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Basic Introduction for LumaFusion Color Grading

Benjamin Arango
Benjamin Arango
Originally published Mar 03, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
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There are many reasons why video editing is essential for content creators. Regardless of your reasons for putting up video content, you'll achieve little progress without manipulating and structuring your shots. Video editing is what helps to create an emotional connection to your content. That, in turn, is what spurs your viewers to take the action you desire.

Maybe you already know a thing or two about video editing? Good for you! However, there's always more to learn. For example, only a few people understand the intricacies of luma fusion color grading. Meanwhile, that's one of the significant differentiating factors between a regular video editor and a pro.

Are you tired of video editing at a basic level? Then this article is for you. It will introduce you to the basics of LumaFusion color grading. Are you ready?

What Is LumaFusion?

Are you a filmmaker, video producer, or editor? Then you'll need LumaFusion at some point in your editing journey. Whether you are a professional or not, you can use LumaFusion to tell exciting stories through your videos. It has numerous essential features to produce the precise effects you wish to achieve. What's more, you can use this effective multitrack video editor on iPads and iPhones.

One thing you will love about LumaFusion is its user-friendliness. Even as an aspiring videographer with little experience, you can understand how to use this video editing powerhouse in an instant and with minimal supervision.

lumafusion color grading

LumaFusion is affordable, especially non-linear editors (NLEs) with similar details. When it comes to robust features, LumaFusion retakes the spotlight. This video editor will become your favorite tool in no time.

Here are some exciting things you can do using LumaFusion:

● Enjoy a Simplified SSD and Cloud Storage Importing Process

One of the best things about LumaFusion is your ability to import from SSD and cloud storage seamlessly. If you're using an external SSD for playback media, this feature will excite you. LumaFusion automatically imports media from your SSD whenever you add video clips to the timeline. There's no need to waste time importing media by yourself.

● Switch Between Six Workspace Layouts

LumaFusion features six workspace layouts. So you can choose whatever one works best for the project you are working on. With the layout button, you can scramble the source viewer, browser, and timeline to your preference. LumaFusion also gives you the option of viewing the content in portrait or landscape modes. It's a truly customizable and advanced multitrack video editing app for everyone who loves ease.

● Access Seamless Final Cut Pro Exporting

Do you work with Final Cut Pro X? Then there's exciting news for you. Lumafusion allows you to export specific project files so that you can work on the NLE. Even though this feature is only available for a fee, it offers excellent value for its $20 price. You can hardly have it cheaper with other NLEs.

● Leverage Its Intuitive UI/UX

This is no hoax—LumaFusion's intuitive design will blow your mind. If you've got prior knowledge or experience using other editing platforms (especially NLEs), you find LumaFusion easy to use. If not, their comprehensive reference guide can help you get acquainted with the app quickly. LumaFusion's design gives you absolute control.

● Explore Flexibility and Amazing Effects

LumaFusion has numerous fantastic effects to appreciate. These features offer you top-notch flexibility and functionality. The clip editor's preview window comprises four different editors—the frame and fit editor, audio editors, speed editors, and the color and effects editor. From the timeline navigator to the audio mixer and clip editor, there's a lot to explore on LumaFusion.

● Enjoy the Automated Audio Ducking Feature

Audio ducking involves temporarily lowering a specified audio signal's volume when another one comes up. Having to do this manually can be tiring. Fortunately, with LumaFusion's automatic audio ducking feature, you don't have to worry about that anymore. All you need to do is assign speakers and music tracks as master and auto track. The audio ducking feature takes it up from there.

lumafusion audio ducking

● Easy and Direct Exportation to Youtube and Vimeo

LumaFusion comes with an option that allows you to export your edited videos directly to YouTube or Vimeo. When exporting directly to YouTube, the app will enable you to write titles and descriptions or set categories and tags. If you choose to upload your videos to YouTube directly, you can transfer it to your file folder first.

Essential Things You Should Know About Color Grading in LumaFusion

Color grading is an essential post-production process that gives your footage's color scheme a distinctive appearance and character. This technique gives your videos some cinematic impression by painting over them.

With color grading, you can adjust your video's color balance, saturation, contrast, luminance, black level, etc. It helps to evoke the particular emotions or moods that you want your videos to exude.

These are the essential things to note about color grading in LumaFusion:

1. Does LumaFusion Have Color Grading?

In answering this question, it's essential to understand the difference between color correction and color grading. Both editing techniques have vital differentiating characteristics, so it's wrong to use them interchangeably.

Color correction ensures that videos look as natural to the human eye as possible. If there's a technical color error, for example, due to bad lighting, color correction helps fix that.

However, the aim of color grading isn't fixing color mistakes but using colors to convey a mood, atmosphere, or style. Some videographers classify color correction as the first phase in the color grading process.

Generally, you can use LumaFusion to color correct your footage. However, you can't color grade with the app except you decide to tamper with the color presets tab's color sliders. Even at that, you wouldn't get the perfect results you want.

Fortunately, LumaFusion allows you to import and apply LUT (look-up tables). With LumaFusion LUTs, you can color grade your footage to your satisfaction.

2. How To Color Grade in LumaFusion

This is how to color grade your videos:

○ First, Color Correct

When attempting to color grade your footage, it's essential that you color correct it first. Color correction ensures that your video doesn't remain flat or unexciting.

○ Create Your LUTs

LUT allows you to save specific color grades to use anytime you need them. This helps to save time by ensuring that you don't develop color spaces all over again when working on various footage. You can also download as many free LUTs as you like.

○ Bring In a LUT

After creating LUTs, import and apply them to your LumaFusion. Next, blend or adjust your LUt by shifting the slider to get your desired effects. It's that simple!

3. Can I Use Multiple LUTs in LumaFusion?

The short answer is a big YES. You can apply multiple LUTs in LumaFusion.

Here's how t go o about it:

  1. Apply your first LUT
  2. Export the LUT
  3. Access rendered movies
  4. Apply the second LUT

There is numerous manipulation you can do with LUT. For example, you can merge two or more LUTs into one.

Does LumaFusion Have a Desktop Version?

Do you own a PC or desktop[, and you're wondering how to access LumaFusion's unique features on it? Unfortunately, LumaFusion is only available for iOS users and not Android or Windows PC.

However, all hope is not lost as Filmora has come to the rescue. Filmora's video editor provides you with color matching/grading options to create the cinematic effects you want for your footage. You can use the features on your computer.

Let's talk about Filmora's Video Editor for Windows features in some detail:

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

● Color Match

Do you want to achieve a similar color or consistent look for multiple clips? Then Filmora's video editor is your best bet. The color match feature ensures color consistency throughout your video. It's easy to use, aids efficiency, and saves your time.

● Color Correction

Color correction is one of the easiest ways to make your footage look extraordinary. With over 40 fantastic drag-and-color presets available to you, your color correction game is about to get lit. Filmora's color correction feature also allows you to make 3D LUTs conveniently.

Filmora offers free online tools for videographers and unique products for computer software and mobile apps. You can check here to get more information about the Lumafusion alternatives on Mac.


● What's worth doing is worth doing well? That's why, as a videographer, you shouldn't be comfortable with uploading flat, ordinary videos. It'll help if you take your craft a notch higher by considering color grading for your footage.

● Did you fall in love with LumaFusion's video editing app? That's great. With your iPhone or iPad, you can get the best out of the video editor.

● Filmora offers you cool video editing features for color correcting and grading if you're working on a desktop. There are also amazing Filmora apps for iOS and Android devices. Visit their website for more information on how these video editing features can improve your project's quality.

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