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Best Converters: Easy Ways to Convert WMV to MP4

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

Do you still have WMV files that you want to convert to the more popular MP4 format? You probably think you have to download a bunch of suspicious converters, or upload files to malware filled websites.

Here is how to convert WMV to MP4 safely. There are several ways to convert your files these days, including many free or cheap methods. 

You will learn :

Part 1: What Is WMV Format?

WMV format means Windows Media Video file that is compressed using single or multiple Microsoft's video compression formats. If you want to sell video contents online or using HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs then WMV video files are most suitable for you. The extra feature of "Digital rights management" stops anyone from copying any data from this file format. It can be identified as the most recognized video file format that supports multiple operating systems such as – Windows and Mac. You can play WMV files through Windows Media Player, Flip4Mac, VLC, DivX Player, KM Player, MPlayer etc.


  • It contains a big amount of video and audio information taking small storage space.
  • It’s compatible with all the devices running with Windows operating system.
  • Microsoft claims that WMV possesses 2 times compression ratio than MPEG-4 format.
  • You can compress large WMV files without losing the quality.
  • It’s a good choice as you can attach small sized videos to any email.
  • It has very good file quality.


  • It’s not compatible with a lot of other operating systems and applications except Windows.
  • It’s almost impossible to restore the licensing information attached with any WMV file.
  • Sometimes video transmission is delayed.
  • Not all applications support the small size of WMV files.
  • You can face problems if you want to label a WMV file because it can refer to the file container format or the Windows Media Video codec.
  • WMV is not a standard streaming video format.

Part 2: Step by Step Guide on How to Convert WMV to MP4 [Recommended]

The best way to convert WMV to MP4 is by using a powerful tool that can give you a guaranteed result without harming the file. Wondershare Filmora is the best WMV to MP4 converter available on the internet for you.


The reason is, it’s an excellent video converter is not only a video converting masterpiece but also an outstanding video editor and video toolbox. So we call Filmora as the ultimate video toolbox for everyone.

Here is the complete video guide to convert WMV to MP4 easily.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

Part 3: Other Options to Convert WMV to MP4


Probably the best converter for desktop computers comes from Tomabo. The nutty thing is that the converter is not their primary tool. When you buy the tool, you are actually buying a downloader. The downloader is fantastic because it downloads batches of videos from places like YouTube, PornHub, Daily Motion, Facebook, etc.

As an additional extra, they give you an MP4 player, (which is pretty crappy), and a great file converter. Download the program and install it. Drop your file into the interface, choose what format you wish to convert to, and then click start. There is no malware, no bloatware, and no added nonsense.

The program converts your WMV to MP4 quickly without draining all your CPU power. It efficiently completes the process without stalling or freezing. You can convert your WMV to MP4, or you may even strip out the video and keep the audio as an MP3 track.

Tomabo is not a free tool, but you can have a free trial without having to give any credit card information. Plus, they have various offers where you can get the program for free. For example, if you introduce people to Tomabo on social media, they will send you a license key for free.


The Handbrake system is actually a very powerful video manipulator that is even able to rip mainstream DVDs. As you would expect, this powerful video manipulator is also a WMV to MP4 converter.

Download the free software, and install it onto your desktop computer. Then, follow the instructions on how to decrypt DVDs if you wish to rip your DVDs. Otherwise, you will need to look up how to convert WMV to MP4 with HandBrake.

In short, you use the “Open Source” button to load up the video. Pick the settings for the type of video you want to create, and how you wish to adjust it. Maybe you would like to add a border, or stitch certain scenes together, etc.

Once you have set up the system, remember to specify where the video output will go. Click the “Encode” button and it will convert your WMV to MP4. You may also download this program for Mac computers and use the convert WMV to MP4 mac settings.

Convert WMV to MP4 Online

You may convert your WMV to MP4 using tools you find online. This is where a website hosts a tool that does the conversion for you. They ask you to upload the video, they convert it, and then you download the MP4 file.

There are several problems that accompany this process. The first is that many of the online tools have malware attached, or will forward you to malicious websites. However, the most common problem is that the upload and download times are too long.

Many people are happy to upload, convert and download short videos. Yet, when a video is 20MB+ or larger, then the waiting times become a little more severe. Another problem with online conversion is that you have to search hard for a reliable converter.

Some online tools are unreliable because they take too long, and others are not stable enough. An unstable website will cut out or freeze when you are uploading or downloading. The worst websites are ones that make you wait an hour to convert and then ask for your email address before letting you download.

Websites That List Converters

You have probably noticed that when you Google how to convert WMV to MP4, you are given a series of listicles in the results. These listicles offer up five or more converters in a list, and maybe offer the pros and cons of each. Do not bother with these types of articles.

In almost every case, they will list a paid option as the best converter, and then list four or more terrible converters. It is a classic method for duping people into buying a WMV to MP4 converter. There is no need to buy a converter in this day and age when there are plenty of free online tools and free downloadable tools.

Converting a file from WMV to MP4 is not a big process. It doesn't take the work of a highly sophisticated program. Ergo, if a company is asking money for a converter on its own, then it is not worth your trouble.

Even the aforementioned Tomabo is not asking money for its converter. It is selling a brilliant downloader and giving the converter away for free. Try looking online for negative reviews of different converters to see which are scams and which are not.

How to Convert MP4 to WMV With Windows Media Player?

Programs like VLC will allow you to manipulate your videos a little. However, Windows Media Player is only a video player, it is not a converter. You can adjust the playback settings on your Windows Media Player, but you cannot convert files with it.

There are some websites the claim you can download a version of Windows Media Player that converts files. This is not the case. People may be confused by the fact that previous versions were able to rip CDs.

If a website claims you can download a version of Windows Media Player that converts files, then disregard it because it will be malware.

Here is how you can use VLC player to convert WMV to MP4 files:

Step 1: First you need to download and install VLC player in your computer and launch it. When you get the home interface of the program, click on “Media” option from the menu bar and select “Convert/Save…” from the drop down menu. You will get a pop up window like below. Now click on the “Add” button to import WMV files and choose “Convert” from the drop down option like the below image.

Image name: import-wmv-files-on-vlc

Alt: import wmv files on vlc

Step 2: Now click on the “Browse” button to select the output folder and then select “Video-+MP3(MP4)” as the output format, like the below image.

Image name: choose-mp4-output-format-vlc

Alt: choose mp4 output format vlc

Step 3: Finally, click on the “Start” button which will allow VLC to convert the video file. You will find the converted file in the output folder when the converting process is finished.

Conclusion - What to Do Next

You can go the downloadable tool route, you can go the online tool route, or you can learn to live with your WMV files as they are. You do not have to buy a conversion tool if you do not want, but it may be easier than using an open-source tool.

Remember to be wary of malware, both from downloadable tools and online tools.

If you wish to learn how to convert WMV to MP4, then try one of the methods mentioned in this article, and be careful when picking your means of conversion.

Download Filmora9 Win Version Download Filmora9 Mac Version

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