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Hard to Remove Black Background in After Effects? Here’s the Best Way to Deal With It

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Apr 11, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
Hard to Remove Black Background in After Effects? Here’s the Best Way to Deal With It

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

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Having to adjust with black backgrounds in After Effects is quite annoying, but not anymore. Stay tuned to get through quick and hastle free solutions!

Part 1 How to Remove Black Background from After Effects

Graphic and video editing are enormous domains to explore your creative skills in graphic design and animation. The software market is a pool of editing applications that are packed with extensive libraries to garnish your creations with varieties of exciting after effects. However, the additive black backgrounds are an annoying cringe to your creative artwork.

While these black backgrounds are evident on account of being inherent application properties of video and film editing software, the relaxing note is, there are effective solutions to the removal of these black screens. When browsing through affordable way to take up the removal process, you can adhere to the following procedure for making and exporting after effects transparent background videos:

After Effects Template

Step 1: Launch After Effects

This one is an efficient motion graphics template that you can use to add a visible spunk to your graphic design artworks. Begin with launching the template in your system after an official website download of the same.

Step 2: Make Your Film Ready

Before beginning to remove the black background in After Effects template, make sure that your footage is ready to take up the action. The tool you are about to use is known to eliminate black pixels from your clip proportional to the luminous intensity variation in the scene under consideration.

Check for any areas you would like to remain untouched and mask them to retain the dark elements. To ensure effective masking, it is recommended to use the ‘Levels and Curves’ effect for a convenient tweak to the final key at the end.

After Effects Template- Footage Preparation

Step 2: Shift Channels Effect

In the composition panel, navigate to the ‘Shift Channels’ effect and use the ‘Drag and Drop’ method to add it to the dark pixelated layer you wish to remove. You can also use this effect to work with adjustment layers.

After Effects Template- ‘Shift Channels’ Effect

Step 3: Luminance Adjustments

While continuing with the ‘Shift Channels’ effect, navigate to the ‘Take Alpha From’ checkbox and set ‘Luminance’ as the ‘Reset’ parameter. You are instantly fetched a footage without the black background. If this does not happen, navigate to the bottom of the composition panel and enable the ‘Transparency Grid’ option with a right side toggle.

After Effects Template- Luminance Adjustments

Step 4: Color Tweaks

Use the ‘Levels and Curves’ effect mentioned in Step 2 to make level adjustments until you get the perfect result. You can experiment with varieties of curve and level variations, both, before and after using the ‘Shift Channels’ effect to get the right tweaks. That’s it! You are now ready to export after effects transparent background video.

After Effects Template- Color Tweaks

Part 2 How to Export After Effects Transparent Background

Videos with transparent backgrounds are trending examples of motion graphic designing and video editing artworks. The cue behind these backgrounds is that they exclusively permit the object of focus to have an opaque or colored pixelation, while leaving the remaining pixels as transparent or colorless. This is beneficial in adding an extra spotlight to the main elements of your creation, while rendering the less important parts behind the scene.

Having known the credibility of transparent backgrounds in video crafting, you may feel motivated to try hands on experimenting with transparent backgrounds to uplift your graphic motion artwork.

Considering the most affordable picks of video editing software to choose from, you can rely on the ‘After Effects’ motion graphic template to kick start the creation process. When using the aforesaid template to export videos with transparent backgrounds, you need to adhere to the following steps:

Step 1: Launch the After Effects Template

Start with downloading the graphic template from its official website and launching the same on your system.

Step 2: Select Your Video

On a successful launch, the template welcomes you with its composition timeline and project panel. Here, you need to select a desired video from either of the two places to export with a transparent background.

Step 3: Add to Queue

Once you have made your choice, navigate to the top toolbar in the composition panel and hit the ‘Composition’ tab. From the drop down menu that follows, choose ‘Add to Render Queue’. You can alternatively use the ‘Ctrl + M’ shortcut to carry out the above task.

Exporting Transparent Background Videos in AE Template- Adding Video to

Step 4: Output Settings

In the ‘Render Queue’ window that pops up after completion of Step 3, navigate to the left and tap ‘Output Module’ to see the ‘Output Module Settings’ window pop up. Here, click on ’Format’ and choose the standard ‘Quicktime’ format.

Exporting Transparent Background Videos in AE Template- ‘Render Queue’

Step 5: Output Channel Selection

In the ‘Output Module’ window itself, navigate to the ‘Video Output’ tab and select ‘Channels’. In the drop down menu that follows, choose ‘RGB + Alpha’. When you are done, tap ‘OK’ at the bottom. Your video is ready for a transparent background export.

Exporting Transparent Background Videos in AE Template- Output Channel

Exporting Transparent Background Videos in Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Using the ‘After Effects’ motion graphic template is certainly one among the most affordable and convenient solutions for a transparent video export; however there are other feasible alternatives to adhere to the task. While searching through viable substitutes of the ‘After Effects’ template, you can surely pick Filmora as a reliable choice.

Try It Free

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Try It Free

For macOS 10.12 or later

Launched by Wondershare, this one is excellent video creator and editor software, capable of adhering to your requirement of a transparent background video export in the simplest way possible and that too in the quickest time span. You can further apply a plethora amazing effects to your creation from the extensive Filmora video effects library. The software comes with an advanced ‘Green Screen’ feature to create transparent video backgrounds.

It is recommended to create a Green Screen video in the software for excellent transparency. Having done that, you can take the following steps to export videos with transparent backgrounds using Filmora:

Step 1: Launch the Software

Download the free Filmora Video Editor software from its official website and install the same in any of your Windows or MacOS devices. Having done that, launch the software in your system.

Step 2: Import Your Video

In the software’s welcome interface, navigate to and hit the ‘Import’ tab. From the drop don menu that follows, choose the ‘Import Media Files’ option to import your desired background and green screen videos to Filmora’s media library.


Step 3: Adding Clips to Timeline

Now you need to add background footage in the timeline’s video track and repeat the process with the green screen footage to add it into a separate timeline track. You can either insert both the clips into different video tracks using the ‘Drag and Drop’ method.

Exporting Transparent Background Videos in Filmora- Video Timeline Dragging

Step 4: Chromatic Settings

In the green screen video timeline, double click on the added video to directly access the ‘Chroma Key’ settings. You can alternatively, right click the video footage and choose ‘Green Screen’ to access the ‘Chroma Key’ option.

Exporting Transparent Background Videos in Filmora- Chromatic Settings

Step 5: Applying Transparency Effect

Enable the Chroma Key by checking in the option boxes. Next, you need to click either the ‘Color Picker’ icon or the ‘Color Picker’ drop down menu for an automatic generation of transparent background for your footage.

Exporting Transparent Background Videos in Filmora- Transparency Effect

Step 6: Preview Your Artwork

Once the transparent background is applied, the editor will redirect you to its ‘Preview’ window, where you can play the footage to see the result. You can now save and export the created video with a transparent background to any social media platform of your choice.

Exporting Transparent Background Videos in Filmora- Artwork ‘Preview’

Ending Thoughts

Videos with transparent backgrounds are capable of attracting much greater attention for the prime object of concern in any footage.

You can choose from a variety of video editor tools and software, like, the After Effects template, to export videos with transparent backgrounds on various media sharing platforms. if you are looking for suitable alternatives, consider using the Filmora Video Editor software to create and export transparent background videos.

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