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30+ Fantastic Clubhouse Bio Ideas and Tips to Inspire You

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

The Clubhouse is all the passion lately. You can call it finally something good that comes in Corona-deprived social life.

The Clubhouse is a social platform for drop-in and wonderful conversations — with interesting people around the globe. You can go online with any chat and people you follow or hop in as a listener to hear what others are hanging about.

However, the platform is currently invite-only and iOS only.

clubhouse bios

The Clubhouse provides you with a specific limit of words to add to your bio for Clubhouse. It's your ultimate profile impression. Whenever someone visits your profile, they get to know you a lot more.

To take the race further, we have devised great information on Clubhouse bio examples and Clubhouse bio ideas in 2021. So, without any further ado, let's directly hop into it!

Part 1: What Factors to Consider Before Writing a Clubhouse Bio?

Before you go and create a bio for Clubhouse's profile, check the pointers below.

  1. Add a Keyword:You should add a keyword that best suits your profession or personality. For example, you can make a blogger a keyword if you're a blogger. It's a sort of SEO tactic as well!
  2. Add Emojis:Having Emojis related to the field of working could impersonate the work you do without even telling them about your work.
  3. Don't insert a link to your bio except you're a celebrity:If you are a social media influencer, having your related link in your bio for Clubhouse could shoot your possibilities of gaining more followers on your Clubhouse profile. But, you shouldn't market if you don't have a big audience. Just sell yourself by showing your creativity in bio for Clubhouse.

Part 2: 30+ Fantabulous Clubhouse Bio Ideas to Look for in 2021

Embrace the below-mentioned 30+ Clubhouse bio ideas that you can easily apply creative era of 2021.

  1. State your profession to the Clubhouse audience.
  2. Founder and CEO of Bla Bla company, Social media geek, and running a room on Clubhouse about bla bla bla.
  3. Highlight your followers like YouTube has 5.3K Subs, Facebook 10K, and Instagram by 20K.
  4. Present your USP
  5. Introduce yourself with a story!
  6. "I read 81 books last year" or "I read two books a month."
  7. Are you a leftist? Tell them why you believe in it. Be Amazing in your Clubhouse bio ideas.
  8. Write your employer's name in some cases.
  9. Avoid words that are depressing, harmful, and make you look like a less-excited individual.
  10. Remove the buzzword.
  11. Relationship Status: Netflix Vs. ice cream
  12. Leave the only footprint and Take Only Memories
  13. Clubhouse Bio Currently Loading
  14. lol, you do not insert here celebrity name
  15. Life is What shows while you are searching for Clubhouse space
  16. Live With Love and Laugh
  17. She is a Whiskey in a Teacup
  18. perfect has 7 seven letters, and so does meeeee
  19. Sweet as Sugar and tough as nail
  20. Do Yoga to Early + Stay Out too Later
  21. Never Compare me with Others, Because I don't follow Easily
  22. Please put me on your Wishlist
  23. the bags under my eye are Gucci
  24. Incredible Fashion for Incredible Women
  25. I want to see you like sunshine
  26. No more nachos, friends or Follow my Clubhouse
  27. I like to fail against you
  28. Welcome to my life
  29. Start a Good Habits with us
  30. Your True Friends right here
  31. Your Daily Dose of Me
  32. I am Compressing my Hours in Minutes
  33. Supercharge your Clubhouse with Smart Assistant
  34. Shop My Outfits ???
  35. Follow me to Listen to my opinions like a loaded gun.
  36. Eat Thoughtfully Live Joyfully

Part 3: Edit Clubhouse Audio in Your Way via Filmora

Mostly, the raw audio track of your home video lacks quality: there is unwanted sound, or the background music is a bit noisy. Thus you're required to improve the overall quality of the audio track, and you can also reverse audio to make your video funnier.

So, despite finding the best bio for Clubhouse, you can use an editor Wondershare Filmora to edit the audio tracks of your video.

Usually, it's effortless to edit an audio track with Filmora. However, this program will allow you to open a video file, edit its audio track, and save the result reasonably fast. Filmora is a best-in-class audio editing and video editing software for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Its inbuilt tools can help cut, copy, paste, or insert audio files, mute the audio in the video, and add a new audio track or own voiceover from the Audio Library.

Follow this simple guideline below to edit the audio track of your Clubhouse video.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Steps to Edit Audio Track of your video with Wondershare Filmora

Step 1: Add the videos and audio files you want to edit

Download the Filmora Video Editor and select New Project. Then click the Import tab to add the audio files or video clips. Alternatively, you can drop your media files into the program.

drag n drop

Step 2: Start Audio Editing

You can separate the audio from the video also for editing purposes. Wondershare Filmora helps you to detach audio from video.

Hover the cursor over the video and highlight it. Then, right-click and select Audio Detach. Since audio is now separated, you can easily delete the audio track or cut and choose the appropriate section.

detach audio Filmora

Now, enable the Mute feature, in case you're making a silent video.

Adjust the audio settings

Within the timeline, double-click the video clip, and then an editing panel will show up. Select the Audio tab. It's easy to adjust the Speed, Pitch, and Volume of the track's audio and apply the Fade in/out effect to it. You can also modify the audio pitch.

adjust audio settings Filmora

Wondershare Filmora further helps you to trim, cut, and remove the audio file.

Remove background noise

There is a Denoise tool that facilitates you to delete the background noise with one tap only.

You can also add audio music or sound effect from the built-in Audio library, change audio speed, and record and add a voiceover.

Step 3: Save the changes

As a result, hit Export to save the changes. Here, you can save the new video in different formats or directly upload it to Vimeo or YouTube. First, of course, you can save the video in MP3 format. On top of that, you can export the project directly into DVD as well.


Thus, how you wish to use Clubhouse is highlighted in what you enter in DP or bio for Clubhouse. There is no best or worst or right or wrong. It's a "face" that you add to your voice, a little something that leaves your viewers to paint a picture of you. Unlike your handle, you get to change and pick your bio for Clubhouse and profile photo whenever you like. Experiment and enjoy what feels suitable for what room.

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Ollie Mattison
Ollie Mattison is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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