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The Secret Sauce for Making GIF Instagram Story More Aesthetic

Liza Brown
Liza Brown
Originally published Mar 22, 22, updated Jun 12, 24
The Secret Sauce for Making GIF Instagram Story More Aesthetic

An easy yet powerful editor

Numerous effects to choose from

Detailed tutorials provided by the official channel

Adding own gift stickers to an Instagram story is in trend. An Instagram story can be made more creative with an Instagram gif story. Make a powerful impact with a gif on an Instagram story.


Part 1 How to Post Gifs to Instagram Story

Instagram stories are one of the best mediums to get connected to people at large. To be in trends and grab maximum people's attention, it is very necessary to be updated with the new elements of Instagram stories. Gif Instagram story is a new way to increase the followers and be in trends. Adding these gifs in Instagram stories will improve your business by creating more engaging content for business promotion. Let’s see how this can be done?

Post Gifs to Instagram Story

Go to the Instagram app installed on your phone. While adding a sticker to a picture of videos in Instagram stories, a GIF option will appear.

When you tap it, you can find several attractive gifs in the library powered by GIPHY. 

Tap add sticker button that appears on the top of the Instagram stories. Tap the ‘GIF’ icon; the library of trending gifs will appear.

Look for the gif you need to add to your story. You also have a search option to find your favorite or trending gif. 

After selecting the desired gif, you can add it to your photo or video after resizing it as you desired. 

After finishing, tap on the ‘Your story’ icon.

So, this way, it is easy to create gif story instagram with just a few simple steps. 

Part 2 Cute Instagram Stickers to Make Your Stories Aesthetic

Cute Instagram stickers are the best way to lift the creativity of your Instagram stories. Adding stickers are an amazing idea to add design to Instagram stories. Stickers make stories more creative and interesting. Some of the amazing stickers to beautify Instagram stories are:


Boho-Instagram Gif Sticker

Boho stickers are good when you search for new stickers. They add fun to the story and give an amazing look for any lifestyle picture over an Instagram story. Boho white is also one type of sticker where are of them are white. Applying white boho to the picture background highlights the space and looks good. One has so many options from cute stars, hearts, lines, and flowers. 


FOOPKLO - Instagram gifs

For those who want words and saying gif on instagram story, there are some cute pink stickers available. These can be searched as FOOPKLO. Pink flowers, clusters, sayings, hearts, and some more cute stickers are there which can make Instagram stories lovelier. 


HALEYIVERS stickers - Instagram Gif Sticker

For those who are active Instagram users and update their stories every day, the old stickers may not entertain them. So, for those, there are HALEYIVERS stickers. Good morning, days, sunshine, coffee, stars, and hearts add a great style to the Instagram stories. So, next time you need some punch over Instagram stories add some HALEYIVERS stickers. 


OHLALALITA - Instagram Gif Sticker

Instagram story gif is one of the great ways to even express your thoughts and moods in a summarized way. So, for those who wish to add a short story on Instagram, OHLALALITA has the best stickers. Loaded with so many cute words such as Tank you, Made with love, chill, glow, bye-bye, Wow, and many more, it makes any story in just simple words. 


SCARLETPIN- Instagram Gif Sticker

Instagram story gifs are a gift to those who are food lovers. Now with some new additions of gifs from GIPHY, they can post their food stories over their Instagram stories. The range of stickers that can help them is SCARLETPIN. These consist of some bright and colorful stickers of food. Red strawberries, tea, leaves, and oranges are great stuff to include in the morning Instagram stories. 


CURSIVE- Instagram Gif Sticker

Gif for Instagram story is also available in attractive writings. CURSIVE is the most attractive form of writing stories. Popular and cute sayings can be checked on CURSIVE and can be included in the stories. They can be searched and remembered easily. Cursive phrases can be added to the Instagram stories that look visually appealing to the viewers. 


EMOJIS - Instagram Gif Sticker

Emojis are the most lovable stickers available and can be part of any Instagram story. Typing on emojis can be done easily and they can be searched on the search bar. Perfect emojis gifs can be applied to an Instagram story that suits the situation. It can be moved or resized as per the requirement. These emojis gifs add a fun element to the Instagram stories. 


PAINT & BRUSH- Instagram Gif Sticker

Instagram gif story can be made creative with paint and brush. Earlier the users can add text with plain background only. But, paint and brush have enhanced it. Now users can add paint behind the text to make it more engaging. They are simple yet very attractive when added to the stories. 

Part 3 How to Create Custom Gifs for Instagram Stories

Funny and expressive Instagram stories of your own always win the hearts of followers. Custom-made gif for Instagram is a great tool for business owners as it brings volume to their business by increasing leads. Custom-made gifs over Instagram stories are eye-catching and thus people get interested in the business. This helps in creating a good brand image for the business. 

So, some of the ways to create fascinating custom Gifs Instagram stories for self and business are:

01Pin Instagram stories

Visiting a place and letting people know where you are through Instagram stories is always loved by all. Now, this can be done attractively by using the Pin feature. One can pin on the pictures and videos over the Instagram stories to a particular place. This is the most interesting element to make an Instagram story catchy. It can be done easily by tapping and holding it till it shows a pin at the little bar. This was one can pin gif at the desired location. This gif can pop up at a certain location only. It can be applied to videos one has made of a certain location by moving the gif to a place where one desires. 

02Using Gif to give life to any image

To make gif Instagram story aesthetic, adding some moves with sparkles will be the right option. An Instagram user can give life to a picture by including animated elements. Gif adds a fun and surprising element to any Instagram story. When movement in any picture is added through gif, it catches the attention of the viewers and they follow it. A business can make its content engaging with gifs and can achieve its goal.

03Gifs Instagram story to catch viewer’s attention

Gif can be used effectively to create attractive Instagram stories. These gifs are good for the business to highlight their important elements. Gifs like the link in bio, sound on, and swipe up are created for a call to action from the viewers. Adding arrows and signals through gif in the Instagram stories direct the people to spend some minutes on the stories and find something new. 

04Highlighting text with gif effects 

A customized Instagram story can be made by highlighting text through adding gifs. Sparkle, stars, and highlights gifs can be searched easily and can be applied to any Instagram story. By adding a gif, the text looks stunning and grabs the attention of the viewers. GIPHY has several text-based gifs which can take an ordinary text over the story at a great level. It can be searched by mentioning related keywords. 

05Adding gifs to customize selfies 

Selfies to Instagram stories are very common. But they can be made even better with some amazing gifs from GIPHY. One can add sunglasses, hats, jewelry, and other fun props to the selfies. Filters can be added by creating their own story through a gif.

06Filmora V11 – A GIF resource

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor(The Filmora Meme maker) : Some many apps and websites offer beautiful gifs to beautify Instagram stories. One of the places where Instagram users can find a wide collection of attractive gifs is Filmora V11. It is a user-friendly tool that has media editing features. It can be used to add sound, light effects, and beautiful gifs to Instagram stories. 

Wondershare Filmora - Best Video Editor for Mac/Windows

5,481,435 people have downloaded it.

Build unique custom animations without breaking a sweat.

Focus on creating epic stories and leave the details to Filmora's auto features.

Start a creative adventure with drag & drop effects and endless possibilities.

Filmora simplifies advanced features to save you time and effort.

Filmora cuts out repetition so you can move on to your next creative breakthrough.

For creating gifs, Filmora V11 can be used and it can be made in a few simple steps. Filmora V11 app is required to be installed on the system and media files can be imported there. Files can be dragged for creating gifs. Filters, stickers, and other effects can be added. They can be further customized as per the requirement of the users. After adding background effects, music, and sound, the gif can be previewed also. The media can be saved as GIFs and can be easily exported also. To customize gifs, the Filmora Meme maker can be used. Captions can be added to GIFs and can be customized by using templates available at Filmora. 

So, next time you need to know how to add your own gif to Instagram story, go to Filmora V11. This is one of the great platforms to create some amazing custom gifs to add to Instagram stories. If you want to surprise your viewers with some interesting gifs, try Filmora V11.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Instagram stories are the most effective way to mark a great impression on the viewers. It is also one of the effective tools to lift any business. Best results can be obtained when attractive and interesting gifs are added to Instagram stories.

Instagram stories gifs are becoming trendy and there are so many cute and amazing gif stickers available to create Instagram stories. Some of the widely used gifs and stickers are Boho, FOOPKLO, HALEYIVERS, OHLALALITA, and EMOJIS. Instagram users can explore these cute and funny stickers and add them to beautify their Instagram stories.

Customized gif has spiced up the Instagram stories and amazed the people. This feature helps a business to influence people towards their work and attract more people. The content becomes more engaging and interesting through a customized gif.  

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