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[Full guide] How to make a typewriter effect to your titles?

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Jul 17, 2024• Proven solutions

The typewriter effect is a text effect that mimics someone typing the text on a typewriter letter by letter. The typewriter text effect is a well-known cinematic device. Consider an aerial shot of an unknown place at night, with the text continuing to type on a typewriter. When combined with that iconic sound, the typewriter effect is a wonderful method to disclose information and is quite simple to produce.


YouTubers use the typewriter text effect for a variety of reasons. Some use it to create opening titles, while others use it every time they want to highlight a fact or an instruction that is essential to their audience. If you'd like to learn how to easily add typewriter text effects to your videos, keep reading because we'll teach you a couple of ways to do it in this article.

Part1: How to make a typewriter effect in your video?

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You've probably seen the text typing effect in many current thrillers or military-themed films, which are commonly utilized to introduce a new scene or location in the movie. While these teletype effects are meant to depict high-tech communication, they are based on almost 200-year-old technology. The typewriter from the past. If you want to know how to create a typewriter text effect in your videos, then follow these simple steps:

Launch Wondershare Filmora and created a new project. To apply the text typing effects, go to the Media panel and import the film you want to use it.

Once you've imported the video clip into your project, drag it from the Media panel to the timeline. After that, go to the Titles tab and select the Titles category on the left side of the screen.


Begin by browsing Filmora's library of titles and selecting the one that best matches your project's visual style.

Drag and drag the Title you've chosen to the video track above the track where you're editing the video clip. You may move it left or right down the track to ensure it's in the appropriate place, or you can modify the duration by dragging one of its edges.


Double-click the title to bring up the Text Editor panel, where you may type the text that will show on the screen. You may also alter the font and size of the text and format it in any manner you like. Start looking for the text animation titled Type Writer by clicking on the Animation tab in the upper left corner of the Text Editor panel.

Part2: How to add realistic typewriter sound effects to your video?

Without the appropriate sound effect, no title with a typewriter effect is complete. Here is how you can find and add sound effects to your videos:

  1. Where to find those sound effects?

Motion Array has several typewriter sound effect bundles available, which includes:

  • Typewriter

A fantastic sound effects collection with three distinct typewriter typing sounds, each with a ding at the ending! Exceptionally helpful for explainer videos and other cutting-edge material.

  • Typewriter Sound Pack

Ambient sound effects are created by a person typing on a typewriter. For older films or documentaries, this foley sound is ideal.

  • Typing On Keyboard

For typographic intros, cartoons, and animations, a more contemporary typing effect perfectly matches ambient noises. With these incredible noises, you may enhance the intricacies of your video.

  • Mechanical Typewriter

A fantastic collection of 5 distinct speeds of crisp, old-fashioned mechanical typewriter sound effects. Use them in loops for your intros or to add a distinctive touch to your current typographic designs.


You can also search for copyright-free typewriter sound effects on YouTube. Simple go to YouTube and search for your desired typewriter sound effect. Copy its link. Now go to any mp4 to mp3 converter like Copy your video link there and convert it to an mp3 file. Download this mp3 file to your computer. You can use it easily on your next text typing effect video.

  1. How to add them to your video?

To make it look more realistic, you will need a typewriter sound effect. Go to YouTube and search for typewriter sound effects. Copy its link. Now go to and past this link to convert it into an mp3 file. Download the file after conversion.


Now open Wondershare Filmore and go to Sample colours and select Black and drop it to your timeline.


Now click on Text and select Plain Text. Drag and drop it above the previous track. Double click on it and click on Advanced to customize the text. You can change the font and size of text here according to your liking.



Click on Animation and select the Text Vector option. Double click on it to apply it to the video. You can control and alter the speed of the beginning part of the animation. After you are done with customizing animation settings, click Ok.



To add the sound effects, click on Project Media and drag the mp3 audio file that you previously downloaded from YouTube into your timeline. Cut the extra length of the sound effect and adjust it according to your text.



Part3: FAQ

  1. When to use a typewriter effect in your video?

You can use the typewriter text effect to create more dynamic, interesting films that capture and hold viewers' attention. The typewriter text effect adds a touch of class to your video presentation and is simple to use on any text element. The typewriter effect makes it appear as if your content is being read aloud. This adds a personal touch to your material, which is effective in capturing people's attention.

  1. How to do the typewriter effect in Keynote?

While iMovie does not include a typewriter effect title, you can make one using Keynote. This may be shown as text anywhere you wish, or you can go more creative with extra visuals, such as a search box that displays above your movie. Choose a table, chart, or text block (for example, a list or text with some paragraphs). In the toolbar, select Animate. Select an animation after clicking Add an Effect. Choose how you want the item to construct from the Delivery pop-up menu.



Text typing effects are among the most popular forms of word animations nowadays. You can add them to your videos to improve their overall quality. Let us know which way of incorporating typewriter effects into videos you prefer by leaving a comment below.

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