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How to create a slideshow with Movavi Slideshow Maker

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published May 17, 22, updated Dec 05, 23
How to Create a Slideshow with Movavi Slideshow Maker

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Movavi slideshow maker is a well-known maker which is trusted by millions of people all around the world for its quality and supportive Features. The application is easy to use, simple to run and exciting to use. You can use the Movavi slideshow maker activation key for the installation of the software.

Create a slideshow with Movavi Slideshow Maker

Part 1 Stepwise Guide For Making A Slideshow With Music And Effects Using Movavi For Windows And Mac

Stepwise guide for making a movavi slideshow

So, you are willing to make creative and interesting videos without any hassles? Well, Movavi video editor is full of good Features which are easy to use. You can utilize this advance slideshow creator anywhere. First you need Movavi slideshow maker download options. Here is stepwise guide for creating a slideshow on windows. Want to add music and effects? Well, you can easily grab the deal. Let’s learn through Movavi slideshow maker key


The first thing you need to do while making a slideshow with Movavi slideshow maker 7 is to install the application. You will love to know that Movavi is an easy to use program with more than 40 titles and over 100 transitions. Download the tool and run the file to install it. You will get very easy instructions for this purpose from Movavi. When you visit the slideshow maker menu of the software and click on activate software, you will receive Movavi slideshow maker 7 activation key free copy and paste option in your email and you can activate the software from there.

Choose the mode to work

movavi slideshow maker

You will be surprised to know that there are two ways through which you can make a slideshow with Movavi slideshow maker. You can either choose the slideshow wizard or go to the manual mode for video making.

If you pick the slideshow wizard, it will allow you to create photo videos easily through a automatic procedure. You will have to just follow the instructions given by the wizard and your slideshow will be ready.

Another option gives you more space for implementing creativity and customizing effects etc. according to yourself. You can go with the option of creating a movie in manual mode and enjoy taking control over the video. The freedom of adjusting settings, creating the process and inserting effects in Movavi slide show maker makes this mode preferable. So, for making a slideshow with sound, music and effects of your choice, it will be better to go with manual mode of slideshow making in Movavi.

Creating the slideshow

Next step in the procedure is creating a Movavi slideshow. Again you will have two options to choose from. You can pick the easy way and upload your photos. The photos will be compiled into a video. You can drag the photos to rearrange their sequence and even add or remove photos if you want. So, this is the easy way to make slideshow in Movavi slideshow maker.

Another option of creating the slideshow comes with theme. You can pick a theme such as family, romantic, vacation, beach etc. and add your photos. The readymade theme comes with various transitions, effects, sounds and captions. You can go with no theme if you want to add your own music, transitions and captions.

So, the easy mode will be comprised of following steps –

Step 1

Click on file tab and choose add files. Add the photos of your choice.

Step 2

Drag the photos for changing arrangement if required. Remove a photo if it is not required in the slideshow and add more photos if needed.

Step 3 (optional)

Next step is choose theme.

Follow the steps given below if you choose readymade theme -

Step 1

Import photos which are selected for slideshow by clicking on add files. Upload the photos and they will automatically be redirected to the timeline.

Step 2

Click on add music and pick a track of your preference. In built audio files are also there if you want to choose from.

Step 3

Next step is preview. You can preview the whole video and add titles in starting and end. Set the duration of music and remove unwanted black sidebars of the video. Now click on slideshow and go through the whole video.

Choose no theme if you want to customize the video manually and follow steps mentioned below -

Step 1

Click on no theme and go to next.

Step 2

Click add file and select the photos you want. Video clips can also be uploaded. Your photos and videos will be added to the timeline automatically.

Step 3

Then put some interesting transitions in your video. There are dozens of stylish transitions in Movavi slideshow maker and you are free to insert transitions you love in between videos and photos. Just click on transition tab and make your video attractive.

Step 4

It’s time to add some music now. Select music and then click on add files. Choose the track you love.

Step 5

At last add titles and captions in your video. Go to the left pane and select titles. Add the title you want by writing it on the text box. Titles can be edited by double tapping on them. If you want to change text style, font and color etc. of title, you can double click the title on timeline and change settings. Click Apply to save the edited details.

Step 6

Then click on export and select save the video. Choose the appropriate format for saving the video such as OGV, MP4 or webM and you are done. Get Movavi slideshow maker full for all Features. Just click on Movavi slideshow maker 7 activation key in your email and enjoy the customer friendly slide sow making platform. Learn more about Movavi slideshow maker 6 and search for Movavi slideshow maker crack too as it has exciting Features.

Part 2 Five Movavi Slideshow Maker Alternatives

You have already read the step-by-step guidelines for making slideshow in Movavi video maker and hope you love the Movavi slideshow maker review. If you want to know some other slide show makers, here is the list of five more video makers which can be used in place of Movavi.


iMovie: Movavi Slideshow Maker Alternative

Learning video editing is very easy in iMovie. This extraordinary slideshowmaker is available from a longer period and work upon the idea of clean and clear interface. Free version of the app is available to begin with.

Key Features

Green screen effect

Variety of Features

Soundtracks for free


Easy to use in mobile devices


Can’t be used in windows


Focusky:<strong> Movavi Slideshow Maker Alternative</strong>

This sophisticated slideshow maker cannot be forget for its helpful designs and ease of creating dynamic presentation. No matter, what operating system you use, Focusky supports the user very well for creating attractive slideshow.


Offline editing

Screen sharing

User friendly interface


In built media library

Can be used in Windows and Mac


Free version has limited Features

Full version is costly


<strong> Filmora: Movavi Slideshow Maker Alternative</strong>

Already well known as a customer friendly video editing tool, Wondershare Filmora Video Editor can be used for making high quality videos and editing them. The styling, custom options and ease of adding effects in the video make this app popular. You can play with the theme, insert audio of your choice and add text. The application is well equipped with a wide variety of slideshow making tools.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Key Features

Audio mixing feature

Tilt shift

Multiple video clips layer facility

Adding and editing text feature

Preview framewise

Video stabilizer


Features like transition and effects for improving quality of the video.

Mosaic functionality to blur particular areas

Advance text editing; volume can be down when text appears.


If you go with the free version, you will be disappointed with the watermark on your prepared videos.


<strong> </strong>Icecream: Movavi Slideshow Maker Alternative

If you are looking for a slideshow maker which supports you to create, collaborate and share your slideshow, you can choose Icrecream. The flexible user platform is very responsive and full of drag and drop Features. It comes with in-built music so that you can create slideshows with the soundtracks available in the program.


format support

In-built music


Multiple export format

Easy to use platform


Multi platform is not available

Trial version has limited Features


Kizoa: Movavi Slideshow Maker Alternative

Kizoa is a very different slideshow maker which brings ease for photography professionals. Lots of challenges they faced earlier, are solved with Kizoa. Especially, managing and saving raw files is easy with this vide maker and you can use them afterwards.


Lots of cloud storage

Customer friendly

Allows creating your own GIFs


Full HD video processing

Rich export feature


Basic version has limited Features

Limitations of video duration

Ending Thoughts

Never use a complicated slideshow maker for creating presentations if you don’t have enough time. Go with the automated theme and insert your pictures with appropriate text.

Pick the trial version of slideshow maker first and then go for full version if you love its Features and user interface.

You will never get all the required Features in one slideshow maker, so either make a list of your preferable Features or use 3-4 slideshow makers to work on a single video.

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