos as brain massage therapy that begins from the scalp and moves down the whole body. It isn’t descriptions, but the footage incorporates sounds, feelings, soft whispering, a gentle touch, or crinkling paper. ASMR videos play a vital role in this age of fretfulness due to its capability to relieve relaxation and psychological issues.

ASMR video is a growing trend on YouTube where you can get millions of videos created by ASMR artists.

Best 5 ASMR Artists on YouTube

Are there particular artists in the story of ASMR who have made up levels? Yes, there are various ASMR video creators on YouTube from which we have listed the top 5 best ASMR artists who are popular at present.

1. ASMR darling

With more than 2 million subscribers, Taylor Darling, an American YouTuber who makes majestic ASMR videos, stands first in the list. She used more than 100 triggers in her videos to calm and relax you into a varied state of euphoria. Coming to her associations, she is featured in a video by PewDiePie called “My favorite horror game.”

2. ASMR Gibi

Here is Gibi ASMR, our next best ASMR artist, who is a cosplayer as well. Known to engage the audience with various role-plays and cosplay videos, including pop cultural characters, Gibi is from America. She started creating videos and posting them to YouTube from 2016. Along with 2 million subscribers, Gibi has also hosted a web mini-series called “Encounter Culture.”

3. Tingting ASMR

Next comes Tingting ASMR, who has a Chinese origin. She is a YouTube star who began her channel in 2017 and started making top-notch tingle videos covering over a multitude of concepts. She is the ASMR artist who is famous for her relaxation, role-playing, and cosmetology videos. She is also a Twitch streamer who has done many videos on Chinese influencers and tradition.

4. ASMR Maria

With 1.78 million subscribers, Maria Viktorovna from Russia is the GentleWhispering YouTube channel owner. Her ASMR videos are popular in the list while “Oh such a good 3D-sound ASMR video” has gathered 21 million likes and still rocks the browsers. Maria is known for her loyal followers and tingle-inducing experience as well.

5. Madi ASMR

Last but not least, Madi, with the best ASMR videos, is the final person in today’s list. She has 3 million subscribers on YouTube at present. She started her channel on the primary motto to help people sleep and relax. She uses various ideas and triggers, like tapping, brushing, role-plays, sounds, and whispering. She is a certified personal trainer too.

How to Make ASMR Videos: An Ultimate Guide

Are you confused about the first step to take on how to make ASMR videos? To make your work easier, we have come up with an ultimate guide that is all you need now.

1. Before Filming: How to Prepare

It is not that all the ASMR videos are the same, and all ASMR artists follow the same strategy. However, they follow different methodologies and triggers which you need to learn and understand. Before filming, you need to concentrate on the content based on which you are about to make the video. Research the videos made by the best ASMR makers and create content that is liked by the most.

Make sure your voice is melodic and soft, as that is what grabs the listener. Give importance to grooming, where skincare and make-up should be a pleasant one.

2. Shooting Videos

Start with the gadgets that you have on hand. For filming the ASMR video, all you need is an ordinary camera, two good headphones, and microphones to ensure good quality of sound deliverance to the audience. Keep out the noise resources like fans and any other electronic sources out of reach. Additionally, you do not need to look out for other professional tools or studio to film the video; instead, a noise-free room is enough.

3. Editing Videos with Filmora

Once you complete filming your ASMR video, you need to move to edit as you cannot stream it on YouTube or Facebook right away. It requires a finishing where a useful video editing tool plays a vital role. We have Filmora in-store, a highly recommended video editing software to make your job less cumbersome. It is a professional platform loaded with features and easy to use.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Filmora helps fine-tune your adventure, perfect your aesthetic, add lasting effects, and still a lot more. Without audio or video loss, one can edit the filmed ASMR video with a less effort hassle-free. Give Filmora a try today!

Tips on Making Your ASMR Videos Stand Out

Were you much moved by the concept of ASMR videos and artists? Are you eager as well to land a step on this latest trending sensation of ASMR? Here are some ways that can make your ASMR video stand out from the crowd.

1. Come up with a non-original content

If you are a newbie to the ASMR floor, rather than coming up with your original content, surf over the previous videos by ASMR artists. Find the popular topic, like the cranial nerve exam, hair-salon, policeman catching thieves, and doctor role-play. Gain experience from such unique ideas and give it a try before experimenting with your original content to attract a small audience.

2. Be natural

The most critical factor in creating an ASMR video is to be realistic all the time. If you observe the strategy used by ASMR artists, they use objects, tap it, and bring out new sounds that attract the audience. Similarly, you can use items as triggers to make the video enhancing or effective.

3. Be interactive

Want more subscribers towards your channel? The audiences always like the more interactive videos and the artists who have a good relationship with them. Alongside, people with insomnia and loneliness also surf for the ASMR videos that can offer a little relief where being interactive can drive personal attention.

4. Get a friend to accompany you

If it is your first ASMR video, and you are not sure how to proceed, you can get assistance from your friend who has prior experience in it. You can also incorporate them while making a video. Doing so will reduce your insecurity in-camera exposure.

5. Film videos at night

This option might sound crazy, but it’s true as you will not have a distraction like traffic, cars, dogs, people conversations, and loud noise that might affect the video quality.

6. Be proud

ASMR is becoming a growing trend, as said before, and it is a sensational topic. If you have decided to travel in that path, it is fair but think twice before you step into it. Do not feel embarrassed or discouraged if you get any negative comments. Tell yourself that you are making something useful to help someone.


According to researches, such brain tingling phenomenon created by ASMR videos creates a positive physiological effect on its viewers. Hence it is also famously called ASMR sleep. While such tingling activities like tapping, whispers, and slow hand movements might seem crazy, they still profit from paving the way for physical and mental health. Do you shuffle a lot on an occupied working schedule? Then take some time to watch the best ASMR channels and relax. If you are passionate about becoming an ASMR artist like Gibi or Maria, follow the tips we have in store for you, and you are all set-to-go!

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