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4 Ways for Rotating Your GoPro Videos Professionally

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 11, 22, updated Dec 05, 23

Video editing has secured a prominent position among other post-production works with innovation in cameras. Now, you do not need to hold the reins of your imagination tight.

With its advanced technology, Go-Pro has grabbed the attention of technology lovers. It offers video stabilization, making it the best gadget for capturing sports activities and other outdoor events.

If you have recorded your video in an odd direction? Also, you don’t want to lose that precious memory? There is no need to worry.

Rotating your video horizontally or vertically can change the entire perspective of your project.

The process of changing the orientation of the video is convenient. There are different tools for rotating your Go-Pro videos simply and easily.

In this article, you’ll find four solutions for rotating your Go-Pro Videos. The following tools will be used for this purpose.

  • Wondershare Filmora
  • GoPro Quik
  • VLC Media Player
  • Online Converter (Ezgif)

Filmora Wondershare-A companion to rotate your GoPro Videos

If you want to experience new dimensions of video editing by changing the orientation of your videos, then Filmora Video Editor is there for you. If you have made a video with your Go-pro at the wrong angle, video rotation can solve your problem.

Filmora is there to keep you out of trouble. It comes with the option of changing the direction of your videos. Apart from that, you can crop the unwanted parts or even zoom in on videos.

Free Download

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Free Download

For macOS 10.14 or later

Here is the step-by-step guide for rotating your go-pro video.

Step 1: Drag and Drop

The interface of Filmora is user-friendly and convenient. The video rotation process starts with importing the video file and then adding the drag and drop feature to the timeline.


Step 2: Video Rotation

  • In the timeline, double-click on the video clip.
  • The video tab will appear with several options like transformation and lens correction.

Step 3: Exploring the Transform Tab

  • Expand the Transform tab.
  • You will see the options like rotation, flip, scale, and position.
  • You can now rotate your Go-pro video by either rotating the slider or entering a specific value for the degree of rotation.
  • You can also use the scale slider to adjust the image size.

Step 4:Exporting the rotated Go-pro Video

  • After changing the orientation of your video, now is the time to export your project.
  • Click on the Export tab.

The Export tab shows a list of options whether you want to export the rotated video directly to your computer or share it with your friends via social media.


Exploring the Rotation of Video through GoPro Quik

GoPro Quik provides an alternative for changing the direction of videos. It comes with built-in tools specifically meant to deal with GoPro videos. Irrespective of the quality of your videos or format, it can rotate GoPro videos with ease.

You can rotate GoPro Video with GoPro Quik by following these steps.

  • Download and install the software and launch it afterward.
  • You can connect your GoPro device to your computer or choose a folder to add media.
  • Upload the media folder into the GoPro Quik program.
  • Go to the video you want to rotate and double click on it.
  • A new window will open. Select the circle-shaped icon.
  • The video is rotated at 90 degrees with each click.
  • Apart from that, on the far right side is a three-dotted button. Click on it to enter Create Mode.
  • Afterward, select Open.
  • Click on the Save button to save all the editing.


  • User-friendly and convenient
  • It connects to the GoPro camera easily.
  • Background tracks can be imported to audio libraries.
  • Supports importing of background tracks to music libraries.


  • It is slow when dealing with 4K and files.

Changing the orientation of a Go-pro video using a VLC player

The majority consider VLC as only a media player. But, it also performs the functions of a video editor. The software is user-friendly and supports every existing operating system, including Windows and Linux. The cherry on top is that it supports all audio and video formats. Unlike other tools, there is no need to download add-ons.

  • After downloading the VLC media player, launch the software.
  • Now, you need to import the video file you want to rotate. This is done by dragging the media file to the timeline or selecting a media source from the left.
  • In the VLC menu, go to Tools and then select Effects and Filters.

Tip: You can use the shortcut CTRL+E for the same purpose.

  • The effects and filter tab will open a dialogue box with different options. Select the Video Effects tab.
  • The video effect tab has many sub-tabs. You need to select the Geometry tab.
  • Select the Transform option. A drop-down menu will appear with different options for rotating your video at different angles.
  • Tick the checkbox that says Rotate to flip your video at a certain angle. Then, move the angle dialer. This will rotate your video to the angle you have specified.
  • Click on the save option to complete the rotation process.

Note: The rotation settings are saved. Thus, you need to uncheck the option if you don’t want to rotate your next video.

Permanent Rotation of Video

The above steps rotated the video for only playing once. If you want to make the orientation of the video permanently to be flipped, then follow these instructions after the above steps.

Go to Media and select Convert/Save on the menu bar or use the shortcut CTRL+R.


A pop-up window will appear. Click on the Add button. Your video will be added.

Afterward, select the option Convert/Save.


A pop-up window will appear in which you have to select the settings logo, located next to Profile

  • A pop-up window will appear; click on the Video codec tab.
  • Select the Filters tab and click on the Video transformation filter

In the Audio Codec tab, under the encoding parameters, select MP3 in the codec option.

Select the save option.


Note: Make sure to add the destination file in the convert dialogue box.


Click on the start button to begin the transformation.

Using the Online Converter

The Online Converter is a tool that assists you in rotating the direction of your GoPro. It is an online resource and does not require downloading and installing the cumbersome trouble. It is user-friendly and compatible with different video formats like MP4, MKV,3GP, and more.


It is free for users. Therefore, there is no need for installation.


  • If it takes longer to upload a file, you may have to re-submit it. Hence, it can be time-consuming.
  • It does not support encrypted files.

Fixing the Orientation of Go-pro video by Ezgif

If you have no time to download different tools for rotating your Go-Pro videos, then the Internet has got a solution to your problem. There are various resources available on the web that facilitate the online rotation of your videos.

The Ezgif online video rotation is a handy tool. With it, you can flip your Go-pro video both horizontally and vertically. Not only that, but it also gives you the option of rotating your video at different angles. It supports various video formats like MP4, MOV, and many others.

You need to follow these simple steps to fix the orientation of your Go-Pro video.

  • Upload your desired video file.
  • You can also paste an URL.
  • Select the rotation options and then click the Rotate video button.

Viola! Your new rotated video is there in no time.

  • You will also see several options ranging from cropping the video to changing the speed of the video.


  • There would be no watermarks in the rotated version.
  • The output of the created file is mostly similar to the pre-rotated video.


  • If you have poor internet connectivity, the conversion process may take a little longer than usual.


With the rising trend in the development of video editing tools, Go-pro Quik is not the only app for editing its videos. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate, editing multimedia files has added spark to the creativity of the artists. You can add the desired rotation effects to yours.

Changing the rotation of your Go-Pro videos has been made easier due to the availability of user-friendly tools. These are available for all types of operating systems. Their interface is not complicated. Hence, it makes it easy for beginners to polish their video-editing skills.

 By changing the orientation of your video, you can turn an ordinary video into a mesmerizing and cherishable lifelong memory. So be it an indoor or outdoor activity, enhance your video editing skills by playing with different orientations of your videos.

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