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Top 9 Tips For Mastering Pop-Up Ads

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Originally published Sep 27, 23, updated Mar 27, 24

Ever visited a brand's website and observed small windows with sale Ads asking for your E-mail? Those small windows appearing from nowhere are called pop-up ads. Pop-up Ads became a trend when Google added them to its optimization strategy. The purpose of these Ads is to transform your brand's reach into active buyers or leads to generate revenue.

With this recent update, every online business needs to learn the skills of pop-up ad creation. Pop-up Ads include precise yet persuasive information for lead generation. Although creating them may sound simple, there's a perspective behind them and a theme to follow. In this article, we are going to take you on a journey to learn the skills of pop-up ads. 

In this article
  1. Part 1: Top 9 Tips To Master While Editing Pop-Up Ads
  2. Part 2: Wondershare Filmora: Mastering Video Editing With Perfection
  3. Conclusion
Pop-up Ads Video Editing
The best editor helps you make matchless and innovative video editing for better marketing.
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Part 1: Top 9 Tips To Master While Editing Pop-Up Ads

Whenever Google introduces a new SEO strategy, everyone starts doing it without prior knowledge. Similarly, in the case of pop-up ads, people started stuffing them on their websites. This became a major reason for decreasing their ranking instead of boosting it. To avoid such inconvenience and understand some skills about creating pop-up ads, here are some tips to consider:

1. Start With a Strong Hook

When you’re crossing a road or passing through a shop, there are advertisements that catch your attention. The first thing you notice in those advertisements is their headline, for instance, what they represent. If your target audience cannot relate to the headline, the rest of the details are of no use to them. Likewise, pop-up ads are personalized forms of advertisement as per customer category.

The strategists behind this must learn the skills of pop-up ads to understand the mentality of the audience. That is the only way they can create a strong hook or headline for a pop-up ad. For instance, a "Sale" line will grab their attention if your target audience is moderate earners. Similarly, if your customers are college students, an ad saying "Scholarship" is most likely to interest them.

start pop up ad with hook

2. Keep it Concise!

When you're writing a pop-up ad's headline, the ultimate goal is to keep it concise. The text must convey accurate information in smart and limited words. If there is word stuffing in a pop-up ad, the relevant information can be addressed. That is why it is important to learn the skills of pop-up ads to come up with creative ideas.

Keep your words short but impactful because you need more space in pop-up ads. Moreover, add what's true because false news can lead to customer loss. Avoid adding offensive words and use simple yet friendly language to expand the ad’s reach.

keep pop up ad concise

3. Emphasize Benefits

Once you've achieved your audience's interest, it is time to maintain it. No one would ever invest without knowing what's in it for them. For example, if you're making a sale pop-up ad, add things like sale “%,” free shipping, flash delivery, or others.

Furthermore, the important point is to ask for fewer client details. With shorter attention spans, having to fill in a lot of information can lead to boredom. Meanwhile, to make it easy for your audience, add CTA buttons that say, "Click Here" or "Push Me." This saves the audience the struggle of finding a website or page link.

emphasize benefits in pop up ads

4. Create a Sense of Urgency 

One thing that is a blessing and a disguise while creating a pop-up ad is its display time. The ad appears for a shorter span of time, and you've fewer seconds to minutes to generate leads. The best method for utilizing it as an opportunity is by creating a sense of urgency in the ad.

Take an example of a college admission pop-up ad. You can write a line similar to "Hurry Up! The first 10 candidates will get an additional scholarship. This one might require more attention as phrases that narrate time limitations for an offer may be tricky. You need to be creative and persuasive at the same time while limiting the dictating factor.

sense of urgency in ads

5. Use Impactful Visual and Sound Design

The most important element while learning the skills of pop-up ads is being creative. This creativity can be reflected in the form of visual and sound design. Just because there is a limit to words and space doesn't mean there is a limit to creativity. Adding insightful visuals and bright colors grabs the user's attention unintentionally.

Moreover, you can match the colors and theme of the ad as per your website's theme. There is always room for adding popular songs or music to give a personal touch. To engage clients, we recommend you use songs that are trending on social media. This will make your pop-up ad both entertaining and refreshing.

impactful designs in pop up ads

6. Incorporate Storytelling Elements

Stories are the best aid when it comes to maintaining your audience's attention. Stories told in the right manner will always satisfy your audience. But for stories to be impactful, some important elements must be considered. Keep reading about those elements in our guide to learn the skills of pop-up ads.

First of all, you must have faith in your story. If someone else is the one to trust it, how will you convince others to do so? Your story must connect with your ad's theme. For a good pop-up ad story, you need to design the following:

  • A Hook: An opening line will include what your ad is about. It is usually the bold headline you notice at first in the Ads.
  • Body: It is the central part of your story that revolves around the benefits offered in the ad. It may include details about the brand as well.
  • CTA Button: It is more like a conclusion of the story. However, instead of summarizing, you create a button that will take the audience straight to the offer.
storytelling elements in pop up ads

7. Experiment with Different Editing Techniques

Once you're done with the written part, it is time to learn the skills of pop-up ads that include graphics. For this purpose, you need to have prior knowledge about your ad's visuals. Aligning these visuals with your brand or website's theme is the best idea.

After doing this, experiment with the visual settings like font style, font size, or font color. Moreover, you can add animations and images to these ads as well. While making these editions, make sure they fit your pop-up ad's size.

use techniques in pop up ads

8. Maintain Brand Consistency

A brand must arrange workshops for employees. While everyone appreciates creativity, maintaining the brand's identity through those ads is equally important. Your employees will learn that including the brand's theme in ads, i.e., colors, logo, and motto, is important.

This will create a positive and stable brand image. For example, Twitter (now known as X) recently changed its logo, and people were unhappy with it. Customers or users get attached to a brand, and any change or instability may cause them to lose trust.

brand consistency in pop up ads

9. Test and Analysis

Once you design and apply a pop-up strategy, it is crucial to see if it worked. Following this, analyze the results of a pop-up ad by seeing how many active clients it brought. Generate more ads with different themes and evaluate their revenue generation. It will give you a hint of making successful pop-up ads per your audience’s preference.

Part 2. Wondershare Filmora: Mastering Video Editing With Perfection

Since you’re aware of engaging the audience through pop-up ads, there are other ways. For instance, matchless and innovative video editing can engage customers by catching their attention. When it comes down to finding the perfect editing software, Wondershare Filmora stands among the recognized ones.

The platform has plenty of options and tools for both audio and video editing. It is cloud-based and supports all devices, i.e., Android. iOS and tablets, making editing possible from anywhere and on any device. Even if there were any shortcomings in Filmora, they have been filled by AI integration.

Free Download
Free Download

Some AI Editing Features of Wondershare Filmora

As stated, Filmora is a great video editor with AI functionalities. For this purpose, we have highlighted the details about some top AI editing features of Filmora:

1. AI Image

Finding image backgrounds on the internet or creating them yourself is a difficult task. The process can take hours of effort, and the results may need to be more precise. Wondershare Filmora recently launched its AI Image tool that allows you to transform your ideas into visuals. This feature can also help create images for pop-up ads.

2. AI Copywriting

There are always times when you can be out of words while having ideas. Filmora’s has introduced the perfect tool for you. The AI Copywriting tool is induced with ChatGPT and can generate video themes or scripts for you in minutes.

3. Silence Detection

Wondershare Filmora's AI integration is not limited to video editing. It is also of great aid when it comes to editing or eliminating audio elements. Its Silent Detector can analyze the timeframes in content with silent pauses and auto-remove them.

4. Text-to-Speech

This is the most innovative and productive tool now in voice generation. With the help of Filmora’s TTS, users can auto-generate voiceovers for their videos and podcasts. Users can use 10 different voices and 25 languages for a voiceover. The process hardly takes up minutes but generates accurate results.


After reading this article, you might have found a new perspective on pop-up ads. While pop-up ads are an important part of advertising, other factors also contribute. If you want to advertise your product through modern-day videos, we recommend Wondershare Filmora. Its AI tools can speed up the process and generate precise results without skills and effort.

Caroline Laurent
Caroline Laurent Mar 27, 24
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