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11 Promo Video Maker and Templates for Business (Free and Paid)

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May 21, 2024• Proven solutions

It takes a lot of courage to build a work place on your own which is beyond others imagination. We aren’t surprised if you do what it takes to grow your small business. Then why don’t you give a way to video marketing? Saying it precisely, why don’t you add an x-factor on your marketing by making promotional videos for business?

The promotional videos have caught a great attention of the audience and hence have become prominent for small business. This will increase viewers’ engagement towards your product. But wait, you have no clue what a promotional video is? You also have zero idea about how to make one? Fret not! Fortunately, internet is creating magic day-by-day and you can find all sorts of tools like promo video makers on it. We are going to enlighten you on such tools as well as promo video templates that can make your life sorted. Hence scroll down and see how to make your promotional video stand out.

Make Your Promotional Videos Shine!

Recently, video marketing has become an unstoppable trend. Celebrities and businesses earn great fortune through high-quality marketing videos. To join the profitable video marketing era, you can create your own promotional videos now!

create marketing videos

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Part 1: Best Promotional Videos for Business to inspire you

1. HubSpot

The first and the most beautiful example of a promotional video for business is a video created by the HubSpot team. Without delving deeper and wasting time on boring introductions, the video directly focuses on marketing concerns and problems. Being able to convey the relevant message and adding creative as well as attractive touch, this is the perfect example that you can get inspired from.

2. Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks aims to provide heavy-duty trucking machines and is the next example of a great promotional video if you are looking for the one. The video is made with the purpose of making people aware about trucks’ precision and finesse. And no doubt the creators of this video have made it successful in giving this message. By showing Jean-Claude Van Damme’s exceptional split between the two trucks, the aspect of precision and control is justified.

3. Dissolve

This stock footage company’s video excels other videos for having a touch of fun and honesty. Seeing opportunity in the original script of short poem by Kendra Eash, the team took a brave move to promote their company this way. They have covered a wide range of clips that may suit various needs of users. Above all, the entire footage has been shot professionally. Not to forget, the sarcastic voiceover is icing on the cake. For instance, "See how this guy in a lab coat holds up a beaker? That means we do research" and “Also, we care about the environment, loosely.”

Part 2: Recommend Promo Video Makers/Apps (free/paid)

4. RawShorts

While thinking about making better promotional video, RawShorts works wonder for you. Promising to make marketing videos within a matter of minutes, this promo video maker allows one to make better explainer, animations and promo videos effortlessly.


  • Enables to share any size of video on social media platforms
  • Various customizations available to satisfy all the needs

promo video maker

5. Shakr

To drive more traffic via promotional videos for business, Shakr is the next option. People love it and we hope that you’ll love it too. Within a few clicks, you’ll achieve what you want.


  • This free promo video maker allows choosing from 2000+ created professional video designs.
  • Various social media channels welcome videos made with Shakr easily.

promo video maker

6. motionden

The third we have is MotionDen that makes creating promotional videos incredibly easy, as it claims. This platform doesn’t compromise on quality of your created videos.


  • The first video is made for free via MotionDen
  • Offers categorized video solutions so you can choose as per the needs

promo video maker

7. Viosk

Here is the next free promo video maker that can help you promote your product and engage the viewers. You just have to choose the required style, then execute content editing and have your video with you.


  • It works simply and offers user-friendly interface
  • You can either make personalized videos or take help of templates with Viosk

promo video maker

8. Flixpress

As hidden in its name, Flixpress lets you express everything what your business or services do for the customers by creating high-quality videos. Whether it’s a YouTube intro, explainer video, animated slideshows, pranks shoot, this tool can help you to create any sort of project easily and flexibly.


  • Flixpress will help you make promotional videos in extremely fast speed
  • It’s really affordable; can cost less than $1 per month

promo video maker

9. Adobe Spark

Filled with loads of amazing features, Adobe Spark doesn’t require you to be a technical pro to use it. By simply drag-drop, you can upload the video. It lets you add music and captions in between the video.


  • With this promo video maker, you can take advantage of a handful variety of professional themes including various layouts, fonts and colors.
  • You’re allowed to pick lots of pictures either from web or your collections.

promo video maker

10. Clipchamp

Clipchamp also lets you create amazing promotional video where you don’t need any specific technical skills. Can effortlessly transfer video files from your phones to PC.


  • From trimming, cutting, color, it has a wide variety of editing tools.
  • Contains a library of images and videos to choose from when you’re stuck with content or ideas

promo video maker

11. Offeo

OFFEO is the last in our list that has a very modern interface. It will cost you $19 per month for commercial use. But spending some penny to maintain professionalism is not a bad idea, isn’t it? However, for casual use, it will be free.


  • You get 20GB storage if you use it for professional purpose. For casual videos, you’ll get 100 MB of storage.
  • Has lots of customize fonts

promo video maker

Part 3: 3 best promo video templates for you

1. Video Blocks

When you don’t’ get any clue on video creation, these promo video templates from Video Blocks can assist you to take a step ahead. This feature-rich tool provides all sorts of footage, backgrounds and after effects templates. Moreover, you get all these with low-cost subscription. It always produces fresh content for the users.

promo video maker

2. PosterMyWall

PosterMyWall in its templates gallery gives you galore of options. You can get abundance of templates whether you want party invitations or social issues; it has everything you could ask for.  You can also use it for banners, bulk flyers and postcards etc. the price for different categories may vary.

promo video maker

3. biteable

Another good option to get promo video templates is Biteable. Coming with huge selection of templates, it can be used for free. However, if you purchase it for $23 per month, you get more advantages as compared to free version like unlimited videos, no watermark, privacy controls or 85,000 stock footage clips.

promo video maker


Now that you have a fair idea on promotional videos for business, don’t hesitate to give it a try. Add your own creativity and make efforts on express your thoughts on how your product can meet customers’ expectations. Take help from one of suitable aforementioned tools and even video templates. We hope this article has surely been of great help. Tell us which promo video maker you chose and how the experience was.

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