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Ryan Kaji’s Net Worth: 11-Year-Old Boy gets highest-paid from YouTube 2024

Liza Brown
Liza Brown Originally published Nov 30, 22, updated Jul 18, 24

If you are curious about Ryan Kaji's net worth and what led to it, you are at the right place. YouTube as a platform is accessible to a vast global audience, and anyone, regardless of age or lifestyle, can earn high amounts with the right type of content. Ryan Kaji is one such individual who has achieved a lot in his short life with his YouTube channel, Ryan’s World.

Read ahead to get deep knowledge of how much does ryan's world make, career graph, and how you can emulate a similar path on YouTube.

ryan kaji
In this article
  1. The Biography Box on Ryan Kaji
    1. Ryan Kaji’s Annual Income between 2016-2022
    2. Popularity across social media
    1. Top videos on Ryan’s World
    1. Filmora- Why should you use it?
    2. How to use Filmora to create engaging videos for YouTube?

Part 1: The Biography Box on Ryan Kaji

Before going into this in detail, here is an overall summary of Ryan Kaji and his income structure for a quick look.

Name Ryan Kaji
Real Name Ryan Naruto Nguyen
Net Worth (as of 2022) USD 35 million
Monthly Income/Salary (approx.) USD 1.11 million
Yearly Income (approx.) USD 16.66 million
Age 11 years
Gender Male
Height 1.28 m or 128 cm or 4 ft 2 inches
Nationality Asian-American
Profession YouTuber, Influencer
YouTube Channel Ryan’s World
Awards and Recognition ·   Ranked No. 23 on Top Creators List, Forbes 2022.
·   Ryan's World ranks as one of the top 100 YouTube channels.
ryan kaji in video

Now that we know the primary data about Ryan, read on to learn about how he became famous on YouTube and his overall income, in more detail.

Part 2: Ryan Kaji YouTube Earning and Stats

After seeing the notes about Ryan’s World's yearly income and other points, you must wonder how it has increased over the years. To simplify, most of his income comes from YouTube in terms of views and ad revenue, like most YouTubers.

Other than that, his subscriber count also accounts for a portion of what the YouTube algorithm calculates for the income evaluation. Currently, the subscriber counts for the Ryan’s World channel sits at 33.3 million, spread across different age demographics.

ryans world total views and subscriber count

To calculate Ryan World net worth in 2020, the jump from 2022, and how it grew since 2015 overall, the ads play a major role. Typically, YouTubers earn around USD 3-7 for every 1000 views. His videos get around 277.59 million views per month. So, the overall count can extend to USD 1.11 million per month.

If he earns higher, like USD 7 for every 1000 views, his annual average can increase reach around USD 29.98 million instead of the estimated USD 16.66 million.

Moreover, YouTubers earn from other sources besides the ads on their videos, so the overall Ryan YouTube income is likely even higher monthly and yearly. These additional sources include affiliate commissions, sponsorships, interviews at other platforms, and product sales/merchandise.

ryan kaji merchandise

Here is a quantified average of the earning statistics for Ryan’s World income in tabular format.

Ryan Kaji Ryan’s World Income
Estimated Earnings per Month USD 1.11 million
Estimated Earnings per Year USD 16.66 million
Total Video Uploads (Approx) 52.323 billion
Subscribers 33.3 million
Video Views (on average) 800,000+
Views for the last 30 days (on average) 277.59 million

Ryan Kaji’s Annual Income between 2016-2022:

For a better understanding of how much does Ryan ToysReview make, which is the most popular segment in his channel, let’s look at his earning graph over the years.

Here is a bar chart showing the growth in Raji Kaji's net worth from 2016 to the present.

Since Ryan Kaji started his channel in 2015, he has focused mainly on posting reviews and critiques on toys in videos. His personable characteristics and demeanor, plus the type of content he presented, helped him increase his earnings, raking in USD 11 million in 2016 and 2017.

As he grew in age, his content shifted to fit his interests at 6 years of age, which revolved around DIY science, adding animated co-stars, and doodles. He also started his custom merchandise for the subscribers, had his AdSense revenue, and a proprietary toy line. Therefore, regarding how much money did Ryan ToysReview make in 2018, the channel saw growth to USD 22 million, which further increased to USD 26 million in 2019.

In 2020, he earned around USD 29.5 million and USD 27 million in 2021. The Ryan ToysReview income further grew to USD 35 million in 2022, and it is expected to increase in the upcoming time, especially with his videos raking in millions of views in recent times.

Popularity across social media:

The leading social media platform where Ryan Kaji grew his strength is YouTube, and he currently enjoys a massive fan following. His channel, Ryan’s World, has an overall subscriber base of around 33.3 million YouTube users. These include primarily children as well as other adults, either who enjoy his content or those who watch along with their kids. He also has an Instagram account for his channel with around 159k followers.

ryan kaji instagram

Besides that, the total Ryan’s World earnings also come from his other YouTube channels, managed under the company his parents established afterward. These include Ryan ToysReview, The Studio Space, Ryan’s Family Review, EK Doodles, and three more.

All of these channels combined get a substantial overall following base, though there are overlaps between all or some of them. Ryan Kaji also has a television series and video game under the brand, increasing his overall popularity. The series name is "Ryan's Mystery Playdate" on Nick Jr.

Part 3: Why is Ryan Kaji Trending on YouTube?

The overall view of how much money does Ryan have throughout the years and his social media popularity will surely give you an idea of how he amassed his impressive net worth. However, why exactly is he so popular on the platform when he focuses mainly on kid's toys instead of other things that appeal to the primarily adult userbase on YouTube?

Charming personality

Ryan has a fun and enthusiastic approach to his videos, showing a bright and adorable personality. This shines through all of his videos, and his excitement translates across the screen to the viewers to captivate their attention well.

Interactive and engaging videos

The way the content is presented is engaging, with Ryan speaking to the viewers like friends. That creates a light-hearted environment for his subscribers, who are mostly kids. His videos also include information they learn, like the “ABC Song Learn English Alphabet for Children with Ryan!” video.

High-quality visuals and effects

The videos on the channel are well edited, with bright color scape and high-resolution imagery. The editor also adds fun effects in video, image, and audio format to engage all senses of viewers.

Consistent delivery/updates

The team behind Ryan’s World has the timing of their releases well-planned and relatively consistent with the posting schedule. Subscribers stay engaged since they get the videos they want regularly.

Engaging and eye-catching titles-

The titles of the videos on this channel are framed with the main keywords of what content one can expect. The title card design with effects and other areas where text pop up is properly set.

Top videos on Ryan’s World

To understand these points, you should take a look at his top videos on YouTube. The best videos on Ryan’s World channel include “HUGE EGGS Surprise Toys Challenge with Inflatable Water Slide” with 2 billion views, “Giant Lightning McQueen Egg Surprise with 100+ Disney Cars Toys” with 1.1 billion views, and “ABC Song Learn English Alphabet for Children with Ryan!” with 384 million views.

Video Link:

Each video has an engaging title that speaks on the central theme while keeping consistent with his content type, i.e., toys review. Plus, he has visually appealing thumbnails with edited imagery, and his vibrant personality is appealing as well. All in all, he covers all the main points necessary to create engaging content, and that naturally adds to Ryan World salary.

ryan kaji video with highest 2 billion views

Bonus Tip: How to be a YouTuber and Make Videos like Ryan Kaji

Yes, the quality and presentation of the videos on the channel are one of critical pieces that caused the high Ryan Kaji net worth. If you plan to start your YouTube channel, you should focus on video editing to optimize its quality. In this context, the Filmora software is an excellent tool to use.

Filmora- Why should you use it?

Wondershare Filmora is a high-grade video editing software that allows users to create dynamic, eye-grabbing, and intuitive videos efficiently. You can use the features available in this Mac and Windows-based software to merge, cut, split, and more your video clips into one cohesive project. It is simple to add filters with pre-set FX plugins like Boris FX, among other available options, for a unique video look.

Additionally, you can adjust the coloring of your videos with Color Matching and Color Correction features and add titles/transitions, among others. You can add voiceover and audio effects and adjust the video's volume, tone, and soundtrack. AI-based features are also available here for quick automated edits (Instant Mode), removing background by focusing on only the subject (AI Portrait), and more.

How to use Filmora to create engaging videos for YouTube?

Free Download
Free Download

Step1 Download and launch the Filmora software on Mac or Windows PC.

Step2 Tap on New Project > Click here to import media.

click here to import media

Step3 After choosing the video file or files from your device, drag them to the editor timeline below.

drag video to editor timeline

Step4 From the toolbar just above the timeline, click on the standard functions you want to use for editing the video. For example, click on the file and press the Crop icon.

press the crop icon

Step5 At the top-most toolbar, you can see many tabs for editing, like Effects, Audio, Titles, etc. Click on them to get the drop-down menu of available effects, audio clips, and more. Add the ones you choose by dragging them to the video on the timeline.

click on audio tab and drag it to video

Continue with further editing work using other tools available, like speed adjustment, background removal (chroma key), and more.

Step6 After completing the edits, click the Export button. Choose to download it offline by selecting Local and choosing your preferred format. Make further changes in the settings.

Or, you can directly post the video to your linked YouTube account.

linked youtube account

Step7 Tap the Export button.

Final Words

Overall, Ryan Kaji saw great success with his stunning and engaging videos on his YouTube channel over the years. Also, he focused on other ventures, with the support of the team behind his channel, for income and editing work.

But, while starting, your funding will be less. It would help if you handled the video editing work on your own first, with reliable software like Filmora. Also, use other analytics tools and strategies to improve your channel further.

Free Download
Free Download
Liza Brown
Liza Brown Jul 18, 24
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