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How to Add Stickers to Instagram?

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Instagram is among the most visual social media networks. Each post on Instagram is either a video or an image. But when Instagram Stories launched in 2016, it opened up a gateway for users and brands to be creative and more authentic on this platform.

Instagram Stories is technically a fleeting platform with a 24-hours life span, and yet it has become one of the significant sources of fun on this app. To lighten things up, they released Instagram Stickers. Using a suitable sticker at the right time can brighten up the most mundane and tedious posts. In this article, we have compiled several techniques for adding stickers on Instagram and their types. Here’s how to add stickers to Instagram!

Part 1: What Are Instagram Stickers?

Instagram Stickers are basically the graphic designs that you can add to your images and videos. These stickers are an instance of Augmented Reality, which means you are trying to improve the pictures and videos by adding your designs to them.

Instagram Stickers have become an essential part of Instagram Stories, and they help you portray your emotions in the form of designs. These Stickers can be everything from fireworks to lightning bolts or a bunch of flowers. Moreover, you can also create polls and ask questions through Instagram Stickers.

In addition to the Official Instagram Stickers, you can create your own or buy packs from the Influencers. Many Brands are now creating their stickers for their marketing strategies. So, find a perfect sticker for your post and enjoy!

Part 2: How to Add Stickers to Instagram Posts and Story?

As you know, Instagram Stickers are pretty fun to use. These Stickers can also help you to engage with your followers. Different types of stickers can assist you in getting closer to your followers in different ways. Instagram Stickers are useful in grabbing the attention of your followers in a way that is not noticeable. Proper use of stickers in Instagram Stories can also help in showcasing your creativity. And by this, your stories can become more engaging, which means you will attract more followers.

However, if you are not aware of adding stickers to Instagram stories and posts, you have come to the right place. In this part, we have covered a step-wise method to use built-in stickers in your Instagram Stories and Posts. Here’s how to add stickers on Instagram:

Step 1: Launch Instagram App and Create a New Story

First things first, Launch the Instagram app. Click on Your Story at the top left corner of your Instagram feed. Now, you need to take a photo by clicking on the Big White circle or upload one by clicking on the Square in the bottom left of the screen.

Note: You can also add stickers to Boomerang by clicking on the Boomerang option.

Add instagram sticker

 Step 2: Click on Stickers and Add Sticker to Story

After you are done with the picture uploading, click on the Stickers option at the top right of the screen. A Pop-up menu will appear. Now, you need to select the sticker you want to use on your post or story.

Add Instagram sticker

 Step 3: Add to Your Story

Now, add the picture to your story by clicking on the Your Story option or Download it to upload as a post.

Note: You can also move the sticker by Holding and dragging it on the screen.

Part 3: How to Create and Add Your Own GIF Stickers on Instagram Stories?

Using the Official Instagram Stickers can be fun, but you can make this sticker function more interesting. Instagram allows you to make your own stickers and GIFs. This feature helps you in customizing stickers at your will. You can use pictures as well as videos to create stickers.

You don’t need to depend on the built-in Instagram Stickers; you can create your own. There are different methods to create your own stickers using third-party apps and websites. But by using third-party apps, your data can be vulnerable. So, the most secure and reliable one is using the built-in method by creating stickers through the camera roll.

Moreover, the majority of the people are not aware of how to add stickers in Instagram of their own, but no need to worry about that anymore. Just follow the steps below to create your stickers:

Step 1: Create a Story

Launch the Instagram app, and start a story by clicking on the Your Story option. Then either take a photo or upload one from your Phone’s Gallery.

Step 2: Tap on Sticker Option and Add Picture

After you are done with the picture uploading, tap on the Stickers option at the top right of the screen. Several stickers will appear. You need to tap on the ‘’add picture’’ option, as shown in the picture below.

  Ins  sticker  add picture

Step 3: Choose the picture as sticker

You’ll be redirected to your phone’s gallery. Choose the picture you want to add as a sticker on the story, and the sticker will be added.

  Ins     add photo sticker

Note: You can also move it on the screen by holding and dragging it.

Part 4: Most Popular Types of Instagram Stickers

Instagram Stickers comes in a wide variety, and since it’s a social media network, it keeps getting updated very frequently. Hence, it is hard to determine the exact number and type of stickers available. But, we have listed the main types of stickers that are currently featured on the app. Pick the one you like and start engaging with your audience.

1. Quiz Sticker

Quiz Sticker allows you to ask multiple-choice questions from your followers. It allows you to customize answers as well. You can also find a random question by clicking on dice at the bottom.

2. Question Sticker

Your followers can ask questions from you with the help of this sticker. You can ask your followers to recommend you some songs and movies by using this sticker. This sticker is a great way to interact with your followers and let them ask whatever they want from you.

3. Donation Sticker

A donation sticker allows a person to donate to non-profits. You can choose a non-profit of your own choice and raise fund for it by selecting this sticker. People who see this sticker can donate to your cause.

4. Countdown Sticker

This sticker enables you to start a countdown for an important event or moment. You can customize the time, date, name, and color to make it look better. For example, you can start a countdown for your friend’s birthday.

5. Poll Sticker

Poll Sticker helps you in starting a poll or asks a question to know your follower’s opinion. You can customize the answers as well as you can put emojis instead of answers.

6. Hashtag Sticker

This type of sticker helps start a clickable hashtag. You can add a hashtag for your brand or raise an important issue to your story.

7. Music Sticker

Music sticker allows you to add songs and lyrics to your Instagram Story. You can also select the font in which lyrics will be displayed and the exact lyrics you want to add to your story. This sticker is a perfect way to know about your friend’s music taste.

Want to add music to Instagram?Check this article to learn more about how to add music on Instagram with or without music sticker.

8. Selfie Sticker

You can share your selfies in a rounded form on your Instagram Story. This rounded shape sticker was launched in late 2020, and since then, it has changed the concept of sharing selfies in Instagram Stories. The Instagram stories are now more engaging and fun due to this selfie sticker.

9. Location Sticker

Now, you can share your location on Instagram Story by using a location sticker. For example, if you are dining at a nice restaurant, you can share your location on the story with the help of this sticker. It is pretty helpful for those brands who want to promote the business.

10. Weather/Time Sticker

There is an option to share weather and time to your Instagram Story by using a sticker. This sticker makes your stories look more relevant and personal to the followers.


People use Instagram Story to share their personal as well as social life nowadays. Instagram launched its stickers to provide an opportunity for people to show their emotions in stickers. These Instagram Stickers are more than just a fun feature. It attracts followers and makes your Instagram Story looks more engaging.

But many people do not know how to add stickers to Instagram or create one of their own. To solve this problem, we have covered step-wise techniques to add and create stickers for Instagram Story. So, learn the perfect use of stickers and have fun using them!

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