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10 Best Zoom Alternatives

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May 16, 2023• Proven solutions

Technology has revolutionized the trends and dynamics in the communication world. Video-conferencing applications have been the most effective tool for virtual meet-ups. Zoom is one such video-communication app that has greatly facilitated video interaction for everyone. So, Zoom is no less than a blessing for business professionals to students enrolled in virtual learning programs. However, you may experience limitations in Zoom. Thus, if you are looking for Zoom alternatives, we have shortlisted a few options for you. Let’s get started without any further delay. 

10 Alternatives to Zoom Video Conferencing App in 2021

Though Zoom is equipped with a variety of state-of-the-art features, you may look for Zoom alternatives for many reasons, such as limited session time, security bottlenecks, and others. So, searching for alternate apps like Zoom is a wise thing. If you are in quest of finding any such video-communication tool, the following applications are worth considering. 

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1. GoTo Meeting

GoTo Meeting is a video calling app that enables you to participate in virtual meet-ups. You may also host a meeting using this application. This platform is secure and reliable for video conferences. 

Main Features

  • Allows video communication on Desktop, mobile phone, and tablet
  • It comes with integrated chat to facilitate users
  • Enables you to view your webcam footage before joining a video meeting

Best For: Remote work and fast international calls.

Price: It comes with three different pricing plans. The professional version charges you $12. The business plan comes in $16, whereas the Enterprise plan can be customized as per the requirements of your organization. 

Supported OS: Windows, macOS, iOS and Android


  • Built-in drawing tools
  • Participant Capacity up to 3000
  • No session time limit


  • Only a 14-days free trial version

2. Google Meet

Google Meet has been the most widely used application for video sessions after Zoom. It also allows screen sharing. So, you can share documents, presentations, and much more using this highly advanced video communication platform.

Main Features

  • Updated with a tiled layout that enables you to view all participants at the same time.
  • Incorporated with live captioning
  • Access to noise-cancellation filter in the premium plan

Best For: Students and Business Professionals

Supported OS: Windows, macOS, iOS and Android

Price: Individual Google Workplace account cost $7.99, and Google Workplace Enterprise works on a quote-based pricing plan. However, its basic version is free with mainstream features.


  • Grid view layout
  • In-built video recorder
  • Invulnerable to a security breach


  • The screen recording feature is not enabled for regular Google accounts

3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a video-conferencing app that helps you collaborate for virtual meet-ups. It lets you host meetings, share documents, and send texts. You will enjoy a high-quality video call without any lag in this application.

Zoom Meeting alternative: Teams

Main Features

  • It can accommodate up to 10000 participants in an advanced plan
  • It comes with configurable video session settings
  • Enables you to record meetings in cloud storage

Best For: Virtual public meetings with a large number of participants

Supported OS: iOS, Android, and Windows

Price: Business Basic comes is $ 5.00 monthly, and the cost of Business Standard is $12.5. Moreover, Microsoft also provides a free version. 


  • Partnerships with other technological giants
  • One-touch access to advanced features
  • Freemium version


  • Only 300 attendees in all versions except Office 365 E3

4. Skype

Skype was one of the most popular video calling apps before Whatsapp, Zoom, and Google Meet. It is still used for high-quality audio and video calls. It also allows you to callk directly on the numbers of your colleagues, friends, and family members.

Main Features

  • Assigns specific Caller ID
  • It allows Free Skype-Skype calls
  • Enables user to replace the background

Best For: Personal video interaction and international calling

Supported OS: iOS, Android, Windows and macOS

Price: Most of the features are free except for a few such landline calling services. Calling rates start from $2.99 per month.


  • Integration with Outlook
  • End-end encryption
  • Landline calling facility available


  • Additional charges for mobile phone calls

5. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is one of the popular alternatives to Zoom for video conferences. Alongside video communication, this platform also enables you to be in touch through messaging. What makes it one of the considerable Zoom alternatives is AI transcriptions, file sharing, and other mainstream features.

Main Features

  • It allows Sharing and recording screens.
  • It is equipped with in-meeting actions such as the hand-raise option.
  • Offers multilingual support

Best for: Multipurpose use and collaborative video sessions

Supported OS: iOS, Android, Windows and macOS

Price: Cisco Webex offers four pricing plans starting from $0. The paid versions start from $13.50 to quote-based rates for a custom package.


  • Videos can be recorded
  • Built-in meeting invitation templates
  • Background noise cancellation filters


  • Requires to sign up

6. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is another advanced online video calling platform that allows you to host video meetings. You may present during the video call by sharing your screen in this video communication application.

Main Features

  • Offers best webinar solutions to collaborate virtually
  • It is equipped with the latest web-interactive tools
  • It also provides third-party services

Best For: People looking for a simple interface and web-based interactive platform

Supported OS: Android and iOS

Price: Comes with different pricing plans in Meeting and Webinar category. Price starts from $3 and goes to $200 per month.


  • Storage for video recordings
  • User-friendly interface
  • In-session chat


  • No more than 100 participants in the Meeting category

7. Google Hangout

Google Hangout comes with a simple yet intuitive interface for video calling. It provides easy access to make group video calls. It is equipped with all mainstream features that are deemed essential for a good video-conferencing experience.

Main features

  • It allows connecting friends in your contact list.
  • It enables you to sync your chats. 
  • Files, documents, and other media can be shared.

Best For: Informal video calls and small-sized business

Supported OS: Android, iOS, and Web

Price: Free


  • Easy to use
  • Live video sessions in HD quality
  • Auto screen focus


  • It does not offer any advanced feature such as video recording

8. Bluejeans

Bluejeans is an efficient video communication platform that facilitates digital meetings. It enables you to become part of webinars and other virtual meetings. It also embeds live meeting controls.

Main features

  • Provides analytics and automated alerts to the meeting participants and host
  • One-click access to video sessions
  • Provides HD video quality

Best For: Professionals and mid-sized business firms

Supported OS: Android, iOS, and Web

Price: Price varies from $9.99 to quote-based rates.


  • Third-party app integration
  • Protected from malware
  • Q&A, polls, etc.


  • The standard plan only allows up to 100 participants

9. Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet lets you participate and host audio and video sessions for up to 50 attendees in its free version. Jitsi users enjoy in-app integration and End-to-End Encryption. 

Main features

  • Multiple users are allowed to share their screens at a time.
  • Live Stream to Youtube and other platforms ( only in paid version)
  • Enables you to invite friends, colleagues, and sub-ordinates easily

Best For: Small meet-ups

Supported OS: Android, iOS

Price: Free, but upgrading to the pro version will cost you $0.99


  • No account needed
  • Advanced meeting analytics
  • Integration with Apple and Google calendars


  • Upgrading to pro is paid

10. FaceTime

FaceTime is one of the pioneers that offer video communication on iOS and Mac devices. In addition to video calls, this platform is also known for audio calls. It accommodates 32 participants in one video session. However, the app is commonly known for one-on-one video interaction.

Main Features

  • Synchronized contact list to reach friends
  • Supports both front and rear camera for video calls
  • It comes with in-built effects and filters to make video calls enjoyable.

Best For: One-on-one video calls

Supported OS: iOS and Mac

Price: Free


  • Built-in application in Apple devices
  • HD quality of video
  • Secure


  • Not recommended for formal video conferences.

FAQs about Zoom Meeting Alternatives

1. What is a free alternative to zoom?

Though alternatives to Zoom are readily accessible, only a few platforms offer all mainstream and advanced video communication features free of cost. If you are looking for zoom alternative free options, web-based video-conferencing applications, such as Google Meet and Skype, are all you need.

2. What is the best Zoom alternative for teaching?

Best Zoom Alternative for teaching will always be an application that allows the participation of many attendees. Plus, it should also facilitate class activities, such as presentations, file sharing. Last but not least, it must also enable teachers to record video sessions to help students revise online lectures. Google Meet, GoTo Meeting, and a few are options that provide educators an ideal environment to conduct classes.

3. What is the best Zoom alternative for musicians?

Musicians cannot compromise on video and audio quality during their music recordings. Plus, they also freak out when video lags or jitters. So, they prefer applications with minimal noise distortion and robust mechanisms to deal with background noise. LANDR, Discord, and Reapers are the few Zoom alternatives for musicians


The contribution of Zoom to changing the digital landscape cannot be denied. The outbreak of Covid-19 has also led to a surge in the use of video-conferencing applications, especially Zoom. However, this does not mean that Zoom will fit all requirements. If you are bored of Zoom’s interface or want to host meetings for more than 40 minutes, switching to Zoom alternatives is not a bad thing. The above-mentioned video communication platforms will help you make a choice if you are looking for other options. 

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