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Top 9 Best Online Video Quality Enhancer for FREE

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May 16, 2023• Proven solutions

The raw footage captured with Smartphones, DSLRs, or digital cameras contains imperfections that lower its quality. The colors in some shots you recorded may not be as vivid as you want them to be, or their audio might contain background noises that make it inaudible.

Professional filmmakers often say that movies are made in the editing room since that is where the footage is assembled and all of its imperfections corrected. You don’t need access to advanced video editing software products if you just want to boost a video clip’s resolution, make the colors more vibrant, or apply visual effects because there are lots of online video quality enhancers you can use from your web browser.

So, in this article, we are going to take you through some of the best online video quality enhancers that let you polish your videos before sharing them on social media.

Best Online Video Quality Enhancers

Nearly all online video editing apps offer more than just one way to improve the quality of your videos, but the set of tools you will have at your disposal depends on the video editor you choose.

Consequently, different online quality enhancers perform the best when they are used for a specific video editing task. Here are some of the best online video editors you can use to improve the quality of your videos.

Best Online Video Resolution Enhancer


HDconvert is primarily a video file converter that allows its users to change the format in which their video files are saved. Additionally, the platform offers a plethora of export settings that enable you to increase or decrease the resolution of your video files. There are no file size limitations, so you can upload any file to HDconvert regardless of its size, but you should keep in mind that uploading large video files can take time.

Enhance video quality by improving video resolution

Once the upload process is completed, you can choose from a broad spectrum of video resolutions that range from 240p to UHD 4K. You must purchase the premium version of HDconvert if you want to export your video files in Full HD, Ultra HD or 4K resolution. Moreover, you won’t be able to change the default video codec to if you decide to change the resolution of your videos with the free version of HDconvert.


Pikavue upscale is an easy online tool to enhance video resolution and quality without hardware requirements. This online video maximizer supports 16K UHD video files. Plus, you can also use this tool to compress large videos. The basic version of Pikavue is available for free. However, you can always buy the premium version if you want to use advanced features. So, let’s learn how to upgrade video quality with Pikavue.


Open the website and click the “Try for Free” button to sign up. Log in and upload your video. Choose “Enlargement” settings to get your desired video quality and hit the “Upload” button. If you are using the free version, click on the “Blue” upward arrow. Then, click on the “Upscale” button to download the high-quality version of your video.

Best Free Online Color Grading Video Enhancer

Clideo Adjust Video Tool

The Clideo platform offers a plethora of audio and video editing tools you can use to cut, rotate or resize videos. Its Adjust Video tool allows you to control Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue values of the video clips you upload to Clideo. This online color grading video enhancer cannot process files larger than 500 MB, which means that you can only use it to process short videos.

Enhance video quality by color correction with clideo

All you have to do to change a video’s brightness or saturation is drag a slider to the left or to the right until you find the value that matches your footage perfectly. Optionally, you can fade the colors with the Adjust Video tool or use the Vignette slider to highlight centrally positioned figures in your shot. Even though Clideo’s Adjust Video tool offers only basic color grading options, you can still use this online video enhancer to make the colors in your videos pop.


If you are looking for an excellent video color grading tool online, then Kapwing will surely impress you. It is a free online video editor with ideal features. This web-based software also offers various options, such as cropping, trimming, and much more. But, the tool includes one of the best and easiest color grading options. Also, the process is very simple, and the results are outstanding.

kapwing 1

kapwing 2

To color grade your video using Kapwing, go to the online editor. Upload your video, click on the “Adjust” tab and make color adjustments.

Best Free Online Video Stabilization Enhancer

EZGif Video Stabilizer Tool

Shooting handheld videos is difficult even if you are a trained professional, but that doesn’t mean that shaky videos you recorded with a digital camera or a Smartphone cannot be fixed. EZGif is a simple online tool designed to simplify the process of creating GIFs that also offers basic video editing tools.

Enhance video quality by 

stabilizing shaky video with ezgif

Check out more online video stabilizer tools here

Its automatic video stabilizer provides a free and easy way of reducing camera shakes in your video clips. You just have to upload a video clip from your computer or an online source and wait for the upload process to be completed.

Afterward, you should click the Stabilize button and save the file to your computer after the stabilization process is completed. The EZGif platform cannot stabilize video files that are larger than 100 MB which limits your options considerably since most video clips you record with Smartphones or digital cameras are going to exceed the platform’s file size limit.


MP4Compress is a free-to-use online program to compress videos. The tool also offers other free services, including video conversion, noise/sound removal, video resizing, and video stabilization. Undoubtedly, it’s a simple web-based software with straightforward functions. But you can only upload MP4 video files up to 500MBs.


To adjust the shaky part of your video, click on the “Stabilize” tab from the top menu. Click on the “Select File…” option to select the video. Then, click on the “Upload Video File” button. Depending on your file size and internet speed, MP4Compress will take a few seconds/minutes to correct the shaky part of your footage. Once the process is complete, you can save the file on your computer.

Applying Filters and Visual Effects with an Online Video Enhancer


Enhance video quality online by 

adding filters with Kizoa

Nearly all online video enhancers offer a selection of visual effects, you can use to make the colors in a video more vibrant or to add pre-animated elements to a video. Kizoa is an online slideshow maker and video editor that grants you access to a huge library of visual effects, you can apply for free to all video clips you edit with this platform.

In order to start browsing through Kizoa’s effects collection, you just have to go to the Effects tab. You can then select a category like Motion, Weather, or Party and pick an effect that best fits your editing video clip. Drag and drop the effect you selected to the video clip you would like to enhance, and Kizoa will automatically apply it to the footage. Remember that you have to purchase the premium version of Kizoa if you want access to all filters and visual effects this online video editor provides.


FlexClip is an online platform for video editing. The free version of this tool allows you to save the file in 480p. Whereas, if you want to download high-quality videos, you must purchase the premium plan. FlexClip makes video editing fun and simple. Moreover, video editing has many great features, such as trimming, cutting, and more.


Gladly, FlexClip is rich in filters and video effects. You can apply free filters to your videos by uploading the clip on the interface. Next, drag and drop the video to the timeline. Select the “Filters” tab to see the list of filters. Then, click on each filter to apply it to your video.

Best Online Audio Noise Reduction Enhancer for Videos

Audio Noise

If you are looking for an online noise reduction tool for free, you can try using The interface is pretty easy to understand. All you need to do is add your track, adjust audio settings – for example, the amount of noise reduction – and start the process.


Filmora – Your All-in-One Solution (Highly Recommended)

Let's be honest!

Removing background noise with audio editing tools you can find online can prove to be more difficult than it seems. The noise reduction options offered by online audio editing platforms such as TwistedWave are simply not powerful enough to ensure complete removal of background noises. Similarly, some online video editing tool may disappoint you.

Now imagine having a single software to overcome all your needs to edit videos and audio. A program in which you can enhance video quality, color grade it, and correct shaky footage. And at the same time, add amazing filters and effects to your videos and reduce noise. Wouldn’t that be awesome? So here’s the good news!

Filmora offers everything that makes video and audio editing super easy for beginners and professionals. The process begins by downloading Filmora and installing it on your Windows or Mac PC. Then, simply upload the video or audio files, and apply suitable filters and effects.

So, for example, if you want to eliminate all background noises from your audio recordings effortlessly, here's what you should do.

Once you created a new project in Filmora you should import a video or an audio file into the editor and place the file on the timeline.

In case you’ve placed a video file on the Filmora’s timeline, you must right-click on it and select the Detach Audio option from the menu. The audio file will be added to the audio track on the timeline and you should just double click on it to access the software’s Audio editing tab. Click on the checkbox next to the Remove Background Noise option and proceed to select the intensity of the noise removal.

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To improve your video editing and create a more stunning video, you can use the package Filmora & Filmstock video templates”, click the image below to see how to make your storytelling more engaging.

 Filmstock Stock 

Media Library


A simple video editing intervention can make a difference between a video that amasses thousands of shares or likes on social media and the one that fails to capture the attention of its viewers.

Free Download

For Win 7 or later (64-bit)

Filmora secure download Secure Download

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Filmora secure download Secure Download

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Online video quality enhancers we featured in this article enable all of their users to improve the resolution of their videos or enhance colors, but which of these web-based video editors you are going to choose depends on the video editing task you want to perform. Do you edit your videos online often? Leave a comment and let us know which online video quality enhancer you like to use the most.


Q1. Can I improve the quality of the video online?

There are some online platforms which help in enhancing the quality of the video. However, some of them are paid tools, while others have limitations on the file size – for example, you cannot upload a video that is more than 200MB in size. Contrarily, you can use web-based programs, like HD Convert and Pikavue, to improve your video’s quality.

Q2. What is the best software for online color grading?

Not all online applications offer excellent grading tools. But a few popular software, like Clideo Adjust Video Tool and Kapwing, have exceptional features when it comes to color grading.

Q3. How do I add effects to a video for free?

Kiozoa and FlexClip have hundreds of free effects and filters you can add to your videos. The best part is that you don’t have to download these programs on your PC, as they are entirely web-based tools.

Q4. What are the advantages of using online video editing software?

Using an online video editing tool has many benefits. For example, your hard drive is saved from storing heavy files. Online video makers and editors are upgraded automatically and offer new features every now and then. Moreover, there are many online tools which are accessible for free.

But sometimes, the end results' quality is not up to the mark. That is why professionals prefer using all-in-one video and audio editing solutions for Mac and Windows OS, such as Filmora.

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