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How to Make a Painting Video On TikTok

Dec 29, 2020• Proven solutions

TikTok has slowly taken over the social media world since the pandemic hit. Created in 2016, What started off as a social media platform for multiple dance tutorials and routines have evolved into the go-to platform for different fun videos such as 4C hair tutorials, skincare, etc. TikTok painting videos have also become a favorite for many viewers. Aside from how relaxing the process of painting is, seeing the beginning and the end of a painting in such a short time is intriguing and fun!

If you love watching art videos, then you're in luck, because there are so many types of TikTok painting videos to see on this incredible platform. Also, since TikTok is a hub built around content and community, it is the perfect way to learn and promote your art videos. To help you understand just how effective TikTok is as a platform to promote your videos, there are a few users you should take into consideration.

The next set of users you'll soon read about, adopt individual & unique painting styles, and have become particularly successful on this platform.

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5 Most Famous Painting TikToker You Should Know

TikTok painting videos have so many categories. There are artists on TikTok that concentrate on working with watercolors, and some prefer illustrations. Regardless of what your favorite type of painting videos are, there will be an account on this list that you will enjoy.

  • Audrey

Starting off our list of 5 famous TikTok painting accounts you should know is Audrey, also known as @auditydraws. With a following of 4.95 million followers, Audrey has become popular for creating cartoon versions of different celebrities and popular brands & concepts. Also, she offers viewers free sketch tutorials. So, if you need to learn more, then you should think about following this account.

  • Kevin

Next on the list of TikTok painting accounts that are famous is @demographick. This TikToker is altering the perception of niceness that you once had for some iconic cartoon characters. By creating dark and spooky versions of the nicest cartoons such as Peppa Pig, he now has over 2.5 million followers. His art choices are undoubtedly interesting and shockingly exciting.

  • Josie Lewis Art

If you love relaxing videos that is both creative and satisfying, @josielewisart is the perfect TikTok painting account for you. Immerse yourself and understand the true process behind color swatching and working with watercolors. Josie Lewis' TikTok account is beautiful and very intriguing.

  • Roxy Prima

Roxy Prima is the TikTok mural queen. Famous for her artistic murals and amazing videos as she paints different walls and surfaces of San Diego, this professional muralist has over 63 thousand followers. Also, @roxyprima has founded a non-profit dedicated to supporting women interested in art. Talk about incredible TikTok painting work and charity.

  • David Garibaldi

Performance art is one way to classify the artworks created by @garibaldiarts. The use of music and elegant movements to design amazing, colorful pieces of historical figures and celebrities is both theatrical and exciting. Plus, the amazing camera angles all add to the reasons why he has over 1.3 million followers. Be sure to check this TikTok account if this type of TikTok painting video is your vibe.

Although these are just five famous TikTok painting accounts highlighted above, there are so many to choose from. If you want to learn how to create yours for a TikTok account, keep reading

Steps To Creating A Painting Video On TikTok

To start making your TikTok painting videos, there are a few steps that you should consider, especially if you want it to be successful. Here are the necessary steps for making a TikTok painting video;

1.Create A TikTok Account

The very first step to creating a TikTok painting video is having your own account.

Aside from the fact that you need it to post your art videos, it can help you get an idea of different factors that contribute to the success of your videos. Some of these factors include 

    The type of videos to post

    Trending hashtags

    Video Style (close up, process, reveal, tutorial, or challenge videos)

    Music choice

2.Experiment With Different Features

Learning how to use and master the features on TikTok can be difficult at first, but it gets better with practice. There are so many tools, filters, and incoming features you need to learn as an artist to get the perfect TikTok painting video. For instance, tools that can condense an eight-hour process video into a smaller timeframe (15-30 seconds).

3.Attach A Sound To Your TikTok Painting Videos 

TikTok, formerly known as is a music app that became famous for lip synching and dance challenges. Hence, it makes sense that adding music to your TikTok painting videos will give it an edge. Most importantly, adding trendy music is always best as more people will relate to the video. To achieve the perfect music synchronization, use the synch sound option. That way, the song, and video will play simultaneously.

4.Get The Perfect Shots

The quality of your videos can make or break the overall success of your TikTok painting video. Thus, quality videos are essential. Although most TikTok videos are poor in quality, there are a few ways you can make it better;

    Bright lighting. If you can't afford artificial lighting, leverage the sun and film outside or facing your window.

    Keep the camera steady and precise. When filming your TikTok painting video, make sure your hand is steady and precise. Another tip is using a vertical tripod to place the phone camera parallel to the desktop. 

Creating the best TikTok painting video requires different steps that can improve both its quality and the way your audience reacts to it. Hence, why it is essential to use only the best tools and features to enhance your artwork. For instance, using FilmoraX on MAC to edit your TikTok painting video makes it easy to layer multiple videos. Also, it gives you better video stabilization, 4K video editing, color grading, and so much more.

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