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10 Best Radio Sound Effects [Most Popular]

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Jun 11, 2024• Proven solutions

You make every possible effort to make your video project look even better, don’t you?

And no one will deny the fact that the better sound effects the more impactful a video is. In other words, adding high-quality sound effects is necessary to make a video worthy. One such sound effect is radio sound.

It is highly essential to make use of to bring out the best from your project and make it memorable to the viewers.

If you have no clue about this, we have collected top 10 radio sound effects for you. Just have a look and explore.

10 best radio sound effects you need to know

1. Radio static

Radio Static is a kind of impact that denotes a weak signal. Now, you must be knowing what we are trying to say. To get this radio sound effect, you must trust on Zapsplat. This platform is there to help you with a wide range of free music and sound effects consisting 56,240 tracks. You can either download the file as MP3 or WAV format.

Radio static

2. Tune Fm Radio

While you scroll between the channels in the FM, you get a sound where the frequencies fluctuate and get adjusted with the channel. This can be considered as the Tune FM Radio sound. The website audioblocks can help you getting such radio tuning sound effect. There are loads of options to choose from when you have to add the radio sound effect. Like above, MP3 and WAV are the supported formats.

radio sound effects Tune Fm Radio

3. Radio Tuning

Stock Music Site has radio tuning sound effect of the best quality. The website promises ultimate royalty-free music and one can explore plenty of music genres and categories. From music related to kids to dramatic effect, this website has it all.

Radio Tuning

4. Military radio

As the name suggests, the effect that contains an army communication like sound or a walkie talkie sound comes under this. Take Soundsnap as your companion to get this radio sound effect. On this website, one can look for the royalty-free impact of music from different categories. The site claims to provide merely professional sounds. Also, the new selected sounds are added every week.

Military radio

5. Satellite In Space Static

Here is a yet another radio static sound effect that can be bought from a website named as pond5. This radio sound effect can be determined as an electronic satellite transmission in loops, or one can also express it as a radio communication drone texture loop. Within $5, you can get this effect from ponds5, which is of 4.9MB of WAV format.

Satellite In Space Static

6. DJ That Was Nirvana Radio

This mini 12 seconds radio track can be considered effective when you wish to have an excellent radio sound effect. You can use AUDIOSPARX as a medium to get this sound. This particular sound effect can be found in the ‘Radio introductions and interviews’ category under ‘Radio Sound Effects’.

DJ That Was Nirvana Radio

7. News End Signature

Well! What about the signature jingle that comes post every news segment? Use freesound website to get this sound effect to put an extra dramatic effect on your project. You will need to login to get the 24 bit sound. The type of this music is .wav and the duration will be of 10 seconds.

News End Signature

8. Radio Changing Stations

Imagine the sound you get to hear while you change the radio stations! offers you the same radio sound effect that can cost you $3.97. The file format for this sound can be Wav, Aif, or MP3, and the duration is 40 seconds. This website currently has about 626,562 audio files and it has not stopped yet. The sound effect library is continuously growing. Various categories include airport, machines, horns, guns, winds etc. are there in the list of sound effects.

Radio Changing Stations

9. AM Radio Tuning Sound

The next category that comes under radio sound effects is this AM Radio Tuning Sound. This is basically described as radio weak signal switches and tuning. You can rely on for this radio tuning sound effect. With the help of this site, you can download any sound effects or clips for free that can be easily used in video editing, game designing and more. Similar to many other websites, this website also has the file in WAV and MP3 format.

AM Radio Tuning Sound

10. Radio Tuning

Envato Market presents you the radio tuning sound effect with high quality. Here, on this website, you can have the opportunity to have possession of all kinds of music, vocals, sound effects, stock footage etc. Along with this, the royalty-free music and audio tracks can be yours within $1. From 35000 professional designs and music developers, this website has all that makes your project complete.

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Radio Tuning

Bottom Line

We have put in the picture the best and needed radio sound effects for your movies or videos. With these sound effects and their sources, you will no longer have to wander anywhere for the required sound effects. We hope that you liked this article and got the required help. If you need any further assistance, please drop a comment below.

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