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Best 10 Emoji Apps to Emoji Yourself-Make an Emoji of Yourself!

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

Sharing emoji is the latest trend in communication on almost all online social media platforms. Emoji makes a conversation funny, engaging and conveys the message you intend perfectly. There are a lot of emoji apps available in the play store that can be downloaded on any device to get more emojis. These emoji apps provide hundreds of emoji suitable for all situations and occasions, needed while interacting online.

Some emoji apps help to emoji yourself, which means you will be able to make an emoji avatar that looks like yourself. These emoji apps absorb your appearance and create funny emojis, with your looks, which is more fun than using regular emojis.

Best 8 Emoji Apps to Make an Emoji of Yourself

Since sharing emojis has been a trend for some time, there a lot of apps that help to emoji yourself in the online market. These emoji apps provide a lot of editing features and captions to make your emoji more appealing and message conveying.

Let’s have a look at some of the best apps that helps to make an emoji of yourself.

1.Bitmoji (iPhone and Android)

Bitmoji is one of the widely used applications that can help you to emoji yourself. This emoji app offers a variety of customizable options, a wide range of accessories and costumes to make your avatar look cooler than ordinary emojis.

Bitmoji Emoji Yourself


  • Free
  • Include in-app purchases


  • Can create an expressive avatar of yourself
  • A huge library of stickers to choose from
  • Option to create 2 person emoji to share on Snapchat
  • Access to emoji from the chatting platform. For ios users, direct access from keyboards

2. Zmoji(iPhone and Android)

Zmoji is a customizable emoji app that helps to emoji yourself easily. It allows you to make an avatar that looks exactly like you but in a cartoonish style. You can also edit your avatar’s clothes, accessories, and other details.

Zmoji Emoji Yourself


  • Free
  • Zmoji Premium with extra features = $99.99 per year
  • Include in-app purchases


  • Easy and quick creation of an avatar
  • Emoji, GIFs, and avatars that you can use directly from your phone keyboard
  • A variety of facial features and a big library

3. Avatoon(iPhone and Android)

Avatoon is a powerful emoji application that helps to make an emoji of yourself, with the same facial appearance. These emojis allow you to expresses all your excitement and moods in a way words can’t. This emoji app also allows the customization of the emoji background.

Avatoon Emoji Yourself


  • Free
  • Avatoon Premium with extra features = $49.99 per year
  • Include in-app purchases


  • Awesome facial recognition feature
  • Easily customize clothes to nose and hair to eyes
  • Eye-catching clothes and costumes to try on
  • Effortlessly share the created emojis while interacting on any social media platform

4. Emoji My Face (iPhone)

Emoji My Face is an iPhone exclusive emoji app that helps to create wonderful emoji of yourself or your friends from any photos in your storage. It is one of the best apps have to have fun on social media platforms or to prank your friends by sending crazy emojis.

Emoji My Face


  • Free
  • Include in-app purchases


  • Well designed, beautiful emoji icon of yourself
  • Cool emoji expressions that can make anyone laugh
  • Compactable to share on all most all social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Twitter, messenger, mail WeChat, etc.

5. Mirror(iPhone and Android)

Mirror is an emoji app that helps you to emoji yourself in all the funny and entertaining ways possible. You can either take a snap or yourself or upload a photo to recreate your appearance for the emoji.

Mirror Emoji Yourself


  • Free
  • Include in-app purchases
  • Subscription: $9.99 per month


  • Personalized emoji and more than 150 stickers are available
  • A mirror keyboard is available, to give emoji suggestions as you text
  • Cool emoji icons with attractive accessories and addition of emojis to the library every week

6. MojiPop (iPhone and Android)

MojiPop is an instant emoji app that allows you to customize every single detail of the emoji you are creating. It allows you to click pictures of yourself or friends and create humorous emoji icons that can surprise anybody.

Mojipop Emoji Yourself


  • Free
  • Include in-app purchases
  • Premium:$5.99 for 1 month, $29.99 per year


  • Advanced facial recognition that allows you to create live looking emojis
  • Thousands of emoji stickers available in the library
  • Editing features like adding funny accessories, changing the theme, adding a caption, etc.

7. Face Cam (Android)

Face Cam is an android exclusive emoji app that helps you to make an emoji of yourself very easily. It helps to create live looking 3D emoji of yourself which can add extra fun to all your social media interactions.

Face Cam Emoji Yourself


  • Free
  • Include in-app purchases


  • A variety of expressions that fit your personality and style
  • Allows to choose from skin tones, hair colors, hairstyles, eye colors, accessories, and more
  • Create a group emoji of 2 people to add more fun
  • Easy sharing on social media platforms

8. Facemoji (iPhone)

Facemoji is an emoji app that helps you to be yourself while interacting with your friends and family on social media apps. This emoji app helps to emoji yourself to a cooler, funnier, and friendly cartoon version of yourself for better communication.

Facemoji Emoji Yourself


  • Free


  • A number of emoji styles and expressions
  • A lot of customizable options suitable for any situation or occasion
  • A lot of accessories and background options to make the emoji more appealing

Bonus Tip - Add Emoji to Your Video with Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is an amazing application that is preferred for video editing both by professional videographers and immatures alike. This application has extensive video editing features that can help to boost the clarity, make it more creative and appealing to any audience.

Wondershar Filmora can also help you to add cool emojis of yourself to any video. These emojis help you to convey expressions and messages words can’t and also makes the video more appealing.

Let's see how this can be done

Step 1: Open the Wondershare Filmora app, and select New Project.

Step 2: Import the video clip and drag & drop it to the Filmora timeline.

Import Emoji Source To Timeline

Step 3: Open the editing menu by double-clicking on the video clip on your timeline and mark the box beside Motion Tracking.

Choose Motion Tracking

Step 4: A tracker box will appear. Move the box on top of the moving object in the video and tap on Start Tracking.

Start Tracking Objects

Step 5: From the Elements bar, drag and drop the memoji you wish to track above the video. After dropping u can adjust the size, orientation, or position if necessary.

Adjust Emoji Size

Step 6: Double click the video clip on which you have enabled motion tracking on the timeline, and from the Motion Tracking dropdown menu, select the object to follow the movement.

Follow Emoji

Step 7: Check the tracking result by playing back the video. And finally click Export to export the video to your local device, or to YouTube directly.


Emoji is one of the creative ways of communication of your generation. They help to convey messages and expressions that words sometimes can’t. The above listed are the best emoji apps that can be used to make an emoji of yourself. These emoji apps offer a lot of exciting and attractive features to emoji yourself in the best way possible.

Emojis can also be added to videos using video editing apps like Wondershare Filmora. Filmora allows you to add memojis to any videos and further customize it as you wish. Try out the emoji apps we have suggested and give us feedback about our suggestions. Thank you.

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Shanoon Cox is a writer and a lover of all things video.
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