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Video Creation in Classroom: Tools you need to for video production

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Sep 16, 2021• Proven solutions

Videos have ability to engage more number of people and this is the major reason behind popularity of television as well as computer media. An effort to introduce video creation programs in classroom education can give new definition to learning standards of students as it involves lots of interesting tools and exiting activities. Video production in classroom is something related to discoveries, adventure, increases team building skills and ability to transform ideas etc. The video creation activities lead to full class involvement where teacher and students both are equally engaged to produce some interesting outcomes.

Video Production Tools You Need:

There are so many tools that will be required during classroom video creation activities; the quality of outcome varies with selection of tools for video production. These tools are divided into two basic categories as: Hardware tools and Software tools. Both play important role where hardware tools help to capture the video frames from real world and software tools help to edit them in order to generate finest quality at output. Those who wish to get detailed information about these basic tools and their performance need to read further with attention to these major factors:

Hardware tools for video production:

While buying hardware for classroom video production, it becomes necessary to find a package of equipments where one set fills all requirements. While making selection for best tool you need to focus on so many factors like type of project, major requirements in terms of technical specifications, budget range and availability. Here are few details about basic gears used for classroom video production:

1. Video Camera: The centerpiece of a classroom video creation package is termed as Video Camera; you will be glad to know that there are thousands of varieties of cameras available in market but your selection must depend upon budget and type of your shooting requirements.

2. Tripod: It helps to keep your videos steady and balanced so that every frame comes out to market with professional touch and it grabs maximum attention from outside world.

3. Microphone:There are generally so many varieties of microphones as like wired, wireless or stand out type. Out of all these the wireless microphones are considered ideal for classroom videos because they are able to generate high quality audio as output.

4. Computers:Once your videos in classroom are created with simple cameras then it becomes necessary to do some editing by using special tools so that a customized video can be generated as output. Most of the high tech camera units come with abilities to make direct connections with computer and allow easy date transfers.

Best Image editing Softwares:

1. Photoshop:The most wonderful tool for editing images as here numerous interactive features are available to make editing an easier task. Can be used on Mac as well as windows.

2. Pixlr:It is a well known mobile editing type software that posses more than 600 editing effects. Available for free.

3. Acorn:It works perfectly for artists and hobbyists where numbers if filters, blending modes and layer styles make everything easier.

Best Audio Editing Softwares:

1. Audacity:Here is a perfect package of features for all those who wish to create professional videos with affordable tools.

2. Free Audio Editor: It brings all essential features and editing tools on your finger tips so that they can be accessed easily.

3.Wavosaur: It is wonderful option for vocal stripping needs and can generate personalized karaoke tracks easily.

Video Editing Software:

With the advent of digital technologies, now numbers of video editing softwares are available online. Some of these can be used directly from internet whereas others are easy to download on system and posses numbers of editing options inside. Here are some of the best video editing software tools for your classroom video production needs:

1. Windows Movie Maker: This video editing tools allows users to get something wonderful out of a junk video and the changes can be made easily by using its interactive interface with huge facilities.


  • It allows zooming.
  • Can adjust sound perfectly
  • Improves stillness in classroom videos so that even beginners can develop amazing videos.
  • Available at low cost.


  • It is time consuming software tool.

2. iMovie: It is most commonly known video editing software developed by Apple specifically for its addicted users. This tool is easy to use due to its well coded structure and preferably it is used by professional editors.


  • Comes with comprehensive library.
  • Easy to use and can result highly customized videos at output.


  • It demands a big portion from your hard earned cash for purchase.

3. Wondershare Filmora:One of the most useful, easy to operate, high quality and best rated video editing software tool is well known with the name of video editing software tool. It is compatible with iOS as well as Android devices and allows easy sharing of videos on social media applications due to its fast and easy connectivity features. This software tools allows easy editing of audios, videos as well as texts appearing in your captured show and can make your output highly stabilized, effective that has a professional touch.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

Why choose Wondershare Filmora?

  • The biggest benefit of using Wondershare Filmora is that it is compatible with almost all popular video file formats as like AVCHD, MOV, AVI and MP4. Thus users need not to worry about compatibility issues and wondershare will always be there to create wonders in their captured shots.
  • This software tools works perfectly on Mac as well as Window devices.
  • With Wondershare Filmora, users get abilities to combine, split, cut, trim and crop videos with just a few clicks and the desired outcome can be generated within few minutes.
  • The classroom based videos are generally captured with poor resolution because they are all learners but in case if you wish to convert these videos into professional levels then beautiful fashion filters of wondershare filmora allows you to do everything easily.
  • Now it is possible to use various incredible functions like Jump Cut, Mosaic, Face Off as well as shift on your videos with wondershare filmora.
  • It is possible to save videos into internal memories of device as well as these videos can be easily transferred to external devices using wondershare platform.
  • There are numbers of built in audio tools.
  • With direct internet access, these videos can be easily uploaded to vimeo, facebook as well as youtube within very less time.
  • It is a all in one package that makes everything much easier for classroom editing needs.
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