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Best Telegram Sticker Sets and How to Find Stickers on Telegram

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Telegram is one of the many messaging apps with the sole aim of providing speed and security. It is swift, easy to use, and accessible. It is compatible with all devices. Your messages can easily sync across any number of your device. This messaging app has a monthly estimate of over 500 million users and thus, a part of the 10 top downloaded apps in the world.

With Telegram, send messages, videos, photos, and files seamlessly. And just like most social media apps, Telegram contains images that portray a user's expression. These telegram sticker packs are useful when typing messages. Telegram sticker comes in sets, and users have the leverage of making use of multiple stickers at the same time. Though the app comes with a default sticker, most users love to use downloaded emojis from a outsource.

Telegram uses stickers in a lightweight format, so you can easily upload custom stickers. Stickers on Telegram are entirely free, and you can easily create and share custom stickers.

Part 1: How to Look for Telegram Sticker Sets Inside the App?

You can search for popular and trending stickers inside the telegram app. This feature helps keep things simple while reducing the number of searches for sticker packs.

Here are simple steps to follow to search for new stickers on your iOS or Android devices.

Step 1: Open your telegram app and start a conversation

Step 2: Tap the smiling face icon at the bottom left corner to open a collection of already installed stickers and recently used ones.

Step 3: With your fingers, scroll down in the recently used tab, and you'll find a search bar

Step 4: Inside the search bar, type your desired sticker.

Step 5: Then, click "Add" to each sticker pack to add them to your library.

Using this method gives you access to hundreds of the best telegram stickers directly inside the app.

Part 2: Custom Telegram Sticker Sets in 2021

Artists can now submit their custom sticker set on Telegram. Each sticker set comes with a permanent link that a user can share with friends and add.

This creates an avenue for artists all over Artistsrld to showcase their creativity and help other telegram users enjoy using the app.

add stickers


Independent designers have already started to suit their sticker sets.

Sharing Stickers

Sharing a link to friends is not the only way to share a sticker set. You can also receive a sticker set you do not have installed by tapping on it and selecting "Add to Stickers" to add the whole set.

Once you add a set, its stickers will be at emoji tooltips or on the dedicated panel for stickers. This feature is now available for iOS devices which you can easily switch on or off from the chat settings stickers. The menu for new stickers allows you to view uninstalled stickers and help you share your sticker sets.

sticker settings


This new update is also available for Android, and its devices and other apps are about to launch on their platforms. Telegram sticker sets are now fully equipped to ensure they go viral around the world.

Part 3: How to Export Telegram Sticker Sets to WhatsApp?

To easily export funny telegram stickers or other great telegram stickers to WhatsApp, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Launch telegram and copy link

First, launch the Telegram app on your device, then tap its hamburger icon to browse its settings> stickers and masks. Now, select the package you want to export and click the adjacent three-dot icon to copy its link.

launch telegram and copy link

Step 2: Open the Sticker Downloader

Then, go to the main page of the Telegram app and click on the search option. From here, you can search for and open the Sticker Downloader robot on the app.

Once the sticker downloader robot window opens, paste the link to the sticker pack and let it process it. It will let you choose to download the sticker pack as a compressed file.

open sticker downloader

Step 3: Unzip the downloaded sticker pack

Now, you can see that to export Telegram stickers to WhatsApp, you first need to save them to the phone (or SD card) where the Telegram files are. Then, later, you can use any file explorer to go to Telegram Folder> Telegram Documents and unzip the saved sticker pack.

unzip the downloaded sticker pack

Step 4: Import stickers into WhatsApp

To successfully export stickers from Telegram to WhatsApp, you can use any dedicated WhatsApp stickers application. After opening the app, you can click the "Add" button and export the WhatsApp stickers initially Telegram. Most likely, the app will automatically detect the available stickers on your phone. Otherwise, you can use its add function.

Now it's all done! After adding these stickers to WhatsApp, you can launch the IM application and tap the emoji> stickers section to enjoy the already exported stickers. This way, you can readily export your desired stickers from Telegram to WhatsApp like a pro.

export telegram stickers whatsapp

Part 4: Best Telegram Sticker Sets in 2021

Here's a list of the best telegram stickers sets available in 2021

  • Scare movie
  • My Little Devil
  • Toxic Koloboks
  • Rhino
  • Comrade Wolf
  • Purple Beaver
  • Witchulitta
  • Ass
  • Broken Cats
  • Meme Pack
  • Waddles
  • Animated Senya
  • Love Telegram Stickers
  • Love
  • Diggy Animated
  • Pepe
  • Miss Devil l
  • The Beatles
  • Nestree
  • Lazy Panda

Cute Telegram Stickers

  • Sheriff Adam
  • Joe Biden
  • Estee
  • Cowboy Fox
  • Cowboy Cactus
  • Clint Eastwood


Finally, now, you can explore the best telegram stickers and even export them to your WhatsApp using the simple steps stated above. Go ahead and enjoy your newfound stickers.

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