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FREE Top 10 Best Telegram Sticker Makers to Create Funny Stickers [2024]

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Jul 12, 2024• Proven solutions

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Telegram is one of the most used and popular texting applications nowadays by all. Along with the speed and safety provided by the telegram, it does offer the most creative and fun telegram stickers. Using telegram stickers in a conversation makes it interesting and cooler. Also one of the best things about telegram stickers is you don’t need to have a developer account in any way. You just need to send the image to Bot and that’s it.

Many times we get tired of using the same telegram stickers all the time and want something new. Find the below list of the best telegram sticker maker online to make your chat more interesting. Check out!

Part 1: What is a Telegram Sticker?

Telegram sticker is one such feature where the app tried to reinvent the ordinary tool. We have felt that stickers on the texting application have always been limited and with paid experience only. So telegram introduced a concept called telegrams stickers along with a new variety, free user experience who are willing to share ideas, emotions with the technology. All the stickers are completely free on telegram and you can always create new ones too.

Also, the size of the telegram sticker is needed to be 512px X 512px in a straightforward manner and the format should be Png.

Part 2: 10 Best Telegram Sticker Makers [for PC & Mobile Apps]

Wanting to create some of the best telegram stickers on your own? Find the detailed list of telegram sticker maker pc and get familiar with the best telegram sticker creators.

1. Stickery

telegram sticker maker stickery

This is one of the best telegram sticker apps you could ever think of using. It creates customized stickers for all telegram and WhatsApp users also share easily. Herewith this app you can put your image and create cool stickers ever.

telegram sticker maker stickerly

You can discover thousands of creative and funny animated stickers with this telegram sticker creator. This tool allows you to create amazing stickers from your images with very easy steps. Also, it allows you to export all the stickers on WhatsApp and telegrams without any kind of hassles.


telegram sticker maker picsart

There are more than 150 million users community of Picart from all around the world. It allows you to create customized collages, designs, and creative stickers like professionals. There are so many filters and effects to make your look amazing your designs. This tool is used as the best image and video editor with high-quality editing features. Here you can add pictures to create the finest-looking sticker and export it no less time. Thus it is considered one of the best telegram stickers online.

4. Sticker Maker Studio

telegram sticker maker studio

Here you can make any memes, photos from your phone to create the best stickers ever. You would find an unlimited range of funny, cool stickers to make your conversation cooler. You get options such as text fonts, colors, crops, cut, etc. to make your stickers look appealing. So this is one of the best telegram sticker maker apps then choices for you.

5. LINE Sticker Maker

telegram sticker maker line

This tool allows you to create beautiful online stickers very quickly. Here you can use funny faces, pet faces, smiling faces and turn them into funny stickers. It is the best tool to create personalized stickers and share them with your friends, family easily. Here you get a wide range of filters and themes to edit your creations in the best way. So there is no doubt that it is among the best telegram sticker maker pc for sure.

6. Sticker you

telegram sticker maker you

If you are looking for the best telegram sticker maker PC, then sticker you are the first choice. It is one of the best online platforms for customizing stickers, labels, tattoos in all sizes, shapes, and quantities. You just need to search online the name login to further proceed here. Thus it is the best platform for creating custom stickers and designs for sure.

7. Adobe Spark

This tool is yet another powerful telegram sticker maker online one could ever think of trying. It helps in creating the best designs of graphics, collages, animations, videos, and many other things very quickly. It makes your simple-looking images into a professional-looking graphic sticker so nicely.

This tool creates the most beautiful customized designs of stickers and labels so easily in very little time. Also, you don’t need to have any professional knowledge to use this tool as it has an easy and simple interface to make your work so much easier than you think. So it is recommended to pick this tool as a telegram sticker creator for sure.

9. Picmaker

telegram sticker maker picmaker

It is one of the most easily online graphic designing tools for you to create the best logos, blogs, ads, and many more needs. This tool has more than 10,000 designing templates to make your design look unique. Also, it is the complete solution for you to create customized stickers on your own where you can choose from hundreds of designs and backgrounds to make the best one for you.

10. Crello

If you are finding the best telegram sticker maker online, then surely you should go ahead with this. As serves high-quality editing tools to create great designs online. It allows to resize, remove background, cut, crop, and many more editing tools to make the best one. Thus you can create the best designs of stickers with the help of amazing ready templates available for you.

So finding the best telegram sticker maker online could be a difficult task if you are not familiar with the best tools to check out. Thus above mentioned are the best telegram sticker maker Pc and telegram sticker maker app for any devices you are using to come up with the best design ever!

Part 3: How Can I Create Stickers for Telegram?

Telegram has a feature that allows users to create stickers on their own. If you are confused about the telegram sticker maker bot then find step by step guide:

First of all, you need to create a sticker design where the image without the background would require. You can take the help of free online image editing software. You need to keep the 512 x 512 pixels’ size of the sticker in PNG format along with the transparent background.

After creating the telegram sticker, you need to upload it in a telegram and for that telegram sticker maker bot comes into the picture.

Step 1: Open the Telegram application on your device.

Step 2: Then select the search bar and find type "stickers," and then select the telegram sticker bot after it shows. Herewith this the conversation will start with the telegram sticker maker bot; then tap on “start” again.

make telegram sticker

Step 3: Then type /new pack in the message bar and send the text. Now it would ask you to name your sticker pack.

name telegram sticker

Step 4: Now you need to upload the sticker for that select the paperclip icon and open your file to select your sticker.

Step 5: Make use of the emoji keyboard for typing and sending an emoji that applies to the recently uploaded sticker.

Step 6: Keep repeating steps 4 and 5 each time for uploading the software. Once you are done with uploading you need to type /publish and send.

Step 7: Then it would ask you about the size and if you don’t want any such changes simply type /skip and send.

Step 8: Then just Type a short name for your sticker pack and send which will get added to the URL.

Step 9: Also the app will share a kink of your sticker pack and you need to select” Add stickers” so that you can download them and share them with others too.

Step 10: Now after downloading the sticker pack you can easily able to use your telegram stickers and enjoy.


So we can surely say that the sticker feature of telegram only would make millions of users switch from other texting apps to join telegram channels. Along with the telegram stickers it offers so many benefits Bots, secret chats, etc. Also with the above-mentioned steps, you can check some of the best telegram sticker makers online and make the best one for you!

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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