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DVD Slideshow Builder 2024 Review and Tutorial

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 24, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
DVD Slideshow Builder 2024 Review and Tutorial

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Exporting your creative masterpieces to an external device becomes necessary to address the diverse media sharing needs of today. Learn how to burn a slideshow with the DVD Slideshow Builder!

Part 1 What's DVD Slideshow Builder?

Slideshows take the leading spot in the list of interactive solutions to work on an affordable content delivery. In the light of the diversified information requirements of the modern times, it has become essential to be flexible enough with the different ways to present your content in front of the target audience.

The DVD Slideshow Builder program is one such software utility that allows you to create and share stunning slideshow presentations, while burning them into a DVD. You can work with the program to organize your images and video files into awesome slideshow presentations and complement them with appealing background music, while sparking them up with a plethora of editing features.

All said and done, you can conveniently burn your creation using the software to a DVD and make it ready for a quick and expressive display to your audience. The software works well with almost any of your preferred devices, including Windows and MacOS supported desktops and PCs, along with other iOS compatible devices.

The software finds extensive use in the domain of photography, where the latter aids creators to transform the media footage into amazing slideshows for a direct export to various social media platforms, like, YouTube, online content websites, and lots more.

Part 2 How to Make a Slideshow with Music and Burn a DVD?

Burning a slideshow on a DVD has widespread personal and professional applications, making the sharing process easy and convenient. You can give your clients the flexibility to view your creations at their comfortable time and at their own pace. The IT market offers a variety of slideshow builder programs to burn your presentations on DVDs and promote seamless information sharing.

Now that you have become familiar with the significance of the DVD Slideshow Builder program with respect to easily burning slideshows on a DVD for exporting across diverse platform ranges, let us explore the software’s credibility towards creating musically upgraded slideshow presentations and burning the same to a DVD in the following section:

Creating Slideshow Presentations in DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe

Step 1: Download and Launch the Software

Begin with visiting the official website of the software program to initiate a free download of the same into your preferred system. Launching the software successfully, you will be asked to select a working mode from the available ‘Advanced’ and ‘Standard’ options.

Choosing the ‘Advanced’ mode will entitle you with the access to an expanded set of customization features and a flexibility to import media files from your device. The ‘Standard’ mode, on the other hand, allows you to work with preset presentation styles, while editing the same to create your slideshow.

DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe- Mode Selection

Step 2: Software Registration

For an extensive working flexibility it is recommended to purchase a licensed version of the software program. All you need to do is, navigate to and click on the ‘Register’ option at the top right corner of the program’s launch screen, followed by choosing the ‘Buy Now’ option. Follow the successive screen to place your order.

As soon as your order gets validated, you will receive an auto-generated confirmation e-mail containing the registration code within. Proceed with copying and pasting the same, along with the licensed e-mail to see the DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe program get activated.

DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe- Software Registration

Step 3: Browse Through the Program Interface

As you enter into the program’s workspace after completing the registration process, the latter’s welcome interface greets you with the following elements:

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar at the top consists of the entire set of slideshow editing functions, including the specific effects, personalized custom styles and output options.


The program library is a host of slideshow contents that vary in accordance with the specific function of the ‘Navigation Bar’ you are working with. For instance, if you are currently within the ‘Organize’ tab, the library presents before you a list of the created slideshow projects.

Further, in the ‘Personalize’ editing tab, you get to see the variety of editing tools, like, clipart, effects, styles, intro/credit and pre-audio options, along with a set of other features. The output options and settings get displayed in the library within the ‘Create’ tab of the navigation bar.

Preview Window

It is here that you can watch a display and run of the current slide of your created presentation on the editor’s Timeline or Storyboard.


These are the regions within the program’s workspace where you can work with creating and editing your slideshow presentation. If you choose to work in the previously explained ‘Personalize’ mode, there is an option to switch between the Storyboard and the Timeline whenever the need arises.

DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe- Software Interface Components

Step 4: Switching Between the Working Modes

True that you are asked to select the working mode before you start working with your presentation in the software program, you can switch between the available ‘Advanced’ and ‘Standard’ modes at a later stage. You can do this by reaching to and clicking on the ‘Blue Button’ at the top, beside the ‘Navigation Bar’, followed by selecting the ‘Switch to Advanced/Standard Mode’ option from the dropdown menu that appears next.

Step 5: Creating a Slideshow Presentation

Having selected the working mode as per your creation requirements, you can proceed with the slideshow design procedure. Select the ‘Advanced’ mode for better editing flexibility and click on the ‘Add Files’ option in the workspace to import the desired images and videos from your device to the editor timeline.

DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe- Crafting the Presentation

Navigate to the ‘Personalize’ tab to see an automatic transition effect included between two successive media files. It is here that you can start customizing your slideshow in line with your preferences. Work with changing the layouts, adding background themes and overlays, including a subtle music, annotating the slides with texts, and so on.

Step 6: Set the Slide Sequence

To arrange your slides in a particular sequence, navigate to and tap the ‘Expand’ button at the top right corner of the timeline/storyboard (whichever you are working in), followed by hitting the ‘Half Arrows’ button to select the sorting criteria from the dropdown menu that appears. You can choose to arrange the presentation slides based on name, creation date, modified date, etc., or even prefer a random sequence.

DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe- Slide Sequence Arrangement

Step 7: Publish Your Presentation

When you are satisfied with your work, click on the ‘Create’ tab in the ‘Navigation Bar’ to publish the slideshow in any one of the following ways:

To save the presentation as a DVD slideshow, navigate to the sidebar at the left and tap the ‘Burn to DVD’ option.

To save a video presentation, select the ‘Save to Computer’ or ‘Save as HD’ in the left sidebar. Choosing the second option will retain the high quality of your added media files.

To view the presentation on your smartphone, select any one of the ‘Save to Mobile Device’ or ‘Save to Apple Device’ options.

For publishing your slideshow on YouTube, select the ‘Share to YouTube’ option in the left sidebar, followed by entering the required information of your YouTube account and hitting the ‘Publish’ button.

Part 3 Five DVD Slide Show Builder Reviews and Tutorials

Creating a DVD slide show comes handy when you need to address your audience with a quick showcase of your slideshow presentation in the absence of customary options. You can also create and deliver such presentation DVDs to your clients so that they can understand the contained information at their own pace. Having said that, let us proceed to examine and understand the user reviews and tutorials of some top rated DVD slideshow builder programs in the following section:

01Wondershare Filmora

When you are on a software hunt for the best slideshow creator program in the IT market or across the web, pick the Wondershare Filmora Video Editor graphic editor package needs without a second thought. Launched by Wondershare, the aforesaid video editor is a one stop solution to the most descriptive slideshow creation needs you can ever come across. Talking in reference to the concern of creating DVD slideshows, the program’s excellence is at par.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Compatible with your Windows and MacOS devices, the software grants you the liberty to design high end customized presentations of professional standards. While the feature rich library of this slideshow creator software has no limit on audio-visual editing effects, some exclusive ones include the preset ‘Trimming’ feature, which allows you to stitch music pieces in the required sequence; and the ‘Motion’ effect that permits you to customize your presentations with the most cohesive titles.

As far as the video and image editing flexibilities are concerned, you are free to customize the video elements according to your specific ‘preferences, while working with the ‘Red Eye Removal’ tool to repair the reddened eyes within the images, or using the ‘Rotate’ option to revolve your photos regardless of the angle.

The ‘Pre Audio’ feature lets you supplement the slideshows with appealing background score, while the extensive range of filters promotes the finest quality slideshow extraction. The software is most efficient in creating quickest slideshow presentations that are ready to be exported across a diversity of media sharing platforms.

The software however, has some working limitations, like blurry output images, slow processing speed, and inability to undo previously made changes, or share presentations via e-mail.

Wondershare Filmora DVD Slideshow Builder

User’s Guide to Build a DVD Slideshow in Filmora

Step 1: Download and Launch Wondershare Filmora

Visit the official Wondershare website to download, install and launch the Filmora DVD slideshow builder application in any of your Widows or MacOs supported devices. Post a successful launch; the welcome screen will require you to select any one from the ‘Standard’ and ‘Advanced’ working modes.

Prefer working in the ‘Advanced’ mode to access increased varieties of customization effects, while getting the liberty to import and use locally saved media files in your presentation. If you are more diverted towards creating a slideshow from the software’s inbuilt presentation templates and themes, stick to the ‘Standard’ mode.

Wondershare Filmora DVD Slideshow Builder- Choosing the Working Mode

Step 2: Software Registration

To access the complete set of features and utilities of the aforesaid slideshow builder application, go for purchasing the licensed version of the program. You can open the purchase portal of the software by navigating to and clicking on the ‘Register’ tab at the top right corner of the program’s opening screen and selecting the ‘Buy Now’ option. Your order will be placed and the screen instructions appearing henceforth will guide you through the complete purchasing process.

Post the successful validation of your purchase order; you will receive an auto-generated e-mail having the product registration code. You can simply copy-paste the code and the licensed e-mail to activate the Filmora slideshow builder program.

Wondershare Filmora DVD Slideshow Builder- Software Registration Process

Step 3: Browsing the Program Interface

As soon as the software gets activated, the following elements can be seen displayed on the latter’s welcome screen:

Navigation Bar

The complete set of slideshow creation tools and features are present in the ‘Navigation Bar’ at the top of the opening screen. It is at this very place that you get to access the presentation editing choices, personalized customization styles and themes, output flexibilities, etc.


The software’s effect library houses distinguished slideshow elements in cohesion with the selected navigation bar tab you choose to work within, like your saved slideshow projects will appear under the ‘Organize’ tab. The diversity of editing features and tools, such as, styles, clipart, effects, pre-audio and intro/credit options, etc., are present within the ‘Personalize’ tab, while the output options and settings are a part of the ‘Create’ tab.

Preview Window

This space allows you to see a preview of your creation on the Storyboard or the editor’s Timeline, either for the entire presentation, or a currently created slide, as and when required.


These are the editing spaces within the software workspace, where you are allowed to experiment with your editing creativity to design exemplary slideshow presentations. Prefer working within the ‘Personalize’ tab to facilitate a switch over between the two spaces according to your specific creation needs.

Wondershare Filmora DVD Slideshow Builder- Software Interface Elements

Step 4: Swapping the Working Modes

Although you have already selected one of the ‘Standard’ and ‘Advanced’ working modes to create slideshows with the aforesaid software, there is a flexibility to change the current mode by tapping the ‘Blue Button’ near the navigation bar at the top of the program screen, and clicking on the ‘Switch to Advanced/Standard Mode’ option in the dropdown menu that follows.

Step 5: Designing a Slideshow Presentation

Before entering the slideshow creation process, choose the ‘Advanced’ mode to expand your editing skills on a wider and enhanced feature rich canvas. Head to and tap the ‘Add Files’ button within the program workspace to begin importing the required media files that you wish to include in your presentation, to the software timeline or storyboard.

Wondershare Filmora DVD Slideshow Builder- Designing the Presentation

Visit the ‘Personalize’ tab to customize your presentation as per your selected preferences. While you can see an automatic transition effect already added between two sequentially appearing slides, you can anyway proceed to change the slide layouts, include overlays and background themes, annotate the slides with suitable texts, adding a subtle background audio, and lots more.

Step 6: Decide the Order

Head to and tap the ‘Expand’ button at the top right corner of the storyboard/timeline (wherever you are creating the slideshow), and click on the ‘Half Arrows’ button, followed by choosing the sorting parameter from the list of options that drops down, to arrange the slides of your presentation in the desired sequence. You can set the order of appearance according to name, creation and modified dates, or choose a random arrangement.

Wondershare Filmora DVD Slideshow Builder- Arranging the Slide Sequence

Step 7: Publish the Presentation

When your creation makes you happy, proceed to publish the same on various media sharing platforms by heading to and clicking on the ‘Create’ tab within the navigation bar. You can try a suitable one from among the following publishing alternatives:

Navigating to and tapping the ‘Burn to DVD’ option in the left sidebar will let you burn the slideshow to a DVD.

If you wish to save the presentation locally to your device, select any one of the ‘Save as HD’ or ‘Save to Computer’ options, again in the left sidebar. If you prefer to save your creation in HD, the high output quality of the included images and videos will be retained.

Once again in the left sidebar, choose one from the ‘Save to Apple Device’ or ‘Save to Mobile Device’ options to play the slideshow in your iOS or Android smartphones respectively.

You can even publish the slideshow on your YouTube channel directly from the program’s timeline. All you have to do is, click on the ‘Share to YouTube’ option in the sidebar at the left, enter the necessary YouTube account details and tap the ‘Publish’ button.

02VideoPad Video Editor

Next in the line is the VideoPad slideshow creator software, which is an exclusively MacOs compatible software program. You can work with the application to create top quality professional presentations with the latter’s extensive library of features, effects and transitions, that are all set to add life to your otherwise customary presentation pieces. The program is known to deliver the finest slideshow outputs on MacOs X and later editions.

Working with the software is pretty simple, where all you need to do is, bring your selected images to the editor workspace by dragging them from your device gallery and dropping the same within the software’s editing timeline, followed by customizing the images with effects and transitions. Proceed to create the presentation when you are satisfied with the edits.

The program’s effect library houses over 50 different slideshow transitions and image effects, ready to spark your creation with the missing professional feel. Some additional features of the aforesaid editor software include a clean, interactive and easy to use interface, extensive input and output format support and plugin compatibility to add tons of editing tools and effects. The software is however, not completely free to use.

VideoPad Video Editor DVD Slideshow Builder

User’s Guide to Build a DVD Slideshow in VideoPad

Step 1: Download and Launch VideoPad

Navigate to the official website of the VideoPad slideshow builder program and initiate a free download of the software and proceed to launch the same in your MacOs device. The welcome screen opens up with the free version of the slideshow creator, which has some working limitations. You can use the software’s registration code to activate its premium account.

Step 2: Open a New Project

Launching the software in your system takes you to the latter’s main interface, where you need to click on ‘New Project’ to start working with creating a fresh slideshow presentation.

VideoPad Video Editor DVD Slideshow Builder- ‘New Project’ Window

Step 3: Edit Your Presentation

Navigate to the ‘VideoPad Bin Pane’ at the left to import the desired media files. Apart from images and videos, you can supplement your creation with amazing background audio by clicking on ‘Add Stock Sound’ to select suitable music from the software’s inbuilt audio library.

When you have finished, drag the imported files to the VideoPad editor timeline for further editing. Working with the aforesaid program, you get the flexibility to level up your presentations with patterns, transitions, shapes, reveals, and many more stunning effects and features.

VideoPad Video Editor DVD Slideshow Builder- Slideshow Editing Interface

Step 4: Time to Save and Export!

When you are done with the editing process, navigate to the ‘Home’ tab in the toolbar at the top and tap ‘Save Project’ to save the presentation locally to your device. If you wish to export the slideshow to a DVD instead, click on ‘Export Video’ and select the ‘DVD Movie Disk’ option from the dropdown menu that appears next.

VideoPad Video Editor DVD Slideshow Builder- Slideshow Export Interface

03Windows Video Editor

Released as a successor to the primitive ‘Windows Movie Maker’ tool, the aforesaid slideshow builder program is an inclusion within the ‘Photos’ app of the latest, Windows 10 operating system. You can work with the software to create and publish high end DVD slideshow presentations, exclusively on a Windows 10 compatible device.

Talking of the creation flexibility and presentation design utilities, you can play with a series of editing effects and tools to customize your slideshow with professional excellence and elegance. Some major attractions of the software include, 3D effects, slow motion videos, drawing and video annotating tools, top rated audio-visual effects and a visibly huge library of preset slideshow templates, background themes and audio tracks.

The software is extensively convenient and free to use work with, comes with a beginner compatible interface, and has a simple DVD burning process for slideshow exports, along with several other presentation sharing and saving options. The program however, is a Windows 10 utility, and can be affordably missed out if you are not aware of the latter’s exact location within the operating system interface.

Windows Video Editor DVD Slideshow Builder

User’s Guide to Build a DVD Slideshow in Windows Video Editor

Step 1: Launch the Software

In your Windows 10 device, navigate to the ‘Photos’ app and open the Video Editor program to reach to the software’s working interface.

Step 2: Start a New Slideshow Project

Navigate to the top toolbar in the workspace of the program and tap ‘Video Projects’ followed by selecting the ‘Create New Video’ option from the dropdown that appears next.

Step 3: Select Your Media Files

To import the desired images and videos to the editor timeline, navigate to the ‘Add’ button below the top toolbar and select a location to choose the media files. You can prefer to use the locally saved media on your device, browse through your online storage or even opt an import from across the web.

Windows Video Editor DVD Slideshow Builder- Media Selection Interface

Step 4: Drag and Sort

Once you have selected the files, click on and drag the same to the editor storyboard. When you have imported all the files, proceed to sort them in the desired sequence.

Step 5: Edit Your Presentation Elements

Select a slide and hit the ‘Visual Effects’ tab in the top toolbar to supplement your slides with visual effects, As you click on the aforesaid tab, a series of pre made effects gets displayed in the right side pane of the interface. You can choose any one from the Motion & Fades, Artistic, Mirror, Black & White, etc., effects to uplift your slide media.

Windows Video Editor DVD Slideshow Builder- Editing the Presentation

Try hands at including animated transitions in your slideshow for a seamless presentation flow, while giving a subtle look to the included contents. You can either select specific transitions for each slide, or apply the same animation to all the presentation pages.

Another way to level up your presentation is complementing it with cohesive background music and indicative voice comments. You can also play with a mixture of different visual effects and text styles to generate a more immersive viewing experience for your audience.

Step 6: Save Your Presentation

When you are happy with your creation, proceed to save the presentation locally to your device by navigating to the ‘Home’ tab and selecting the ‘Save Movie’ option. Choose ‘HD Display’ from the list of resolution options that follows next. Moving ahead, select a destination folder and an output file format for your slideshow. Lastly, tap the ‘Save’ button to export the presentation to your device.

You can additionally go for a direct share of your presentation across different media sharing platforms. To do this, head to and tap the ‘Share’ button at the top right corner of the program workspace.

Windows Video Editor DVD Slideshow Builder- Sideshow ‘Save and Share’

Step 7: Create a DVD Slideshow Video

Navigate to the destination folder of your slideshow and insert a blank disk in your system drive. Browse for the created presentation file and right click on the same, followed by choosing the ‘Send to’ option from the menu that drops down. In the list of device options that appears, click on the name of the inserted blank disk to initiate the DVD burning process. The completion of the process may cost you a span of 2-3 minutes.

04Freemake Video Converter

Moving ahead in the list, there is the Freemake Video Converter DVD slideshow creator application program, which can certainly sort your concern of making stunning slideshow presentations within a blink. The software welcomes you with a decently laid out and organized editing workspace, is free to use, and works well with any of your favorite MacOs devices.

Using the aforesaid slideshow designer program, you can quickly make amazing presentations from the images and videos on your device in a 3-step process of uploading the media files, customize the slideshow according to your specific requirements and convert the same into a desired video format. You can further, supplement the presentations with appealing background music and adjust the screen time of the slides.

Post the creation process, you can most conveniently burn the presentation on a DVD to share the same with your friends, family and clients as and when required. Though simple to work with, the tool has a limited range of editing features and misses out the ability to add text customizations to the slides and does not support a preset library of presentation templates.

Freemake Video Converter DVD Slideshow Builder

User’s Guide to Build a DVD Slideshow in Freemake Video Converter

Step 1: Download the Software Program

Start with navigating to and downloading the Freemake Video Converter program in your preferred MacOs device and launch the software to be greeted by the latter’s opening interface.

Step 2: Add Media Files

In the app’s launch screen, navigate to and tap the ‘+Photo’ or ‘+Video’ buttons at the top to import the desired media files from your device to the program’s editor timeline.

Freemake Video Converter DVD Slideshow Builder- Media Upload Interface

Step 3: Add Background Music

Navigate to the ‘Edit’ button near each media file to include an audio track, adjust the screen time and set the media files in a desired sequence of appearance within the presentation. When you are satisfied with your work, click on ‘OK’ to confirm and apply the changes.

Freemake Video Converter DVD Slideshow Builder- Adding background Music

Step 4: Burn the Slideshow

Reach to and click on the ‘to DVD’ button at the bottom of the program’s main interface, followed by selecting a DVD menu. In the window that appears next, give a title to your presentation, choose a destination DVD and hit ‘Burn’ to open the ‘DVD Burner Software’.

Freemake Video Converter DVD Slideshow Builder- Slideshow Burning Interface


Last in the list is the SmartSHOW application program that is definitely a revolution in the domain of slideshow creator tools. Working with the software, you can design top class photo movies and animated presentation with the locally saved media files on your device or an external camera. The best thing about the program is its smart and intuitive user interface that is a welcome treat for beginners and newbies in the graphic designing field.

Special features of the app include an object preview facility that allows a comprehensive go through the specific elements as well as the entire presentation, the flexibility to add a limitless number of media files to your slideshow and a decent set of background music choices to add that extra spunk to your presentations. The software further lets you choose from an extensive range of elegant and openly customizable preset background themes to amplify your creations.

The software is conveniently compatible with all of your Windows supported devices and works as a free DVD slideshow builder to burn your presentations on a digital video disk, so that they can be comfortably shared and exported.

SmartSHOW DVD Slideshow Builder

User’s Guide to Build a DVD Slideshow in SmartSHOW

Step 1: Download, Install and Launch SmartSHOW

Visit the home website of the SmartSHOW software application to make a free download of the program in your preferred Windows device, followed by installing and launching the same.

Step 2: Begin Crafting the Presentation

A successful launch of the SmartSHOW program guides you to its editor workspace. You can start working on your slideshow here with importing the required media files from your system and adding them to the software’s timeline, using the ‘Drag and Drop’ method.

Once you have all the files, consider creating a wonderful collage by selecting a premade template from the editor’s library according to your specific presentation theme and adding the media files within the same to initiate an automatic collage creation.

SmartSHOW DVD Slideshow Builder- Template Selection and Editing Interface

Music is certainly an important element of your slideshow and you can use the same to complement your presentation by hitting the ‘Music’ tab to either select a matching audio track from the program’s inbuilt sounds library, or adding one of your favorites from your device’s gallery. You can further, include voice comments to expressively share some specific details about the presentation with your audience.

Step 3: Include Titles and Effects

To add more spark to the slideshow, try hand at experimenting with the diversity of effects, by choosing from over 350 different styles of animations and transitions, dynamic 3 D effects and soft gradients, while using the ‘Drag and Drop’ method to include your choices within the presentation.

You can also add suitable title clips to the slideshow to signify the occasion or theme of your slideshow. All you need to do is, select a suitable title clip from the available ones, give it a name and drag it to the editor timeline to include the same at the desired place in your presentation. Try using the feature to add rolling credits and names of event participants in your work. When you are ready with everything, tap ‘Play’ to watch a preview of your creation.

SmartSHOW DVD Slideshow Builder- Adding Titles and Effects

Step 4: Burn Your Presentation

In the program’s main interface, navigate to and hit the ‘Create’ tab, succeeded by choosing the ‘Create DVD Slideshow’ option from the dropdown menu that follows. You will land into the ‘Edit Menu’ window, where you can customize a selected menu layout with titles, images and cohesive background music. Tap ‘No Menu’ if you wish to launch a direct play of your slideshow.

SmartSHOW DVD Slideshow Builder- DVD Burning Interface

Insert a disk in your system’s DVD player and click on ‘Burn DVD’ from the list of options that appears on the screen. Move ahead with selecting a preferred video type and output quality; and click on ‘Start’ to initiate the DVD burning process.

Ending Thoughts

Burning slideshow presentations on a DVD makes it handy to share them with your audience for a comprehensive understanding of your work at their own pace.

The IT market offers you a range DVD slideshow builder tools to create stunning presentations and easily export them on a hardware platform.

Pick the Wondershare Filmora slideshow creator program to craft and burn your presentations on a DVD in the most flawless manner.

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