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10 Amazing Pixel Art Background and How to Create Your Own

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Nov 03, 21, updated Feb 29, 24
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We have experienced a surge in the usage of pixel art background as a way of creating animations.

Many artists are engaging themselves in this digital art to make phenomenal creations. Conclusively, there are various existing as well as upcoming tools to help them out. However, we've listed ten stunning pixel art background inspirations before you jump into spotting the right tools for their creation.

Since spotting the right tools can get hard sometimes, we have a total of 4 best tips to create your pixel art background which are compatible with your thought processes.

Whether you’re just beginning or looking to enhance your skills, our guide will help you find the best pixel art background inspiration as well as suitable software to fit your needs.

Part 1: Where to Find Royalty Free Pixel Art Background?

Given below are some beautiful works in the style of pixel art backgrounds. These are backgrounds; some of them are with a parallax effect, while some are seamless. You can download all of them for free via the given download sources.


Dreamstime is one of the great stock photo agencies with 20+ years of reliable service. Founded in 2004, Dreamstime is a trusted world leader in offering professional 160+ million stock photos, videos, audios, illustrations etc.

Dreamstime is also where you’ll find the cheapest royalty-free and extended license stock photos.

2. Pexels

Pexels empowers creators by offering royalty-free stock images that assist millions of creators worldwide in gathering beautiful designs and products. This platform provides high-quality stock images completely free under the Pexels license that are well searchable and tagged. You can also find them through their discovery pages. However, their images database only involves free photos taken by our photographer's community.


Freepik is a software as a service (SaaS) platform. This infographic software comes merged with a search engine to look for free and premium vector designs. If technicality is not your thing, you can think of Freepik as a simple website to find vector graphics. It has both premia as well as free content worth considering. There are thousands of images, icons, vectors, and illustrations to choose from. Moreover, they keep adding new resources. To use some free resources, you must provide credit to the original creator.

Thus, all the pointers above are great resources to download various kinds of pixel art backgrounds.

Part 2: 10 Eye-Catching Pixel Art Background with Different Styles

1. Pixel Art Hill Background

pixel art hill background

A background of a Hill (with layers) worth considering for immediate use for your project with ease. It can be a fantastic wallpaper pixel art as well.

Get your pixel art hill background here.

2. Underwater Scene Pixel Art Background

underwater scene pixel art background

This underwater scene pixel art background consists of 3 separate layers seamlessly looped for a fantastic parallax effect.

Get your underwater scene pixel art background for free.

3. Countryside Background and Platform Tiles

countryside pixel art background

It's another cute pixel background and a Tile Set of a countryside road. This zip file contains the working PSD file, the license to use, and the png looped layers to use on your projects.

Find countryside pixel art background here.

4. Free Pixel Art Forest

free pixel art forest

You can also immediately use a forest background (with layers) as a wallpaper pixel art background.

Discover free forest pixel art here.

5. Space Background

space pixel art

Are you wandering for a background for your space shooter game? This pixel art background is ready to use, seamlessly looped, and fully layered. They have starred space back, some minor planets on the far back, a ringed planet, and a giant planet on the foreground.

Get space pixel art background here.

6. Free Pixel Art Cloud Backgrounds

pixel art cloud background

These clouds are made for practice and thus make one of the cute pixel backgrounds. It is free to download and can be helpful wherever you wish so.

However, all the layers of this pixel art backgroundcan be separated (stars, clouds, wood) at 1$ charge.

7. Cute Pixel Art Background

cute pixel art background

It is a collection of 57 cute pixel backgrounds and wallpaper pixel arts. Plus, they are freely available for download. Moreover, it is a growing collection of HD images to use as a home screen for your smartphone or as a background or computer.

8. Aesthetic Pixel Background

aesthetic pixel background

Here’s a collection of the best 60 aesthetic pixel art backgroundsand backgrounds available for download for free.

9. Minecraft Pixel Art Background

minecraft pixel background

Want to make an interesting Minecraft pixel art? Minecraft'sMinecraft's creative potential is the main reason for its popularity. Building a new house, creating spectacular lava falls that cascade from the side of your obsidian mansion, and constructing an underground fortress. It'sIt's a hugely fulfilling game. They have a great list of animated pixel art wallpapers as well.

10. Pixel Planets Background

pixel planets background

Here’s a pixel planet background asset pack that you can use for your games. You can use the planets as a base to create other planets or directly use them (just after changing the colors).

Part 3: How to Create Your Own Pixel Art Background?

Pixel Art is quite a famous illustration and drawing style. Does it resemble how the old computer games were there – Space Invaders, anyone? Its previous limitations are now its huge advantage and reason for being – individual pixels create a pixelated, sharp look.

You can still start any pixel art background image in a tiny pixel art background-size, even if you've created a large sketchbook draft. After you finish creating the image, resample it to a larger size which is usually not done while working with digital painting, illustration, and pictures.

1 - Plan your pixel art background

Before you do anything, plan for what you’re going to make. Gather some inspirations from the stunning pixel art background examples given above.

2 - Choose Pixel Art Maker

There are numerous handy pixel art makers available to choose from. Moreover, the best thing is that they’re entirely free to use. The screenshot provided above is one of the best pixel art makers with requisite editing tools.

3 - Drawing Tools and Techniques for Pixel Art

Have you learned any drawing techniques for pixel art creation? Even a little mix of skills can do wonders if you want to create an excellent pixel art background inspiration.

4 - Consider making Pixel Art GIF

Going with the trend, the pixel art GIF is not a bad idea! There are many GIFs present on the same subject, and you can also easily create one with the help of an ever-loving video editing tool called Wondershare Filmora. After completing all the formalities to import media into the tool, you can look for pixel video effects in the Effects tab below. And, it's as simple as it looks now! Tapping the effect, and you're all done to lead to a GIF creation process.

Wondershare Filmora

Get started easily with Filmora's powerful performance, intuitive interface, and countless effects!

filmorax boxpng


Capturing the visual style of a pixelated image doesn't always work, but when it does, we can go through exciting adventures like those listed above in the form of stunning pixel art backgrounds. If you have some excess space on your hard drive, why not download these backgrounds to your wish list so you're ready to grab upon as instant inspiration? There is no doubt you won't want to miss these! Let us know more about your favorite pixel art background in the comments below.

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