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How to Auto Resize a Video for WhatsApp Status?

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Nov 24, 2022• Proven solutions

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Do you know what the purpose of WhatsApp status is and how to resize videos for WhatsApp?

The WhatsApp status feature launched in February 2018 lets users upload their videos and photos to see their contacts. Overall, it’s one of the exciting features of WhatsApp than a simple text-based message. The WhatsApp Status can further be used as a powerful tool if you have a WhatsApp Business account. And, we’re sure that you’re already utilizing the WhatsApp status feature by creating optimized videos. By optimized videos, we mean the ideal video content that best suits your business and audience. And, there’s no issue even if you’re creating WhatsApp status videos just for fun.

In this post, we’ll share the fast and furious method to resize videos for WhatsApp. The business users of WhatsApp are pretty familiar with the difficulty of cropping brand videos so that they can fit different social media channels, including WhatsApp itself. So, let’s start our tutorial from the following sections!

Part 1: How to Auto Resize a Video to Fit the Aspect Ratio of WhatsApp Status?

Why not include WhatsApp in your marketing strategy when the platform has more than 1.5 billion active users a month. Ask what not you can do over this central messaging platform. You can build a marketing campaign, create broadcast lists, make a group chat, offer the best customer services, share promotions, flash sales, partner with various complementary influencers and businesses, etc.

In terms of WhatsApp Status video resolution, the recommended size is 1080 × 1920 px. And, the aspect ratio for the same is 4:3.

Let’s now check out how you can resize a video for WhatsApp if you’re creating one!

Steps to resize video for WhatsApp via Wondershare Filmora for Mac

There’s good news for you all! Filmora for Mac has recently launched specific updates in version 10.2: the Auto-Reframe, Fast import from Photo library, support for the Instant Cutter tool, and availability of various split-screen templates.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

So, we’re mainly concerned with its automatic reframe feature that allows instant cropping of WhatsApp videos. Not only WhatsApp but all other social media platforms!

Step 1: Download and Install Wondershare Filmora for Mac

Click on the Try It Free button to get its latest version.

Step 2: Open the Auto Reframe Tool Directly

Go to More Tools and select Auto Reframe directly from there. It will then ask you for cropping in the next step.

auto reframe

Step 3: Import Your WhatsApp Video

It’s time to upload the WhatsApp video for auto-cropping. Click the Import button.

auto reframe

Step 4: Choose Your Aspect Ratio

Here, you need to select the standard format 4:3 aspect ratio for WhatsApp videos. There are four other options as well.

auto reframe

Step 5: Make Adjustments

Despite the automatic cropping, the Auto Reframe feature of Wondershare Filmora for Mac also offers you two additional options, namely the Adjust Frame and Advanced settings.

Click Adjust Frame button and adjust the crop box. Confirm changes by hitting the OK tab.

auto reframe

Click the Advanced tab to set the Tracking Subject and Tracking Speed.

auto reframe

Step 6: Export the Resized Video

Download your cropped WhatsApp video by clicking the Export button.

auto reframe

You can upload this cropped WhatsApp video into Wondershare Filmora for further editing.

Part 2: Tips to Create Trending WhatsApp Status Videos

“How can I make my WhatsApp status more attractive?”

Yes, there are some cool tricks by which you can make your WhatsApp status video more attractive.

  • Optimize your WhatsApp status videos as per your business objectives.
  • Don’t forget to give the finishing touches to your WhatsApp videos.
  • Add overlay texts to provide informational videos to your audience.
  • Include CTA that resonates well with your business goals and objectives.
  • Combine various WhatsApp videos and create a montage kind thing to make your status more interesting.
  • Try to shoot original videos in high resolutions.
  • You can also shoot Day-In-The-Life videos to take a break from usual business content and let your audience have a little fun.
  • Ensure that your WhatsApp status video content comes within the required length of 30 seconds. It’s because longer videos will get split and don’t look good anymore.
  • There is loads of stuff available on YouTube by which you can create different effects within your status video. Still, we’d like to advise you to be simple and don’t add over elements as it should look like professional content.


Hopefully, you’ve got how to resize videos for WhatsApp by now. Before you make status videos for WhatsApp, think of creating unique content that will look professional. That is why we’ve discussed the significance of WhatsApp status videos and the tips in the above sections. So, check for the importance of creating awesome WhatsApp status videos and looking for their resizing option.

Download Win VersionDownload Mac Version

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Liza Brown is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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