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10 Best Vlogging Cameras for Beginners

Are you a fan of vlogging? Are you looking for the right camera to start? This article presents you with a list of the best vlogging cameras for beginners.

Max Wales
Max Wales
Originally published Mar 24, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

Are you new to vlogging? Do you seek some equipment to start getting into shape for perfect vlogging? The first and foremost requirement is to have a vlogging camera. However, it is not recommended to buy a hefty device that cannot be managed. Under such a narrative, this article presents you with a list of vlogging cameras for beginners that can be tried out. Come along!

Part 1: 10 Best Vlogging Camera for Beginners in 2022

This part shall provide you with a few choices to help you start your vlogging career. This list of vlogging cameras for beginners is aptly put to provide users with the best options. Let’s get started!

1. Fujifilm X-S10

Price: $1,748

For starters, this vlogging camera seems the perfect package. The Fujifilm X-S10 provides the opportunity of developing vlogs under a 4K video resolution. This model is a little outdated with the advanced features; it fulfills the basic needs of a beginner who is new to vlogging. It also provides users with a 6-stop in-body stabilization with a 26.1 megapixels sensor to offer them beautiful results.

If you really wish to make a difference in your vlogging quality, you should consider buying this camera. This is the real deal!

Fujifilm x-s10

2. Canon G7X Mark III

Price: $714

If you have been following vloggers and vlogging classes, you will have definitely heard about this Canon vlog camera. The features offered across this package are one of the best you can find across any vlogging camera in the market. Where this camera model is still a recommendation of top-notch vloggers, it comes under a lightweight body. The structure makes it great for vlogging, accompanied by a 4K video resolution under 30fps.

Canon's flip-up screen is one of the most highlighting features offered across such vlogging cameras, making them quite the choice. It is exceptionally good!

canon g7x mark iii

3. GoPro Hero8 Black

Price: $349.98

GoPro is considered a department of professionals. However, we won't recommend the latest top-of-the-line models to beginners. Instead, it is considered the right move if someone new to vlogging goes for a lower model. GoPro Hero8 Black features some of the best functions that anyone can witness in the market. With live streaming under 1080p, this vlogging camera is the best option for rough vlogs.

Hyper-stabilization makes it quite compelling overall. Users are recommended to make great use of this vlogging camera if they're making a start in vlogging. Are you hyped up?

gopro hero 8 black

4. Sony ZV-1

Price: $749.99

Undoubtedly, the best vlogging camera that exists in the budget right now! Sony ZV-1 has been great for beginners; it has made an equal impact across professionals. This camera has changed the dynamics of what we refer to as vlogging standards. With a compact and perfect body for vlogging, a lot is expected from Sony ZV-1.

To enhance user experience, the ZV-1 includes real-time tracking and eye auto-focus, which is by far the best option for quality among beginners. This is great!

sony zv-1

5. Canon M50 Mark II 

Price: $699.99

Another masterpiece by Canon! This vlogging camera for beginners has been designed to provide affordability, enhanced accessibility, and professional value. While being extremely easy for users, it is regarded as among the best options in mirrorless cameras. The eye-detection autofocus features give it a little push to excellency.

If you are looking for an all-round experience in vlogging cameras, Canon M50 Mark II puts an up-top experience. Sounds perfect!

canon m50 mark ii

6. Sony A6400

Price: $899.99

Being someone who is focused on quality, this Sony vlogging camera is regarded as excellent for its features. You don’t care about the design, right? This Sony camera provides the best features you can find in most vlogging cameras. With a 4K video resolution and high image quality, it offers a sophisticated experience in capturing shots.

Considering you are up for this cheap spot, you should consider buying this camera for perfect video management. It is undoubtedly commendable!

sony a6400

7. Panasonic Lumix G100

Price: $647.99

Excited for more? We have the Panasonic Lumix G100 as the next choice in vlogging cameras for you. This mirrorless camera is a compact option in vlogging cameras, which is accompanied by a 4K video quality resolution. Though there is no in-body stabilization for controlling the shocks across the clip, it does record audio directly across the image.

This small, compact, and easy-going vlogging camera can be your perfect start to the vlogging journey. Gear up!

panasonic lumix g100

8. Canon EOS 90D

Price: $1,190

If you wish to move for something professional, this Canon vlog camera is the best option you can find. As you start your journey in vlogging, this vlogging camera provides you with some of the best features across most cameras. As EOS 90D also represents itself as a DSLR, its ability to shoot 4K videos makes it one of the versatile options in the camera market.

Although the camera may be a bit heavier for you, it is still one of the best vlogging cameras for beginners. Are you surprised?

canon eos 90d

9. Sony ZV-E10

Price: $699.99

This vlogging camera is a simpler version than Sony vlogging cameras. Do you have some easy footages to cover? This camera presents itself as a lighter version in vlogging cameras while providing an excellent resolution to back it up. While being a compact option in the market, it offers great autofocus, which is quite promising in such cameras.

If you have a low budget for a vlogging camera, this is surely the best option you can find in the market. Sounds perfect for you!

sony zv-e10

10. Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III

Price: $1,799

Although it seems like a retro camera, this vlogging camera is surely counted among the feature-rich options in the market. This video camera provides users with effective and cognitive feature sets, which are accompanied by great video specs. Image stabilization is another highlighting feature that makes it one of the best options in vlogging cameras for beginners.

It also allows users to shoot 4K video resolution for high-end results, despite being a more straightforward option in vlogging cameras.

olympus om-d e-m5 mark iii

See more information here.

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Part 2: Best Vlog Editor for Vlogging Beginners

Are you satisfied with the list of vlogging cameras for selection? As the articles present the best options for you, it is also vital that you should have a vlog editor for enhancing and finalizing videos. Rather than going across circles for finding the best one, this article introduces you to Wondershare Filmora, a video editor which targets such points across a video that revamps the complete video to perfection.

filmora 11 interface

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From basic video editing to advanced functions, you can see everything across Filmora. Are you excited to use it? It indeed is quite simple and effective to use. Furthermore, you can also make changes across a video with the help of effects, transitions, and elements. Isn't this exciting? To make your selection easier, Filmora offers a very extensive list of features. It is a fine vlog editor with the features you will be looking for in any basic video editor.

While you seek control across your footage, you can also gain control across your edited content. Thanks to Filmora, it is surely possible for every user now. A perfect recommendation, without a doubt!


This article has presented you with some best vlogging cameras to start. If you are a beginner and wish to get the best results with your vlog camera, you should try these recommended vlogging cameras for beginners. We hope that you’d be able to enhance your skill.

Wondershare Filmora

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