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How to Download 4K Videos from Netflix

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Mar 27, 2024• Proven solutions

When it comes to watching television shows and movies, you’ll want to make sure that you get the most out of your entertainment. 4K is the latest development in picture quality as it gives viewers the ability to see things much clearer than they ever have before. Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world and now people who have a subscription are also available to download 4K videos from their favorite streaming service.

What 4K Movies Does Netflix Offer?

There are a few movies that you can take advantage of on Netflix that are in 4K quality, though they have just recently started providing customers with the ability to use this service. In fact, there are far more television shows than there are movies. Netflix has recently said that they intend on expanding their list of available 4K movies to give users the ability to enjoy their favorite films in something more than 1080p.

When you log into your Netflix account you’ll have the opportunity to find classic titles such as Jerry Maguire and The Patriot. You can also find newer movies such as the documentary Keith Richards: Under the Influence and Hitch. Though the company assures that in the future there will be much more opportunity to watch various films in a higher quality, even new releases that they post to the service.

How to Download Movies in 4K Quality From Netflix

When computer users hear the term “download” they automatically assume that they will be able to get the videos from the originating source but in reality, there isn’t any way to download videos in 4K quality directly from Netflix. This is because they have safety measures put into place to prevent users from doing so, but, with the help of a program you’ll be able to get your movies and convert them into the higher quality easier than you would expect. With the help of a program called Wondershare, Video Converter Ultimate getting immaculate quality movies and television shows is simple.

Step 1: Downloading the Program

The first thing that you will want to do is find Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and download it to a reliable desktop or laptop that you have in your possession. This program not only teaches you how to get the videos from Netflix, but to also convert them for you.

Step 2: Opening Netflix

The next step is to make sure that you log into your Netflix account and find the movies that you’re interested in getting in 4K. With this step, you won’t have to wait for the company to release new titles in the higher quality as you will be able to choose what you want to see.

Step 3: Recording the Movie

Once you’ve found the right title that you’ve been searching for, you’ll want to make sure that Wondershare is open and then you can access their video recorder. This feature is designed to record any type of media that you have playing on your screen and the best part is that it already records it in an incredibly high quality. Once the video has finished recording, it will be automatically saved to your hard drive so that you can have access to it at any point in time.

Step 4: Converting the Video

After waiting for the recording process to finish, there will be a prompt that pops up on your screen to allow you to save the video in any file format that you’re interested in. That means that you can also change the quality of the video to 4K so that it is saved in the quality that you want. That way you can have a catalog of 4K videos that you can watch on your own or share with your family and friends.

Why Use Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate?

When it comes to using programs to record video and save it in high quality, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is something that is simple to use for people that have relatively no experience with computers or someone who has been downloading videos for a long period of time. The program is incredibly user-friendly and will guide you through the whole process to make sure that the videos are saved correctly. Another huge benefit that you’ll experience with the use of this program is the fact that it’s easily accessible and it’s trustworthy as professionals use it on a regular basis, as well as regular every day computer users. Not only that but there is a free version of the program and a paid for version, both of which are affordable.

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