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Ideas to Keep Your Snapchat Streak Alive

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 14, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

With over 347million daily users, Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms out there, especially among millennials, and one of the things that makes it unique is its Streaks.

For those who don't have any idea about Snapchat streaks, they are essentially a measure of how often you and your friends send Snaps to each other within a 24-hour period. The longer the streak, the more points you earn.

In this article, we'll give you some Snapchat streak ideas to help you keep them alive and show your dedication to your friends.

In this article
  1. The Things You Should Know About Snapchat Streaks
    1. (1) What Will Not Be Counted Towards Snapchat Streaks
    2. (2) The Emojis Relevant To Snapchat Streak
  2. How To Keep Your Snapchat Streak Alive
    1. Tip 1. Ideas To Create And Send Snaps Quickly
    2. Tip 2. Seize Occasions And Keep Your Snapchat Sneak Alive
    3. Tip 3. Organize Your Snapchat And Your Time

The Things You Should Know About Snapchat Streaks

Snapchat streaks are a popular way to stay connected with friends on the app. But what are Snapstreaks, and how do they work?

Below, we'll give you a quick rundown of everything you need to know about Snapchat streaks.

(1) What Will Not Be Counted Towards Snapchat Streaks

We all know how important it is to keep up our Snapchat streaks - after all, it's a way to show how close we are to someone! But there are a few things that won't count towards your Snapstreak, even if you're still talking to your friends every day.

  • Chatting: If you're just chatting with someone without exchanging any snaps, that won't count towards your streaks.
  • Story: Views of your Story don't count, but if you reply to someone's story with a snap, that will keep your streaks going.
  • Memories: Any picture from your Memories vault will not be considered a Snapstreak.
  • Group Chat: Group chats, whether text-based or Snaps, do not contribute to a Streak.
  • Snapchat Spectacle: Any snap sent through Snapchat spectacle won't be considered a Snapstreak interaction.

(2) The Emojis Relevant To Snapchat Streak

There are many new emojis on Snapchat that you can use in your snaps to communicate with your friends or family in a whole new way. However, only a handful of them is related to Snapstreaks.

Here's a list of the emojis relevant to Snapchat Streak and what they mean:

  • Fire: When you send Snaps to a contract for three consecutive days, a fire emoji will appear next to the person's name, indicating a streak has started.
  • 100: This emoji appears if you send one snap every day for 100 days.
  • Hourglass: When you don't send a snap within 24 hours to someone that you have started the streak with, an hourglass emoji will appear next to the person's name, indicating that the Snapstreak is about to end.
  • Face with Sunglasses: This emoji reflects that you and your friends are mutual besties.
  • Hearts: There are three kinds of heart emojis: Double Pink Hearts, Red, and Yellow. The former indicates Super BFF, while the second shows that you and your friend are BFFs. The third one is for Besties.
  • Mountain: Many claims that a unicorn-type emoji will appear when you have a very long steak but details of this emoji are not available in Snapchat documentation.
  • Smiling Face: This emoji appears when you and your friends are best friends.
snapstreak related emojis

How To Keep Your Snapchat Streak Alive

Have you seen the dreaded "hourglass" emoji and your streak with your best friend or family member is about to expire, but you have no idea how to keep it alive?

Don't worry; below, we've provided some creative Snapstreak ideas to help you never let your streak expire again!

Tip 1. Ideas To Create And Send Snaps Quickly

Below are some tips/ideas to help you quickly create and send Snaps to keep your Snapchat streak alive:

Idea 1. Edit Blank Snap And Send As New Snap

If you have run out of snap ideas, don't worry about sending a high-quality one. No one is judging you, so send a blank snap to keep the streak alive; however, edit it a little so it looks like you have put in some effort.

sending a blank screen to keep streak alive

Idea 2. Send Black Screen

Your Snapstreaks are about to expire, and you're freaking out? Here's a little hack that will keep them alive: send a black screen snap. That's right! You can also add some doodles or stickers to the picture to make things look more interesting.

sending blank screen as snap

Idea 3. Use Emojis And Bitmojis

You can also add emojis or Bitmojis to your photos to make them look more interesting and fun. Simply open up the Snapchat app, click a picture, and tap on the emoji icon to select the emoji or Bitmoji that you want to add to your Snap. You can even resize and move them around to get it just right.

Idea 4. Snap With Your Pets

We all love our pets - and we also like staying connected with our friends on Snapchat. So why not combine the two? Occasionally take a picture of your pet using the app and send it to your besties to make their day and keep the streak alive!

snap with pet to maintain streak

Idea 5. Streak With Daily Food

Food is always a good topic and can be one of the best ways to keep your Snapchat streak alive. Simply send a snap to your friend every day before you start munching.

streak daily food

Tip 2. Seize Occasions And Keep Your Snapchat Sneak Alive

To keep your Snapchat streak alive, try to seize any opportunity you can to take pictures and send them to friends. Below are some ideas to do this:

Idea 1. The First Day Matters

Many people choose to start their streaks on special days because it helps them remember to keep them alive. For example, if you start your streak on your birthday, you'll always remember to keep the streak going on, and it will also help you to grab the attention of people.

Idea 2. Memorable Day

We all have memorable days in our lives, like a milestone, graduation, or special event that we want to remember forever. What is a better way to commemorate them than with a Snap? Your friends and family will appreciate it, and you will be able to keep your streak alive for days to come.

Idea 3. Streak While Traveling

Whenever you are on a trip, travel to your office/college, or head out to run some errands, remember to take a picture of the surroundings that look interesting and send it to whom you are establishing the streak.

send snapstreak while traveling

Tip 3. Organize Your Snapchat And Your Time

Are you trying to get the most out of Snapchat without letting it take over your life? Below we've provided some ideas to help you organize your time and your snaps.

Idea 1. Edit the Name of your Snapchat Friends

To avoid losing your Snapchat streaks with any of your contacts, you should start editing their names. Snapchat lists your most contacted friends at the top, so you might not see the others who are lower on your list. Editing their names to include something that will help you search for them will make it easier to avoid forgetting to send them a snap regularly.

edit the name of your snapchat friend

Idea 2. Pin Your Conversations

If you want to keep someone at the top of your chat list, consider pinning their chat. This will also ultimately help you send snaps to them without breaking the streak.

pin conversation in snapchat

Idea 3. Stick to a Particular Time of the Day

You will gain more by starting your Snapstreaks later on in the day, especially if you are only sending one snap per day. This way, the hourglass emoji will be visible for a considerable amount of time before it expires.

Idea 4. Check Your Filters

If you're trying to keep up with multiple Snapstreaks at once, it's easy to forget who you're on a streak with. But there's a way to see them without going to your list of friends.

Whenever you're about to send a new snap, swipe through the filters. Here, you'll see a special Snapchat streak filter, which will show how many consecutive days of successful streak you have in big white numbers next to the fire emoji.


In this article, we've compiled a list of fun and creative Snapchat streak ideas to help you stay connected with your friends.

Hopefully, by following these tips, you can now keep your Snapchat streak alive and stay connected with your contacts in a better and more engaging way!

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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