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How to make animated text video on computer/iPhone/Android/Online

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Aug 25, 22, updated Mar 27, 24

In the recent times, there are many animated text video generators available; which ones are worthwhile of your time and effort? The days when only experienced video editors and designers could create animated text video are long gone. Anyone with a computer or smartphone can easily make text to animate, shimmer, and change colors thanks to the development of animated text generators. Here, we've put up a list of the top ways to add animated text to image so you can narrow down your search.

Animated text videos maintain audience interest, and costs nothing to produce high-quality content. Use word animation to make your next presentation, creative video, or demo video engaging and simple to follow. You may choose from a variety of distinctive font and text styles in a matter of minutes to make your films stand out. Contrary to common opinion, you can also convert text to animated video. You may create these films at no cost. The most effective methods for doing it on all devices are mentioned below.

In this article
  1. Part 1. How to make animated text video on computer?
  2. Part 2. How to Create Animated Text Video on iPhone (Video Maker App)
  3. Part 3. How to Create Animated Text Video on Android
  4. Part 4. How to Create Animated Text Video Online

Part 1. How to make animated text video on computer?

The first on the list is Filmora, which has a clear user interface and simple drag-and-drop features. The greatest video animation software for professional editors and artists can be found at Filmora. You can quickly make entertaining animated films with full HD support, horizontal and vertical video layouts, and predefined visuals. Text-to-speech, the possibility to add background music and sound effects, and voiceover are examples of audio functionality. You may upload your own songs or choose from Filmora's stock music collection.

Steps to create animated text video with Filmora:

Step1Download and launch Filmora Video Editor

You probably still consider yourself a novice in the field of video editing if you don't yet know how to include animated words in your films. With Filmora for Windows and Mac, you can achieve a powerful, user-friendly piece of software so you can get started producing excellent material right immediately. Visit the official links to download and install the tool hand in hand:

Step2Create a New Project and Add Files

The New Project button should appear when you start the program. To enter the project window, click the button. You will then be directed to your storage space. Go to the location where you have the video files saved. Hold down the control button while clicking on each file to select it all at once. Hit the Import button afterwards to add them to the Project media.

Step3Add Text Animation to Your Video

Refer to the Annotations tab to initiate the text animation. This enables you to keep the text size and length consistent throughout the whole video. To fit your tastes and the way your video flows best, you may edit the layers you've created. Then, by selecting Effects menu, beneath your preferred motion effect, you may change the animation of your text motion intro and outro.

Step4Save your Video

Click Export to save your video. Options for Resolution and Bitrate should be available on the new window. Up to 4K video resolutions are supported by Filmora. However, you may continue and save your film at this point since Filmora automatically selects the ideal size and quality ratio so you can export more quickly without sacrificing quality. Finally, click Export, and everything will be yours. By selecting the Upload to YouTube option, you may also upload your video to YouTube immediately.

Part 2. How to Create Animated Text Video on iPhone (Video Maker App)

The Video Maker App does an excellent job of spicing up text. You may apply basic animations to your text and alter modifications to change the outcome. It offers a very flexible editor along with a huge selection of fonts, colors, text effects, and—most importantly—animations. Additionally, a variety of fashionable text effects, ranging from neon to 3D, are available with this application.

Link to Download: Text Animation on Video Maker

Steps to Create Animated Text Video on iPhone:

Step1Download Text Animation on Video Maker. This unique iOS software enables you to quickly apply vibrant text overlays to any footage. Download this on your iPhone by clicking the associated link to the App store.

text animation on video editor iphone

Step2Choose a movie or image from your media roll, and then add custom text to the video to make it animated. Click the Next button in the upper right corner to continue.

customize text animation video editor

Step3Select a design from the vast array that is offered. Once you've chosen the animation you like most, you may further alter it by choosing a filter and text color.

add filter and text color animation video editor

Step4Click the three dots symbol at the bottom right of your screen to save the animated text movie to your camera roll. Additionally, you have the option of saving your movie in GIF format.

save animated video iphone

Part 3. How to Create Animated Text Video on Android

Users may experiment with various degrees of editing capabilities with Textor. The program offers powerful features that are simple to use and provide rapid sharing choices across numerous digital channels, making it a suitable match for experienced and inexperienced users alike. Textro is a simple, elegant tool that lets you make stunning text movies or video intros for your videos. This software is a fantastic choice for marketers trying to sell their brand on social media because of its variety of features that assist generate a premium quality output.

Link to Download: Textor

Steps to Create Animated Text Video on Android:

  • Simply download the app to begin going. When you first launch the program, it will prompt you to add text.
textro animated text video
  • You may embellish your post with text, images, icons, and logos. By pressing the random button, you may make a completely new combination of colors or modify the post's color scheme using the already-existing possibilities.
textro edit video text
  • Text may be animated using the fade, slide, grow, pan, zoom, focus, and fill effects. These effects may all be manually applied and help your project stand out from the competition.
textro edit video text color
  • The post may be instantly shared on Instagram or saved to your phone. Additionally, you may share the project directly on other social platforms or download it to your phone.
textro share project to social media

Part 4. How to Create Animated Text Video Online

A DIY intro and slideshow-style animated video creator in the cloud, FlexClip. There is a selection of well created, editable templates to which you may add dynamic text. You may choose a template that best suits your requirements and edit the text inside it. There are a variety of ready-to-use animations available. The fonts, colors, text size, alignment, and other elements of these animations are all readily editable.

Link: FlexClip Online

Steps to Create Animated Text Video Online:

Step1Upload Your Video

To add the video to the FlexClip media library, launch the FlexClip video editor and choose "Local Files." To move it to the storyboard where it will be modified, click the "Plus" button. The video may also be dropped directly into the editor by dragging it from the folder.

upload video flexclip
Step2Add and Customize Text

Enter the term you want to appear in the movie while choosing your chosen text (either Dynamic Texts or Basic Texts), then edit the text by changing the size, font, placement, color, and backdrop color. On the toolbar's left side, choose the text by clicking there. To add dynamic or basic text to your movie, right-click on the text you want to use. To establish your brand, add some other items next to the text or utilize the existing textual overlay before adjusting the time.

add and custmoize text flexclip
Step3Export your Video

You should export your final video at this point. To accomplish this, just click "Export," and your video will be instantly stored in your choice storage area as an MP4 file.

export videos flexclip


These were a few simple techniques for producing lovely text animations. The animation has a sharp, material design aesthetic. Though it seems that the most of the animations are standard. With the help of these tools, you may overlay text animations over photos and videos, making it appealing to a larger audience. No matter what sector you work in, word animation can give your films a polished appearance. Text animations may keep viewers on your page longer and prevent them from scrolling down. Use the above suggestions for any device to kickstart your own animated text video journey regardless of the device you're on.

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Liza Brown
Liza Brown Mar 27, 24
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