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How to use LUTs in Adobe Premiere Pro

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Do you wonder how some pictures or videos look so stunning? As you keep reading you will discover the secrets of achieving similar quality for your content. You need a video or photo-editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and LUTS. Premier Pro luts are file types that you use to make color corrections to your content. They are available in different formats, each with varying capabilities. Below is everything you need to improve your editing skills using Adobe’s software and premiere luts.

how to use luts in adobe primere pro

How does Premiere Pro Classify LUTS?

A premiere pro lut can fall into two categories depending on its core function. These are:

• Looks

These are premiere luts you use to make changes to your video or photo’s appearance and color scheme. They are available as presets under the Lumetri Color Panel and offer quick fixes to your content.

• Input Lut

You use these premiere pro luts to interpret log footage. Additionally, they are the first step of your color correcting process and work best on DSLR footage. However, keep reading to discover how to use luts in Adobe Premiere Pro.

How to use Luts in Adobe Premiere Pro?

Now that you are aware of how the program classifies the Luts, here is how you can correct your footage.

1. Get the latest version of the program.

You can purchase and download the program from your region's Adobe Website. The program is available for both macOS and Windows. However, it is quite heavy on the system. According to reports, the below requirements are sufficient.

  • You need a processer with 8 cores and clock speeds upwards of 3.2GHz.
  • 16 GB of Ram is ideal for macOS. However, you do require upwards of 32GB if you are running Windows.
  • Graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD are best if you also want to improve the program’s performance. You request one that can handle the Adobe Premiere Pro from your supplier.
  • Furthermore, invest in a high-capacity storage device to save your projects since some outputs can be very large after color correction. The program allows you to render 4K files which are the largest.
  • Finally, the above requirements are sufficient to run the following versions OF Adobe Premiere Pro:
    i. Adobe Premiere Pro 22.2
    ii. Adobe Premiere Pro 22.1.2
    iii. Adobe Premiere Pro 22.1.1
    iv. Adobe Premiere Pro 22.0

2. Select the video you want and put it on the timeline.

use luts in adobe primere pro

3. Premiere luts are accessible from two sections of the program.

Input luts are available under the Basic Correction tab from the Lumetri Panel as above.

Alternatively, you can get them by accessing the Basic Correction tab from the Lumetri Section of the Effects Control Panel.

4. Then, open the Input LUT dropdown menu and choose the premiere lut you want.

Adobe Premiere Pro has preset input LUTs. However, you can also add your own by clicking browse. Doing so opens your computer’s File Explorer and you can locate your custom premiere luts. The software applies the premiere lut, after which you can use the tools to make adjustments.

Additionally, Adobe Premiere Pro allows you to install custom LUT files to use. Below is the process for macOS users.

  1. Create these target directories in your Adobe Premiere Installation files. • For shared devices
    /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/LUTs/Creative
    /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/LUTs/Technical
    • You need to create these files if you have administrator access.
    /Users//Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/LUTs/Creative
    /Users//Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/LUTs/Technical
  2. Copy your custom LUT files to each of the folders.
  3. These will be available in your Lumetri Panel next time you launch Adobe Premiere Pro.

The process is the same for Windows Users. However, the target directories are different.

  • For shared devices:
    C:\ Program Files\ Adobe\Common\LUTs\Creative
    C:\ Program Files\ Adobe\Common\LUTs\Creative
  • You need to create these files if you have administrator access.

Adobe Premiere Pro accepts .look and .cube file types, allowing you more creative freedom. Additionally, you can save and export any custom premiere luts to use in other projects. The next section offers a step-by-step guide on how to do that.

Finally, Looks allow you to make quick adjustments to your videos using the presets available on the Lumetri Panel. You can access these from the Effects Panel. Furthermore, it also allows you to preview the result. The intensity of the look can vary depending on where the slider is on the effects panel.

How to save and export your LUTS?

Most filmmakers prefer to save their premier luts for later use. Here is how to do it:

  1. Follow the above process through to step 5.
  2. Once you finish your editing, click on the Lumetri Pop Up menu and choose Save Preset.
  3. Fill the respective fields with your custom information and click OK. The program will then save the clip to the location you specify.
  4. You can save custom luts in the following ways:
    Scale only applies the new lut to the video. As such, all other luts you use are deleted. Therefore, if your video is one hour, your custom settings will run through the clip’s entire length.
    Anchor To In Point only saves the section of the clip where your custom settings are active. Additionally, the software will add all pre-existing luts to the section without scaling.
  5. Additionally, you can repeat the process and export your LUTs in the following formats:
    .look exports the LUT as an Adobe Premiere Pro file to a location on your device.
    .cube saves the Lumetri preset you can use on other color grading software. For example, you can use your .cube custom lut with Filmora.
export luts in adobe primere pro

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Finally, the above procedures only apply to certain versions of Adobe Premiere Pro. They may differ across devices. This is because Adobe releases new updates regularly to fix bugs and offer new functionality. So, keep checking regularly for any changes.


Adobe Premiere Pro offers you fun luts to enhance the quality of your video. Additionally, the option to render videos in 4K quality allows you to output creations of the highest quality. Additionally, the option to save and export your LUTS to use with other programs like Filmora, means there is no limit to what you can create. Here is a link to some LUTs you can try on your next edit.

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